Six Week Plan: Day 1

Starting my New Year’s resolution today. Instead of waiting on New Years Day, I’m going to have my resolutions today.

Physical Goal: Toning the body.

I will complete 15 pushups, sit-ups, squats, jumping jacks, and back extensions. The reason behind this is to tone my body. I’m also changing my eating habits to help with this goal. In addition I will try to complete a workout from Daily Workouts. I’m thinking about doing this around 5:30 in the morning so that I can shower before work and have breakfast. I’m also trying a new hair/skin routine.

Mental Goal: Improve writing skills.

I graduated last week from Full Sail University with my masters in creative writing. Along with my graphic design associates degree, I want to become better at different types of writing. I will work on my reading, writing, and grammar skills using workbooks I bought. I’m listening to a fiction story in the genre I write. I joined some writing groups on Facebook. I also subscribed to Writer’s Digest.

Spiritual Goals: Daily Devotionals

I will listen and read the daily devotional using I will conduct this during my lunchtime or in the evening with my girlfriend. In addition, I’m reading Tony Dungy’s Uncommon Life Challenge. I will try to apply the challenges everyday. My faith is important to me and funnels the other two goals.

Financial Goals: To grow as a freelancer

I will promote myself as a technical writer and copywriter. I’m already working as a script and novel consultant with an upstart company. I’m hoping to land more comic book writing jobs. I will make sure I’m posting articles everyday for the next six weeks. I’m also participating in a 30 day platform challenge to promote my webcomic, novels, and portfolio.

What are you doing to prepare for New Years? Let me know in comments below.

Be Terrific!

Terrio Jenkins