I Goofed

Last night I realized that I’m still working on the third draft. I wrote chapters one through six twice and thought of those as drafts. Which, technically they are, but officially since I never finished them they aren’t. I consider them more as exercises to see if I and my readers like them.

Today, I will be working on the third draft. The characters have more defined characteristics, the plot is more clear, and the story has a unifying theme.

I’ve also decided to go to school for creative writing. I will finally be pursuing my passion, which is writing. I just need to get over being lazy and being afraid.  I’m looking at possibly going for my masters, but the bachelor program at Full Sail University looks fun too.

I know to get better I need structured so I can build the work ethic of a writer. I could also use more feedback, so I’m excited about pursuing creative writing. I love graphic design and cartooning, but it feels like writing is what my mind is hardwire to do. After all I’ve been writing stories since I was seven.

I’m hoping that this will also get me out of my head and start writing other projects. With that being said, my website will be getting an overhaul. I will still have my art on here, write articles, and reviews but overall I will be focusing more on creative writing.

Wish me luck!

Be Terrific!!!!!


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