Platform Building: Day 9: Respond to at Least Three Tweets

Today’s task is responding to three tweets.  This goal

  1. It lets the tweep know that you appreciated their tweet (and helps build a bond with that person)
  2. It brings attention to that person for their cool tweets. (Brewer, 2019)

I will focus on tweeting Robert Lee Brewer, Animation Magazine, and Butch Hartmann. I want to connect with  Robert Lee Brewer because his platform challenge is helping me prepare for finding an agent. Animation Magazine is the premier magazine for animation news. Butch Hartman is a cartoonist who I admire and would like to be a cropped-logo-portfolio-featured-image-1.jpg



  • Brewster, Robert Lee. Guide to Literary Agents 2020. Writers Digest, 2019.

Platform Building, Day 8: Join Linkedin

The following are some tips for writers when joining Linkedin.

  • Use your own headshot and make sure it looks professional.
  • Complete your profile. Mine was completed, but I had to update it for my graduate classes.
  • Give thoughtful recommendations to receive them. Networking isn’t just about you, you have to be meaningful when you reach out.
  • Search for Connection You Already Have. For instance, I know a director at Nickelodeon, which has led me to find new connections.
  • Make Your Profile Easy to Find. You can do this by keeping the name you are using for your brand.
  • Tailor Your Profile To Your Visitor: Think about what you want your target audience to see. Again, for class, I had to update my profile to display that I will be a screenwriter/creative writer. I’m freelancing on


  • Brewster, Robert Lee. Guide to Literary Agents 2020. Writers Digest, 2019.

Platform Building, Day 7: Add Share Buttons to Your Blog

Today’s task is adding share buttons to your blog. Robert Lee Brewer suggests using the site Here’s the thing about social sharing buttons: They make it very easy for people visiting your site to share your content with their social networks via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, and other sites (Brewer, 2019).

With WordPress, social media share buttons are already present. I have them located on the side menu underneath my pages.


Platform Building, Day 6: Read and Comment On a Post

Today’s task is commenting on a post. I chose to comment on a graduate classmate’s blog on WordPress by asking him what his focus as a creative writer will be in our MFA program.

I will try to do this with other relevant pages in the future.

Adam Tarr


Platform Building, Day 5: Start a Blog


Today’s task is reformatting my blog. This should be interesting because I have to do assignments for school using this blog as well. Since the main topic is writing, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

  1. Create a Blog
  2. Write a Post for Today


  • USE IMAGES IN YOUR POSTS (I’m very infrequent myself with doing this. cropped-beterrific_header-10.jpg
  • USE HEADERS IN POSTS: Bolding little headlines in the post will make them clearer to your viewer. (Another infrequent practice for me).
  • WRITE SHORT: I read in other blogging resources to keep the length to 500 words. Unless you are writing a book.
  • ALLOW COMMENTS: This allows your readers to interact with you. Building a platform and audience requires you to step out from your comfort zone and engage with your audience.



  • Brewster, Robert Lee. Guide to Literary Agents 2020. Writers Digest, 2019.


Platform Building, Day 4: Join Twitter

For me, I will be updating my professional Twitter page.

  1. Use my one-sentence summary from Day 1 as my profile bio.
  2. Updated profile pic to current look.
  3. Changed profile name and Twitter handle to byline used for my books.
  4. Link blog posts to share to Twitter to be active.
  5. Retweet posts using hashtags.
  6. Updated Feed by creating lists: Animation, TV & Film, Comic Books, Video Games, and Writing Resources to stay current.

Platform Building, Day 3: Join Facebook

  1. Created a Facebook Page for networking/fans, instead of my personal page.  Bought the domain,, since is taken. This is so that my byline is consistent across social media, blog, and books. Which means changing books to include my middle initial. Copied and pasted “Define yourself” and “Set Your Goals” to About Me section of page.
  2. Page is public
  3. Remember to keep professional page professional. Don’t post private life posts.
  4. Included a profile pic
  5. Updates will be daily, due to blog sharing. At the very least, on Fridays and Sundays.
  6. Network with friends who will be supportive and other businesses.
  7. Be selective about friends
  8. Be careful about adding apps. I added Instagram to mine.
  9. Join groups that are relevant.
  10. Follow relevant fan pages. I liked Animation Magazine, Nickelodeon since my focus as a screenwriter will mainly be animation writing.