Film Review: Wreck-it Ralph Wreck-It Ralph and Ralph Breaks the Internet Duopack ...

Who is the protagonist? The protagonist is Ralph.

What is the protagonist’s character flaw? His character flaw is being unhappy. This is because he is the antagonist of FIx-it Felix, a video game.  He doesn’t get medals, the citizens treat him badly, and he sleeps outside in bricks. All of this has made him a jaded character who wants to be more than a bad guy. 

What is the character’s physical goal? At first, it seems he just wants to fit in and be invited. Ralph has a confrontation with Gene. This results in Ralph choosing to go get a medal to prove he isn’t a bad guy.

What is the character’s emotional goal? Ralph’s emotional goal is to be happy. He feels that having a medal will allow him to achieve that goal. 

Who is the antagonist for the protagonist? The antagonist for Ralph is Turbo. Turbo was another character who became unhappy with his role. Turbo caused his game to become unplugged by attempting to go into another game.  He succeeded in becoming The Candy King of the Sugar Rush game and will do anything to keep his appearance and past secret. When Ralph befriends Vanellope, he becomes an obstacle for Turbo/Candy King. 

Who is the reflection character for the protagonist? Vanellope serves as the reflection character for Ralph. At first, they don’t seem to have anything in common. Ralph watches he other racers mistreat Vanellope. This is an emotional moment of his character. When he goes to stop the racers, it is because he is mistreated by the people in his own game. The two agree to help each other and during the process, Ralph learns that she sleeps in a dump like him.  This makes their connection stronger because of their outcast status.

Who, if anyone, is the romantic interest for the protagonist? There is no romantic interest for Ralph. 

What is the A-Story? [This is the main storyline of the hero which is to win, stop, escape, or retrieve something against a specific nemesis.  The goal must be something that can be seen on-screen. It is not an emotional goal.] The main story is about Ralph retrieving a medal. This goal is what moves the narrative forward and everything that happens revolves around getting the medal.

What is the B-Story? [This is a supporting story to the A-Story that may initially seem separate from the A-Story plotline.] The B-story is about learning to be happy with himself. This is brought up in the beginning by Zangief and the other villains. Ralph doesn’t understand this and continues to be unhappy. After his confrontation with Gene, he feels he needs the medal to be happy and to gain positive attention from the others. 

What happens in stage I, which presents the ordinary world of the story: In Ralph’s ordinary world he is the bad guy. He wrecks the buildings that Felix can fix.  When Felix “wins” Ralph is thrown off the roof and into the mud. He is also forced to sleep outside by a stump and uses bricks for covers. He is also physically different from the other citizens. He is big, with overgrown arms and fist.   

What is the inciting incident of the plot? The inciting incident occurs during the anniversary party of their game. Ralph awkwardly manipulates his way in. The other citizens, afraid, belittle and ignore him. He tries to put his figurine on top with Felix. Trying to make everyone understand that he isn’t a bad guy. The others refuse to see him as anything but a bad guy. The voice of the citizens, Gene, keeps antagonizing Ralph, causing Ralph to boast that he will find a medal that is better than any medal Felix has. Gene retorts that “bad guys don’t get medals.” Ralph leaves, mad and determined to get a medal. 

What is the turning point #1 choice the protagonist makes regarding the inciting incident? The turning point is when Ralph goes to Tappers to find information on where to go to get a medal. He is rejected by the barkeeper. He runs into Markowski, who is from Hero’s Duty, a first-person shooter game. He infiltrates the game as Markowski. This symbolizes Ralph leaving his ordinary world into an unordinary world.

What is the new situation for the protagonist to deal with in stage 2? His new situation occurs when he realizes new games are violent. After surviving the bug-fight, he goes to retrieve the medal. In the process, he accidentally frees a cy-bug that attacks him. They land in a jet and take off arriving in Candy Rush. He ends up losing his medal to Vanellope and spends the rest of the act trying to get it back from her. 

What is the turning point #2 choice the protagonist makes regarding the new situation of stage 2? The second turning point is when he finds out she has to win a race to get his medal back, he chooses to help her in building a new kart. 

What happens in stage 3 that challenges the protagonist even more deeply than in stage 2? Ralph wants to help Vanellope but feels he is only good at wrecking stuff. He ends up helping build a new kart for Vanellope. Then he learns that she doesn’t know how to drive.

What is the turning point #3 choice the protagonist makes that deeply commits the protagonist to the goal?  He makes a commitment to her by helping her learn to drive. They grow closer and learn together.

