Afternoon Entry

I wasn’t able to focus on getting into my schedule today. Oh, I should explain what is on my schedule. While I look for a new position with a company in the fields of graphic design or journalism, I decided to work on my skills. I have the Classroom in a Book CC 2019 series by Adobe Press for InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, PremierePro , and After Effects.

At first I was going to just focus on one program a day, but I realize that most of the lessons average around 60 minutes. I figure that means every two days is a finish project for a program. The longest lesson is 150 minutes. At most I will be spending three days on a lesson. I created a schedule to match a high school student schedule where I will spend 50 minutes on a lesson with three minutes for transitioning into the next. My morning is dedicated to learning After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign since mastering those programs are crucial to a being a graphic designer.

Even though I know the basics of each program, sans After Effects, it never hurts to keep learning and practicing. The afternoons are dedicated to writing. Which I will focus on descriptive, narrative, opinion, and informational forms of writing. In descriptive I will be using that time for drawing and journaling my progress with improving as an illustrator, as well as journaling day to day events like I’m doing now. My narrative block is for writing and/or planning my novels, screenplays, and short stories. Persuasive will be my block for writing reviews on books, sports, and other forms of media I like. Finally my last block is dedicated to expository, which will be for news article writing, which seems to be one of my higher read posts over the last few months.

I did block out an area for P90X (gym), so I may merge expository and persuasive together. Oh, and if you are wondering P90X will also be part of my journaling/blogging.

Now that we’re done with the remodeling, tomorrow will be my first “official” day with sticking to the lessons. Wish me luck!!!

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Sketch 13/31: Jasmine Gilbert Redesign Concept

Gearing up for #nanowrimo2019. I’m going to be working on my Angel Protocol series. The first book is called Genesis and you can read the prologue and first two chapters on Wattpad by clicking the link in my bio. I’m excited about Angel Protocol after getting a good review from a friend. I’m in the process of finding my drawing style and redesigning the characters from Favor of Ares. I decided that I will also start redesigning the characters from Angel Protocol. I’m going to try to do a webcomic to accompany the novel. So here is sketch 13 of 31…Jasmine Gilbert. #characterdesign #angel #egyptianmythology #savethecatwritesanovel #sketch #genesis #dudewithaproblem #redemption #knklfanart #novelwriting #illustrationAPJasmineDesign.jpg

October Sketch 4/31: Betty Boop

Sketch painting Betty Boop. I love how this is turning out. I think I captured the qualities of Betty with my own style, which is improving. I’m trying to get over my fear of drawing hands and feet. I decided to just do flat colors for now. Down the road I will render her more. I used Beyonce as the model from her Crazy in Love video, which is also the inspiration for the outfit.

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October Sketch 3/31: Jessica Rabbit

A Jessica Rabbit paint sketch. I started using the pencil tool in Photoshop for inking and Like how the lines came out. I also used a new coloring process. I started with a flat layer which helps separate the colors. I duplicated the “flats” and renamed it “gradient.” Using the gradient tool I was able to create the water, sky, skin, and hills. Her dress also gradient.  I duplicated the “gradient” layer and renamed the copy layer “tones.” I then shaded around her legs and show the light source from the right.

I really enjoyed this piece. I challenged myself both with posing during the sketch. Drawing a background, which I usually don’t do. Experimenting with creating my own painting process.

October Sketch 2/31: Mine

Started paint-sketching of Mine. Her color palette is a little challenging with the different shades and tints of pink. For now I just wanted to separate her skin, eyes, clothes, and Pumpkin (her gun. I also cropped the image, mainly because I couldn’t paint all of Pumpkin from my scan. I’m not going to be digitally inking this piece, unless I feel like it going to make the composition better.

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Sketch 1/31: Akame

The main character of Akame Ga Kill.  I love the overall pose and composition. I feel like the Total Drama Island art style is getting better. I did mess up on the sword and perspective of the hands. If I have time I will go and fix it. Until then this is still a sketch and a paint-sketching.  Hope you like it.   #akame #akamegakill #murasame #anime #fanart #manga #sketch #sketchpainting #knklfanart #daily

Lust Chapter 27 Completed

I wrote chapter 27 earlier today. One chapter short of my goal.  Chapter 27 went pass my minimum word count of 1,250 words for a 50,000 word novel.

This chapter is narrated by Amber Clearwater. The scene is set in a church in Bordentown. The intent of the chapter is to see how Amber, Gabby, and Leon are all reacting to the events in Chapter 25. Eventually they will decide on what to do next.

This is one of four scenes that compose the “Dark Night of the Soul” from the  Save the Cat methodology.

Writing the chapter was pretty fast once I started. Amber’s chapters (formerly known as Shantel) are averaging around 1500 words. Trying to keep her personality and motivations consistent is more challenging than the other characters.

I feel I accomplished the goals of the intent and that the characters all feel genuine. I didn’t focus too much on powers with this chapter as it is a reflection. I also have the challenge of making the reflection sound different than Chapter 26.

Overall, I’m happy and can see the finishing line.  You can check out Leon’s redesign concept and lore here. For Gabriella redesign concept and lore click here. Amber redesign concept and lore will be coming soon.

Going Back to Basics

Hey…..I really have to come up with a nickname for you guys, women…people.

First of all I would like to say thank you for all the new followers for joining my page and to all of my previous followers. That goes for you too, FB, Twitter, Tumblr, and Linkedin followers.

As you all know, I’m still working on making this site about storytelling. Trying to find a theme that works both as graphic design and illustrating portfolio and a writing portfolio. So as I decided on what my major should be for my Masters, I’ve decided on New Media Journalism with Full Sail University. Hopefully, I get into the program. I see it as a chance to combine both writing and graphic design together.

Which brings me to my next piece of news. I’m going to be going back to writing articles. I was a little intimidated and overwhelm, but most of you became followers back in June when I was writing articles on sports and video games. Therefore to build my platform as a multimedia writer, I will be going back to writing articles and reviews. I’m going to be starting smaller though. I will only be focusing on wrestling and either basketball or football. Then maybe branching out to other sports. For video games I will start with Overwatch and a new game I just found out about, Smite.

I’m still working on tutorials for the Adobe products. However, to add more content here I will be posting more lessons and advice from what I’ve learned as a writer of three novels.

This means I will be adding new categories, especially to help with my separating my portfolio. The new writing categories will be as well at the tags.

  1. Narrative Writing: Novels, Comics, Scriptwriting. Series (example Favor of Ares)
  2. Expository Writing: Sports Articles, Video Game Articles, How To Write.
  3. Persuasive Writing: Sport Reviews, Video Game Reviews, Book Reviews.
  4. Descriptive Writing: Blog, Journal, Graphic Design Diary, Illustration Diary.

The goal is even when I put up graphic design and illustration pieces to write more in detail about them (Descriptive Writing). In fact most my art content will be located under descriptive writing with the appropriate tags. They will still have their specialized category under either graphic design or illustration.

I’m still deciding if each category will have their own pages or if I’m going to have one page and have them share it. I’m leaning towards different pages, since novels have their own page already.

Wow, I feel this is the first “blog” post I’ve done communicating with you all and it feels good. This past month has been mostly just posting the art and describing it, so it’s not as personal, in my opinion.

That’s it, again thank you for your support.

Look forward to talking to all of you stingers!!!!

This is Terrio Jenkins and remember to Be Terrific!