Playing Around

So, as many of you can see I’m playing around with different themes for the blog and site. I’ve updated the gallery page with some of my portfolio pieces. I’m also cleaning up tags and categories to reflect the new direction of the site. I’m still focusing on the storytelling, but it will be mostly through graphic design. Here are the new categories you can … Continue reading Playing Around

Art Journal: 090119 Ashlan Atlan_Work in Progress

My character study from yesterday. Ashlan Atman. I used a model from instagram for the general pose and reference Ashlan from the RWBY wiki site. My portable scanner is broken so I had to take a picture of the sketch with my phone and uploaded the sketch to Deviantart and Instagram. I use my Mac to screenshot the sketch from Instagram and opened it using … Continue reading Art Journal: 090119 Ashlan Atlan_Work in Progress