What happens in stage 4 that complicates the plot and raises the stakes? Turbo/Candy King finds them and gives Ralph his medal back on the condition Ralph stops Vanellope.

What is the turning point #4 choice that leads to a major setback? What is the setback?   Ralph tries to convince Vanellope not to race. He has what he wants, but he feels bad about lying to Vanellope.

What is the final push that occurs in stage 5 of the plot? Ralph chooses to destroy the kart, but in the process, Vanellope discovers Ralph betrayed her. She calls him a bad guy. Ralph returns to his game, but there is no celebration, even with his medal. He looks at Candy Rush and learns that Vanellope is a main character for the game.

What is the turning point #5 choice that shows the protagonist overcoming the protagonist’s character flaw that leads to the climax of the plot?  Realizing that she is supposed to be part of the main roster for Sugar Rush. He also realizes that his medal didn’t change his life like he thought it would.  He decides to find Vanellope and help her win to take her rightful place in the game. During the climax, Turbo is revealed and Ralph sacrifices himself to save Vanellope and the Sugar Rush game. 

What is the aftermath of the climax? Vanellope learns to control her glitches and saves Ralph as Turbo and the other cy-bus are destroyed. Vanellope is revealed to be the princess of Sugar Rush and Ralph is treated better by the citizens of his game.  He helps build homes that act as bonus levels for other homeless characters in his game. 

How has this analysis helped your understanding of screenplay structure?   This analysis helped me have a better visual of how to tell a story. 

What insights into structure, inner and outer motivations, and/or theme do you see now, that you may not have noticed in the past?  Please be detailed. All of Ralph’s actions all come from his inner motivation which is driving the outer motivation. He chases Vanellope because she had his medal, the item he thinks will change his life for the better. He befriends her because they are both mistreated and by helping her he will be able to get the medal back. When he gets the medal, he is more than willing to leave Vanellpe. His inner journey connects with the theme which is stated by other villainous characters. Labels don’t define you. His whole journey is learning that he isn’t a bad guy and that he doesn’t’ need a medal to prove it. 

Comic Review: Generation-X #1 Part One

Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 9.55.13 PM
Generation-X and all rights belong to Marvel Comics, Inc and Marvel Characters, Inc. This image is not used for profit of any kind, but for educational purposes.

I hope you are all doing terrific! I changed the name to review analysis because my reviews are more of a critical analysis of a work. Not to tell you if I think it’s good or bad, but to analyze what works and doesn’t work from a visual storytelling perspective.  With that out the way, we will be analyzing one of my favorite books from the nineties. This will be part one in analyzing Generation-X (1994).

GENERATION-X #1 was published and released in November 1994. The name of the story was the Third Genesis. The story is written by Scott Lobdell and illustrated by Chris Bachalo, who were also the series creators. Mark Buckingham was the inker, Starkings & Comicraft provided the lettering, Buccellato & Electric Crayon provided the colors. Bob Harris was the editor and Tom DeFalco was the editor-in-chief.

So, the nineties were dominated by the X-men. They had so many members that they needed to make two teams with their own books. Then, Marvel turns another group of mutants into a government team called X-Factor. Another group of former X-men students became the outlaws known as X-Force. So, this left a student void with Xaiver. What is a professor to do? Well, Marvel decided to start a new series with new mutants. The 90210 of the X-men. Ladies and gentlemen Generation-X

Generation-X was popular for many reasons during it’s run. The first issue, which we will be reviewing shortly, delivers an action pack story in the span of a single issue.

Issue one introduced the teenage survivors of the previous X-men crossover saga “The Phalanx Covenant.” Generation-X was supposed to target a younger audience and to serve as a nineties replacement for The New Mutants.  This was the “hip” series for the X-men. Generation-X was also a response to the hugely popular Image Comics series Gen13.

I read Generation-X every month until around issue 31 when the writer, Scott Lobdell left the book and Larry Hama took over. Not that the book was written poorly, but Scott had set up several ongoing plots, most of which start with this very issue. Along with the original artist, Chris Bachalo, They told a story that was visually engaging.

This review will go over the plot, characters, and production of issue one.

