My Nerdy Writing Life: Goals Check In

Goals are important, without goals, do you know where you are going?

Now, I know some individuals are free spirits. That’s cool. However, for the majority of us we have goals to guide us because going with the flow and being happy, may not be enough.

In December of 2018, I made a bold statement for myself. To pursue writing.Now I will admit, at the time it was more about novel writing. I was still working as a Special Education Teacher and a Barista at Barnes & Noble. I loved both jobs, but writing has been the one constant in my life. Next to art, writing is what distracts me from the world. I bought different books on writing. Article writing, comic book writing, writing for children books. I didn’t know what kind of writer I wanted to be, but I knew I wanted to be a writer.

April 2019, I was informed I wouldn’t be returning as a teacher. Missing my tenure by three months. Around that time, my relationship ended and I moved out of the townhouse and back to my mother’s. The goal was to find a new career, rebuild my credit, and save for my own house, WHILE pursuing writing. I started researching schools becasue I need structure and I thrive on deadlines. I happened to come across Full Sail Univeristy and thought there Creative Writing Program was what i was looking for.

I made the decision between New Media Journalism and Creative writing in November of 2019, deciding to go with the graduate program in creative writing. A year later, I now have a Master of Fine Arts.

My heroes journey reconnected me with my love of comics. I know that is my niche and what I will be building upon. That little nugget came in my Multimedia Adapation class where I was one of two students who adapted a flction story into a comic book script. I also paid to have one page done. I also had to interview others in creative writing fields. I reached out to Greg Burnham, writer and co-creator of Tuskgeee Heirs. He accepted and now I contact him weekly for advice.

September 2020 I decided to turn Favor of Ares into Favor of Athena and relaunch it as a webcomic. The novel, which only earned 90 reads on Wattpad, was always intended to be a comic. I found an artist on Fiverr and now we are producing 2 pages a month for the series. Why two pages? I’m not afraid to tell you that it’s all I can afford to pay Richard. I launched a Patreon for the comic and we are now generating $70 of the $90 goal. I was only going to publish the comic on Patreon as an exlsuive, but I’m thinking of releasing the pages on Webtoon to continue building an audience for the Patreon. I also joined several Facebook groups to interact with other creatives and promote the book when I can.

I’m still not a full-time writer yet, but everything looks promising. I’m contracted with DMDouble games to write a comic book script. I landed a script consultant position with Baez Catalyst and Writing Coaching Services.

What’s next?

Angel Protocols, Book 1: Genesis has over 100 reads on Wattpad. I will be editing the book and sending query letters out.

Clockwork Knights, Book 1: Binary also has over 100 reads on Wattpad. I will be editing the first draft of the book and sending query letters out.

Favor of Athena: my webcomic will be published on WebToon and Wattpad. Patreon will be used to help continue produce the comic. Tell your friends 🙂

I’m converting my short films into comic book scripts.

Pitching my short films to undergrads to get produced.

I will continue to promote my gigs on Fiverr. So far had two clients who were successful in their goals. One who was accepting into their gradate school of choice, after I proofread and suggested improvements to their essay. The other, who bought my resume writing service, landed a job as a security officier after being unemployed for over a year.

2020 has been an interesting year, but with the work I’m receiving, creating, and now with a degree that I never thought about pursuing. I can say, I’m a writer.

My Nerdy Writing Life #6

Man, graduate school takes most of my time outside of work. Here we are issue 6 after three to four months. I’m going to use the list formatting for all issues going forward. Here are some changes form last issue.

  1. I will be graduating soon, next Wednesday to be exact. Master of Fine Art in Creative Writing with a 3.8/4.0.
  2. I found out I have over 100 reads for two of my novels on Wattpad!
  3. I was hired to write a comic book for DMDouble Comics
  4. I started a webcomic and hired an artist.
  5. I’m adapting my short film scripts into comic book versions. Each project on my showcase page will have a short film, comic book, and short story version.
  6. I’m lettering my own webcomic and will offer lettering services
  7. I have 4 subscribers for $70 of the $90 goal for the year of 2021.
  8. I now have a query letter template for my novels
  9. I have a story project list
  10. I have several writers interested in being interviews by me.

Finally living another dream of mine, being paid as a comic book writer. Tonight I finished my outline brainstorm for my supervisor. Very fun stuff! I hope you are all doing something you love!

