Hogwart Students Jorge and Terrio Progress Day 1-3

#HarryPotter #Hogwarts #art

My friend Jorge and I took a Harry Potter quiz. He landed in Gryffindor and I landed in Ravenclaw. I decided to draw us as Hogwarts students. I deduced to show the whole process by day.

Day 1: thumb nailing.  I used three references for the poses. Harry and Ronald obviously so that I can get the costuming down. I also looked at artist who had characters in the poses that I wanted before changing them. I had three people pick their favorite thumbnails. The first one one, but I like the third. I decided to go with the first one though.HogsworthStudents062519 Thumbnails

Day 2: Rough sketch. I actually illustrated this in my sketchbook from the Dollar tree.  It’s my first time drawing a poster from hand so…yeah.  Challenging getting the taller Jorge to not dominate the poster. I like the pose, but thought it could be more dynamic. I like how I could show their houses with their ties.

HogsworthStudents_062519 day 2poster roughs

Day 3:  Decided to change their direction and put them in a more dynamic pose with expression.  Playing with the color for the background. I decided on purple because the house colors are red and blue for Jorge and Terrio and thus a dull purple. Green the complimentary color for red and orange the complimentary color for blue. Purple/Violet is  equally four space to orange and green, so I thought it would be a good choice to make both colors pop. HogsworthStudents_062519 Day 3 color comp poster roughs.jpgHogsworthStudents_062519 poster roughs Day 3

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