Background: The issue takes place after the Phalanx Covenant.  An alien, techno-organic race remains were engineered to bond with mutant-fearing humans. This group called themselves the Phalanx. If it sounds like The Borg from Star Trek, then you’re not too far off. This group of Phalanx humans started to assimilate mutants, but couldn’t’. The X-men themselves were kidnapped. The Phalanx was after the next group of mutants that Xavier was going to recruit. Banshee found out, freed Jubilee, White Queen, and Sabretooth and they proceed to rescue Everett Thomas (Synch), Angelo Espinoza (Skin), Paige Guthrie (Husk), Clarice Ferguson (Blink), and Monet St. Croix (M).  They are successful, but Blink dies. The group all decide to study under White Queen and Banshee to be the next X-men…or at least to just get control of their abilities.

In the next part, we will go over the plot. Until then, my friends…

Be Terrific.

Book Review: Guilty Pleasures, Part 1

This is part one of my book review for Guilty Pleasures. This part will cover my introduction and the main character, Anita Blake. I will be breaking up reviews for the interest of keeping them short for you, the reader. Plus, it gives me time to work on other reviews.

Image result for guilty pleasures novel
Image is from

Today, I will be reviewing Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton. Empathy (why should you care): If you like Twilight, Buffy the vampire slayer,  or vampire stories, then this is one of the best books to read. Credibility(why should you listen to me): I appreciate the horror monster genre and I’ve seen vampire-related media.  I will be covering the Characters, Setting, and Plot. Let’s begin with the main character of the book, Anita Blake.

The series is named after Anita Blake, who is a vampire hunter.  In Guilty Pleasures, she is 24 years old. She is half-Mexican on her mother’s side and her father is Caucasian with blonde hair.  Anita is short and thick, something she refers to especially when facing larger opponents or comparing herself to other women. Anita has burn marks on her neck and shoulder from holy water after a vampire attack.

Her mother died when she was a kid. Her dad, a blonde, remarried and Anita never felt like she fit in. Her stepmother who always pointed out to others that Anita is Mexican. Anita also had a stepsister and a half-brother.

She studied Preternatural Biology in college, In college, her fiance broke up with her because his parents didn’t want a Mexican for a daughter-in-law. At the age of 21, she was recruited by Bert Vaughn to work for an animator for his company Animators, Inc.

She practices Judo and is a black belt. The book points out that Anita collects toy penguins. Anita runs so she can run from monsters when the time arises. On page 98 (Kindle Edition), she even references that she also runs to lose weight. “This is why I jogged, so I could run like hell when something was chasing me. Thinner thighs was not incentive enough.”

Anita is a very private individual. She has two friends. The first being Catherine and the other is Ronnie. Anita spends most of her time reading and studying. Anita is analytical and aware of her surroundings at all times. She has a hard time letting go of the past. A trait that is both helpful and impractical at times. She is logical in her approaches and tries not to let her emotions cloud her judgment. Anita is decisive and proactive in most situations. She refuses to be intimidated and is expressive when force 

Anita’s goal is to solve the vampire murders on behalf of the master vampire in St. Louis. Her journey takes her through a theme of love as she is pursued by Jean-Claude. She constantly states she won’t date him and that she kills vampires. The real story is her overcoming her fear of the master vampire, Nikolaus, and eventually killing her nemesis.

Next week, I will cover the other major characters and the setting. Until then, my friends.

Be Terrific!

Review Section is Open

I hope you all are terrific today!

I will be posting review articles under my projects page. I will be reviewing mostly narrative media such as novels, comics, video games, film, and television.  I will start with the ones I like, but I will be reviewing projects that I may not be interested in as well and give my unbiased opinion.

My schedule, hopefully, will be as follows:

  • Monday: Books
  • Tuesday: Comics
  • Wednesday: Video Games
  • Thursday: Film
  • Friday: Television

These won’t be short reviews and will be at least 2,000 words. So, hope you’re ready to hear my opinions on everything media.

Be Terrific!


Dear Kobe


I know, I may be late to reflect on the tragic passing of Kobe, his daughter Gigi, and the other passengers in this tragedy. I didn’t know what to feel, other than sadness for the families of the victims.

I can’t sit here and say I was a huge Kobe fan, but as a fan of the game, he is legendary. I will miss the competitive edge. I may not agree with his motivation tactics, but there is no denying that he was a winner, both as player and as father, husband, friend.

Thank you Kobe for the great memories, restoring the Celtics-Lakers rivalry, and most of all, being an example of pursing greatness. You affected many people and you will be missed.

