Weekly Wednesday Newsletter #2

Thank you for doing me a favor and reading issue two of our weekly newsletter. If this is your first time, the newsletter is for updating you on the current process of the comic and other future goals. The second week has been slow. We are getting more visitors, but we didn’t have any new subscribers. Richard has some family issues, so please keep him in your prayers. On the flip side, we are on schedule for our debut in November.

Writing: The script is now in the editing stage. I’m also working on character profiles to use for preview.

Art: Richard has finished the roughs for page 1 and 2!

Art by Richard Capullo
Art by Richard Capullo

Coloring: Richard will be finishing the pencils and inks for coloring.

Lettering: I’m still researching logos to redesign Favor of Athena’s. I’m thinking of going with a font similar to Gothika.

Publishing: I’m researching small printing places to prepare for prints.

Marketing: The number of followers for my professional Facebook page went up from 20 to 60 from ads. Our Patreon visitors also jumped from our last post. We had over 100 visitors read the last Newsletter.

Final Thoughts: I’m still campaigning on Facebook and posting to Twitter as well. This week, I will be shooting videos to help. I’m also looking at landing a celebrity to see if they will support the book. The tentative release date is November 18.


I always wanted to make sure I give back to those that help me over the years, but also to help those that need it as well.

Now that I’m jumping into being an entrepreneur and regaining control of my finances due to Covid-19 and a failed career in teaching, I feel it’s important to find a charity I believe in.

Right now, I may have to start off with volunteering time, but I would like to donate financially.

In the past, I supported my friend, Nicole Wiegand’s Aids walk, because I believe it’s still a prevalent disease.

I dontated to various Veterans charities.

I think I would like to support an organization like the Boys and Girls club or something similar. I don’t know how it is to grow up in a real difficult situation. My mom did it and I know she didn’t share everything with us. I knew she was struggling though, which is why I didn’t ask for much, even if I was teased in high school.

My mom has Lupus now, so I want to help organizations with that cause too. Just not enough money to go around.

I know some of you may think, “oh, this is for support of his book.” I do want to use some of the money from Patreon to donate to one of those causes, but this post isn’t about that. This post is about my personal money and what I would like to donate too.

What are some of your favorite charities to donate to? Let me know in comments below or email me at: terriojenkins@gmail.com

Be Terrific,

Terrio Jenkins

Website: www.terriojenkins.com

Favor of Athena webcomic series: www. patreon.com/favorofathena

Mastery Journal: AVS Week 3 Rough Cut

The rough cut of a scene from Oreo using storyboards…. the clean version for class….#fullsailuniversity #directorstreatment #roughcut. art/sketches by Terrio Jenkins, written by Terrio Jenkins, directed by Terrio Jenkins starring Shameka Lang as Alice and Terrio Jenkins as Tommy. #oreo #romanticcomedy #shortscene #writer #film #animation.#comedy #blerd #ratedr for suggestive language (dirty version has crude sexual language)

Thank you for the Support!

I know this is going to sound petty. I had a friend put up a post about how people don’t support your business Now, I’m not coming at anybody, really, I’m not. If I make it as a writer of any kind, sell a movie, etc….and then you support me…cool. However, please don’t ask for handouts when and if I make it…if you don’t see my value, that’s cool, I understand. But for those of you who have financially supported me, for those who haven’t asked for free copies once the novels and comic are done…for those of you who understand that as an artist and writer, I need to eat and support myself. Thank you! I will have a new Patreon coming soon and Kickstarters for the following:1. Favor of Ares (Comic Book/future plans: animation/film)2.Head 2 Head (Mobile Video Game…getting a prototype done)So, stay tune and again. Thank you.#teamjenkins #beterrific #writer #director #blerd #comicbookwriter