I know it’s been awhile, truth is I was just lazy.  Today starts the 30 day countdown to Easter/Resurrection Sunday.  This is a big deal for me, because my life is in a transition period.  For one I’ll be starting a new job, moving back in with my family, and working on products for my book series.  

Physically:  I was going for a #randyorton body, but I love the compliments I get for being lean and toned.  It works for Adam Levine so I can finally say I’m comfortable.  I’m also liking my beard and my wavy/curly hair.  Stepped up my professional wardrobe, lots of colors, now it’s time to embrace my geek and sports attires.  I’m trying out Daily Burn today.

Spiritually:  I’ve kept up with reading the bible, attending church, and praying.  I need to join a ministry, for now I’ll continue to work with the food bank ministry.  It feels good to help others in need.   Today I start a divorce care program, because I’m still struggling from guilt, embarrassment, and anger.

Mentally: Favor of Ares is coming along slower than expected.  I’m publishing a dummy book to see his it would look.  Learning all I can about cartooning and art in general.  I can’t wait to get back to comic book collecting.