#mambaforever #8 #24


Stories from

Images and names of the victims

WWE Crown Jewel Results

Crown Jewel

Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez

Crowd booing Cain, pops for Brock? Cain is a striker, Lesnar s more a grappler. Cain kicks to the midsection and goes for the knockout. Brock puts Kimora on and wins by submission. He refuses to let go, Mysterio uses a chair and slings him out the ring. 10 years since his loss to Cain. Continues to hit chair shot. F-5 to Cain. Mysterio unleashed chair shots to Lesnar who retreats.

Promos from the Smackdown Tag Team Champions, The Revival and Raw Tag Team Champions, The Viking Raiders.

Tag Team Turmoil. A gauntlet match.

Roode and Zigler (who won the last one on Raw) vs the Lucha House Party (Gran Metalik and Dorado). Dorado with Lucha libra hits a stunner. Tag to Metalik tag team offense on Roode. Near fall. Back and forth with Roode and Zigle cutting off the ring. Hot tag to Metalik who launches offense on Roode. These are awesome changes. Roode distracts the referee as Zigler hits a superkick, followed by Roode hitting the Glorius DDT for the win.

Ryder and Hawkins come to the ring. Ryder hits rough rider on Zigler. Former tag team champions hit a double team move Zigle super kicks Hawkins and then Ryder. Roode holds Ryder for the Zig Zag. Roode wins.

Heavy machinery arrives. Roode and Zigler cut Tucker off for a while until a hot tag to Otis. In short order, they hit the trash compactor to eliminate Roode and Zigler.

New Day comes out and announcers talk about how Kofi is frustrated. Naiver Woods is recovering from surgery. Big E and Tucker go back and forth. Both tag in Otis and Kofi. Otis goes for the caterpillar for a near fall. Kofi counters double team and hits Trouble in Paradise. Tags in Big E who is duplexed by Tucker. Big E tags Kofi and they hit midnight hour to eliminate Heavy Machinery.

B-Team (bo Dallas and Curtis Axel former champions, come down.  Curtis and Bo work over Big E. Big E hit finisher to eliminate Axel.

The Revival. Dawson and Wilder single out Kofi. New Day goes back and forth, but New Day defeats Revival. After their loss, they attacked the New Day.

The OC runs out after the attack. Kofi fights out of the magic killer. Big E is back on the apron. The OC hits the magic killer to eliminate New Day.

The Viking Raiders walk to the ring. During the last turmoil match, both teams were disqualified. The match was long enough, but the OC hits magic killer to win the match becoming “The Best in the World” and one can assume that they will now have a shot at the Raw tag team championships.salt

Monsoon vs Cesaro. The match was entertaining as Moonsoor was over being from Saudi. The match went about 10 minutes with many near falls for Monsoor. Cesaro counters most of the high flying offense. Monsoor hits a moon-sault for the upset victory and cut a promo after the match.

Tyson Fury vs Braun Strowman, the match moved very slow as expected from heavyweights. Tyson did some wrestling moves. Braun hit his signature moves. Tyson knockouts Braun and wins by count-out.

AJ Styles defeated Humberto in a rematch from Raw. Styles was aggressive and there were plenty of near falls for Humberto. Humberto tweaked his leg and AJ tried to win by submission when he applied the calf crusher. Humberto reached the ropes and they went back and forth. Aj then hit the phenomenal forearm to win the match.

Natalya and Lacey will put on the first women’s match in Saudi. Natalya and Lacey both receive pops.  The crowd looks really happy.  Both women keep smiling in the match. Emotion must be overwhelming. The match receives awesome chants from the crowd, but the match is slow. Lacey counters sharpshooter and then sent to outside. Springboard dropkick to down Natalya from outside to inside the ring. The match started to pick up once Lacey went into character. Natalya wins by a sharpshooter. Afterward, both women embrace and cry in the ring.  Fans were really supportive and appreciative.

Team Hogan (Rusev, Ali, Shorty G, Roman Reigns, and Ricochet) and Team Flair (Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, Shinsuke Nakamura).

The crowd really pop for Nakamura, Orton, and Flair.  They also pop for Hogan, Rusev, and Reigns.   Heels work over Ali for a bit until he is able to tag Ricochet. Crowd chants NXT. The heels kept the referee distracted and tag Oron in. Ricochet makes a hot tag to Reigns who comes in and takes down Team Flair. Drive-by to Orton and Lashley.  Reigns hit an immortal leg drop on Corbin. Randy tags in and Reigns counters RKO with a superman punch. Everyone hits their finishers. Heels gang up on Reigns, but Rusev comes in and cleans house until he gets his hands on Lashly. Reigns superman punches Lashley and launches himself over the top onto Team Flair. Reigns pulled Orton into the ring and he counters with a kick into an RKO, but Reigns kicks out. Crowd chants for another RKO. He sets up for a punt. Faces take out Team flair as Reigns hits a spear on Orton for the win.