My Nerdy Writing Life: 4

The weekend went by fast. So, I was dealing with anxiety yesterday. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and didn’t do much in the way of reading or writing yesterday. Today I tried getting back on track but…today was the first day of my new class, Writing for Games.

Okay, so I was lazy today, but I did come up with a new world for one of my assignments that I would like to explore. I also submitted my interactive game story as one of our other assignments.

I think to get better I need to state what my goals are. I’m behind on studying for the English Praxis, and officially two days behind on reading “The Help.”

Goals for tomorrow: 7/7/2020

Reading: 90 Minutes

  • “The Help” pgs 55-126
  • The Praxis, Reading: pg 1-5
  • Tuskegee Heirs: Issue 1

Language Arts: 90 Minutes

  • Japanese Lesson 2
  • Grammar workbook: 2 pages
  • Demon Slayer Episode 1

Writing: 90 Minutes

  • Edit/Revise Caitlyn
  • FoA: Decide on a novel or comic.


  • Character designs: Head 2 Head, Aira
  • Character designs: Favor of Athena, Paige
  • Character design: Angel Protocol, Jasmine




My Nerdy Writing Life #3

Hope you are all doing terrific today!

I had a busy day, so I didn’t do much today. Spent time with my girlfriend and sketch a character for Blood Matters. I’m still watching Inazuma Eleven with my cousin, we have 10 episodes to go in the season. Picked up a new client who needs their GoFundMe page done, always exciting. Not ashamed, I knew this weekend was going to be light.

Be Terrific!


My Nerdy Writing Life#2

Hope you are all Terrific today!


The Help, pgs 19-50.  My goal today was supposed to read up to page 36. The narrative became interesting so I ended up reading up to 50. This means I’m one day ahead of schedule. I’m going to start “journaling” on Goodreads and posting my review here.

Language Arts

I decided to focus on my Japanese lesson today. I learned the common question words (tango). Doku(where), naze (why), dare (who), itsu (when). I had fun trying to remember and I still haven’t committed them to memory yet, Looking for an anime series to watch, without English subtitles, while I learn.


I’m revising the concepts for the following projects:

  1. Favor of Athena (comic book): working on scene summaries
  2. Head to Head (video game): working on character designs and outline
  3. Angel Protocol (novel): working on the outline
  4. Blood Matters (novel): working on character designs
  5. Oreo (film): working on scene summaries

My goal is to officially start writing on Monday with the holiday weekend coming up, I’m not going to fool myself that I’m going to much writing. Then again, I did more today, than I thought I would.  Right now, I’m trying to get myself into a routine where I’m reading, writing, and learning every day.

What have you worked on during this pandemic? Let me know below!

Be Terrific!



My Nerdy Writing Life: July 1st

Hey, long time no see, I hope you are all terrific today!

I had a two-month sabbatical to focus on my schoolwork and figure out where am I going in my career. The pandemic caused me to be laid off. I still haven’t heard from my employer if they are bringing me back. My Fiverr is averaging a gig every two weeks, and I haven’t been writing.

Truth is, I procrastinated due to a lack of self-discipline and lapse into a perpetual cycle of doubt. There is a bright side though, and that bright side is that I believe I finally figured out my career path. I want to be an editor, preferably in the comic book industry, but I’m opened to all industries.

I’m sharpening my saw in the four dimensions of health as I pursue writing/editing as my career. This is the perfect time to do so because I’m five months away from graduating with a Master of Fine Art in Creative Writing from Full Sail University.

To improve myself as an editor and writer, I’m starting this brand new blog. For the past month, I have recorded videos on my journey with Full Sail and reaction videos to the anime, Bleach. I will start editing them once Christina Beckford and I finished the first season.  I’m also dedicating at least 45 minutes to the following areas: reading, grammar, and writing.

I will also be sharing my insights of my spiritual and physical health journies. I’m thinking about putting up videos to help teach grammar and writing for children, but right now I have to focus on me, building my brand, and being happy.

  • Reading: The Help by Kathryn Stockett pgs 1-11. The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge by Tony Dungy, July 1st devotional.
  • Writing: Outline Issue 1 of Favor of Athena, worked on establishing the characters archetypes and designed two characters. I also completed the villain’s background story.
  • Language Arts: Worked on grammar, I started learning Japenese lesson 1, and Spanish lesson 1.
  • Completed my sprinting workout and 15 reps of pushups, crunches, back extensions, squats, calve raises, and dips.