Universal Champion Seth Rollins and The Fiend Bray Wyatt had their rematch and again The Fiend no seller Rollins’ finishers. Rollins hit The Fiend with the sledgehammer twice, but The Fiend wouldn’t stay down. The fight went to the entrance ramp where The Fiend fell into a pit and was electrocuted. The Fiend emerged to put the radicle claw and sister Abigail to win the Universal championship.

For more head to WWE


Wrestling Points: Smackdown Preview, AEW, Hell in the Cell

Tonight WWE starts their draft to split their talented, but under utilized roster, between the USA and Fox networks. Fox is now home to Smackdown and USA will still have Raw. It comes to no surprise that Smackdown is now the show that Vince McMahon wants to succeed the most. With AEW beating them in ratings on Wednesday against their other tv show NXT, you can bet that Smackdown’s roster will be focus on talent and star power. One of the request that was allegedly reported was that Fox wanted more latino wrestlers, some of them trained in Lucha Libre.

My predictions for Smackdown and Raw? Well we already know that both shows are going to have the following:

-Major title: Universal Championship (Raw) and WWE World Champion (Smackdown) I don’t see those changing since the Universal championship is Red. This would mean unless a title change or vacancy happens. Seth Rollins will remain of Raw and Brock Lesnar will be on Smackdown if that is the case.

-Minor title: The Intercontinental Champion (IC) which is suppose to be a Raw title and is currently held by Shinsuke Nakumura. United States Champion (US), AJ Styles, is suppose to be a Smackdown title. Over the past couple of months it was hard to tell where the titles were suppose to be. If Smackdown is the “A-show” the IC title will most likely go, meaning Nakumura will be going. The only downside to that would be that AJ Styles is the bigger draw between the two due to bad booking of Nakumura and the IC title itself. I’m betting on AJ Styles and U.S. title will go to Smackdown.

-Women’s title: Raw Womens champion Becky is arguably the most exciting thing on WWE tv (sans The Fiend). Smackdown women’s champion Charlotte Flair is the best heel (bad guy) in the women’s division. They both teased another feud with one another last Monday. Becky needs to be on Smackdown, so I would guess that she will lose the tilte tonight or vacate it once she is drafted. Charlotte is also the the golden girl of the whole division so she will remain on Smackdown.

-Tag Titles: Raw champions Bobby Roode and Dolph Zigler will be facing the Viking Warriors soon if not tonight, so I would expect that both teams will remain on Raw. The Smackdown Champions The Revival will most likely stay on Smackdown (although they were a Raw team). The Women tag team champions, the Kabuki Warriors, will be going from Smackdown to Raw.

Here are some of my predictions

Raw (sports entertainment focus):

Major: vacated championship. Kofi Kingston, Baron Corbin, Shinsuke Nakumura, Rusev, Cesaro, Alester Black, Bobby Lashley, Buddy Murphy, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton (only becasue of the lack of “star” power, he most likely will be Smackdown too.) Samoa Joe,

Minor: Shinsuke (yes he will most likely be a major player once he drops the title.), Cedric Alexander, Pete Dunne,  Bobby Roode, Sami Zayn

Women: Sasha Banks, Bayley, Ruby Riott, Natalya, Sarah Logan, Ronda Rousey (since Brock, Lesnar, Becky, and Charlotte will be on Smackdown, strong chance she could also be on Smackdown though.)

Tag: The New Day (attached to Kofi), Viking Experience, Lucha House Party (if broken up they will all be on Smackdown for Lucha Libre showcase),

Smackdown (wrestling focus): Most of the bigger superstars

  • Major: Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins (after vacating universal title or losing it tonight.),  Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns, Cain Velasquez, Bray Wyatt, Drew McIntyr, Shaemus.
  • Minor: AJ Styles, Apollo Crews, Ricochet, The Miz, Dolph Zigler, Rey Mysterio, Andrade, Elias, Shorty Gable
  • Women: Charlotte, Becky, Naomi, Natalyia, Lacey Evans, Liv Morgan, Carmella
  • Tag Team: The Revival,  The Usos, Authors of Pain, Heavy Machinery


What are your predictions? Let me know in the comments.


Going Back to Basics

Hey…..I really have to come up with a nickname for you guys, women…people.

First of all I would like to say thank you for all the new followers for joining my page and to all of my previous followers. That goes for you too, FB, Twitter, Tumblr, and Linkedin followers.

As you all know, I’m still working on making this site about storytelling. Trying to find a theme that works both as graphic design and illustrating portfolio and a writing portfolio. So as I decided on what my major should be for my Masters, I’ve decided on New Media Journalism with Full Sail University. Hopefully, I get into the program. I see it as a chance to combine both writing and graphic design together.

Which brings me to my next piece of news. I’m going to be going back to writing articles. I was a little intimidated and overwhelm, but most of you became followers back in June when I was writing articles on sports and video games. Therefore to build my platform as a multimedia writer, I will be going back to writing articles and reviews. I’m going to be starting smaller though. I will only be focusing on wrestling and either basketball or football. Then maybe branching out to other sports. For video games I will start with Overwatch and a new game I just found out about, Smite.

I’m still working on tutorials for the Adobe products. However, to add more content here I will be posting more lessons and advice from what I’ve learned as a writer of three novels.

This means I will be adding new categories, especially to help with my separating my portfolio. The new writing categories will be as well at the tags.

  1. Narrative Writing: Novels, Comics, Scriptwriting. Series (example Favor of Ares)
  2. Expository Writing: Sports Articles, Video Game Articles, How To Write.
  3. Persuasive Writing: Sport Reviews, Video Game Reviews, Book Reviews.
  4. Descriptive Writing: Blog, Journal, Graphic Design Diary, Illustration Diary.

The goal is even when I put up graphic design and illustration pieces to write more in detail about them (Descriptive Writing). In fact most my art content will be located under descriptive writing with the appropriate tags. They will still have their specialized category under either graphic design or illustration.

I’m still deciding if each category will have their own pages or if I’m going to have one page and have them share it. I’m leaning towards different pages, since novels have their own page already.

Wow, I feel this is the first “blog” post I’ve done communicating with you all and it feels good. This past month has been mostly just posting the art and describing it, so it’s not as personal, in my opinion.

That’s it, again thank you for your support.

Look forward to talking to all of you stingers!!!!

This is Terrio Jenkins and remember to Be Terrific!

Persona 5 Unmasking the Joy

Hey, I hope you are all terrific today.

In the last two months, I’ve had the joy of watching my cousin replay Persona 5. For those of you who haven’t played or watch it the Persona series is a series of urban fantasy roleplaying games. The series went under a soft reboot with Persona 3.

The basic gist is that you are the silent protagonist and end up living on your own. You then visit an extra-dimensional pocket world called the Velvet Room and after that receive the ability to summon your persona. A persona is basically your guardian spirit and a reflection of yourself.  Like most roleplaying games you then meet friends and they unlock their personas. You fight shadows that are like personas but they represent your dark side.

The game borrows heavily from the Arcana and you are always the “The Fool” which allows you to own, copy, merge, with other arcana personas.

The most interesting thing about Persona is that each game since 3 dwells more into the lore of shadows/personas. Now that is the non-gamer, quick and dirty version of what the game is.

Persona 5 is amazing. Now, I don’t claim to be a gamer, but I do appreciate good story-telling and behind sports games, roleplaying games are in my top three genres.

Image is taken from  Joe Juba’s article at

First off I love how the characters have more of a connection to each other than the characters from Persona 4. The game has darker themes that are different from its predecessor. The developers put a lot of detail in every aspect of the game. Including title and loading screens.

Watching him play Persona 5 made me a fan of the series after becoming a casual fan of Persona 4. The graphics are amazing and again the storytelling is on point. The youth coming together as phantom thieves and stealing the hearts of the corrupted to make them have a change of heart.

Image is taken from

There are no real spoilers here as my cousin is only playing the game a second time for me (at first for himself, but then I moved in and got hooked.) You can expect a full review once we finish and another one when I get my own.

Even the music is amazing. I know I can’t wait to get the chance to do a full review. I can’t believe I’m just now jumping on the bandwagon. At least now I’ll be ready Persona 5 Royal which is the new game coming out next year which will introduce a new main character, dialogue interactions, and art.

Stay tuned as I will report more information as I grow in my Persona fandom.

Terrio’s Take: The game has so many options and the last roleplaying game I enjoyed was Alpha Protocol, which is nowhere as good as the Persona games. The persona is awesome!

Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 7.28.04 PM
Screenshot of Personal 5 Royal from the official website