My Nerdy Writing Life #5

I have some awesome news. This past month has been dedicated to producing new content. What is it? I completed my first series of reaction videos for season one of Bleach. I also started recording an analytical series on Guilty Pleasures, the first book of the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series. In my analytical series I will be breaking down each chapter of a novel and explaining the facts of what makes it successful in terms of the writing elements.

I will be editing those videos soon and make them available to my Patreon supporters first and then YouTube.

I’m going to restart my Overwatch and God of War streams.

The goal for August is to edit and revise Lust (Sleepwalkers, Book 1) and Genesis (Angel Protocol, Book 1),

I’m still outlining Head 2 Head and should have a more interactive game available.

School has been keeping me busy, I’m in Writing for Games. I’m learning how to use mechanics, traps, hazards, and other elements from a writing perspective with not only video games but with board games.

All these changes will, if time persist, in Septemeber.

In other news, I applied to a Games Writer co-op with Hasbro, pray for me, I hope I get it.

Until next time.

Be Terrific!

My Nerdy Writing Life: 4

The weekend went by fast. So, I was dealing with anxiety yesterday. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and didn’t do much in the way of reading or writing yesterday. Today I tried getting back on track but…today was the first day of my new class, Writing for Games.

Okay, so I was lazy today, but I did come up with a new world for one of my assignments that I would like to explore. I also submitted my interactive game story as one of our other assignments.

I think to get better I need to state what my goals are. I’m behind on studying for the English Praxis, and officially two days behind on reading “The Help.”

Goals for tomorrow: 7/7/2020

Reading: 90 Minutes

  • “The Help” pgs 55-126
  • The Praxis, Reading: pg 1-5
  • Tuskegee Heirs: Issue 1

Language Arts: 90 Minutes

  • Japanese Lesson 2
  • Grammar workbook: 2 pages
  • Demon Slayer Episode 1

Writing: 90 Minutes

  • Edit/Revise Caitlyn
  • FoA: Decide on a novel or comic.


  • Character designs: Head 2 Head, Aira
  • Character designs: Favor of Athena, Paige
  • Character design: Angel Protocol, Jasmine




My Nerdy Writing Life #3

Hope you are all doing terrific today!

I had a busy day, so I didn’t do much today. Spent time with my girlfriend and sketch a character for Blood Matters. I’m still watching Inazuma Eleven with my cousin, we have 10 episodes to go in the season. Picked up a new client who needs their GoFundMe page done, always exciting. Not ashamed, I knew this weekend was going to be light.

Be Terrific!


My Nerdy Writing Life#2

Hope you are all Terrific today!


The Help, pgs 19-50.  My goal today was supposed to read up to page 36. The narrative became interesting so I ended up reading up to 50. This means I’m one day ahead of schedule. I’m going to start “journaling” on Goodreads and posting my review here.

Language Arts

I decided to focus on my Japanese lesson today. I learned the common question words (tango). Doku(where), naze (why), dare (who), itsu (when). I had fun trying to remember and I still haven’t committed them to memory yet, Looking for an anime series to watch, without English subtitles, while I learn.


I’m revising the concepts for the following projects:

  1. Favor of Athena (comic book): working on scene summaries
  2. Head to Head (video game): working on character designs and outline
  3. Angel Protocol (novel): working on the outline
  4. Blood Matters (novel): working on character designs
  5. Oreo (film): working on scene summaries

My goal is to officially start writing on Monday with the holiday weekend coming up, I’m not going to fool myself that I’m going to much writing. Then again, I did more today, than I thought I would.  Right now, I’m trying to get myself into a routine where I’m reading, writing, and learning every day.

What have you worked on during this pandemic? Let me know below!

Be Terrific!



My Nerdy Writing Life: July 1st

Hey, long time no see, I hope you are all terrific today!

I had a two-month sabbatical to focus on my schoolwork and figure out where am I going in my career. The pandemic caused me to be laid off. I still haven’t heard from my employer if they are bringing me back. My Fiverr is averaging a gig every two weeks, and I haven’t been writing.

Truth is, I procrastinated due to a lack of self-discipline and lapse into a perpetual cycle of doubt. There is a bright side though, and that bright side is that I believe I finally figured out my career path. I want to be an editor, preferably in the comic book industry, but I’m opened to all industries.

I’m sharpening my saw in the four dimensions of health as I pursue writing/editing as my career. This is the perfect time to do so because I’m five months away from graduating with a Master of Fine Art in Creative Writing from Full Sail University.

To improve myself as an editor and writer, I’m starting this brand new blog. For the past month, I have recorded videos on my journey with Full Sail and reaction videos to the anime, Bleach. I will start editing them once Christina Beckford and I finished the first season.  I’m also dedicating at least 45 minutes to the following areas: reading, grammar, and writing.

I will also be sharing my insights of my spiritual and physical health journies. I’m thinking about putting up videos to help teach grammar and writing for children, but right now I have to focus on me, building my brand, and being happy.

  • Reading: The Help by Kathryn Stockett pgs 1-11. The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge by Tony Dungy, July 1st devotional.
  • Writing: Outline Issue 1 of Favor of Athena, worked on establishing the characters archetypes and designed two characters. I also completed the villain’s background story.
  • Language Arts: Worked on grammar, I started learning Japenese lesson 1, and Spanish lesson 1.
  • Completed my sprinting workout and 15 reps of pushups, crunches, back extensions, squats, calve raises, and dips.

Justice for George Floyd

This is sad and unbelievable. Even if you think “BLACK LIVES MATTERS” isn’t a thing. Even if you think he got what he deserves. NO ONE should lose their life from 1. Resisting Arrest 2. Jogging down the street and SUSPECTED for burglary. Even if they are guilty The loss of life, (black/white/Asian/Indian/Arab/Hispanic/special/smart/rich/poor/Jew/Christian//Muslim/Atheist/gay/transgender/man/woman/boy/girl, hell, even Satanist), is not RIGHT under any means other than SELF DEFENSE or WAR. I don’t want to hear that this is self-defense either. They had Floyd in handcuffs and he was peacefully obeying from the previous cams. and again even if he did start resisting, there were FOUR officers around him while he was in HANDCUFFS. No threat to their lives. Also no need for a knee to the neck. This is about race and how there is an uncomfortable fear of black men. Again, if you want to bring up that this happens to white men as well, I wouldn’t say you are wrong, but then that brings up another issue being we have untrained, unfocused, POLICE OFFICERS. Now, I’m not against the police. I know they have a hard job. I’m former military and I did corrections while in Iraq. I feel for the GOOD police officers. I’m also not advocating that black people should get away with crimes or whatnot. All we are asking for is fair treatment. Not being shot and killed because we were wearing a hoodie. Not to be choked out. Not to be killed because we are suspects, in ANY case, not to be killed during a peaceful demonstration. Not to be shot at while playing games with our children. Not to be killed because an officer thought that we were in their apartment. Again, show me the same EXACT issues, and then we can agree that its a POLICE problem. Until then, this is a race issue. One that speaks of how stereotyping is dangerous, and we are all guilty of it, in one way or another. For the brave, honest, and good police officers and detectives that understand where the black community is coming from, thank you. You are the officers who go into the ghetto and play with the children. You are the ones who understand what is right and what is wrong. You are the ones who don’t’ discriminate and use the appropriate show of force. We are not VICTIMIZING ourselves nor are we trying to use the past to remain VICTIMS. We are using the past as a way to prove that although things are SLIGHTLY better, that there is still a disconnect from being equals. Look at Philly last Monday. A white male went on a two-hour car chase. Trapped in an alley, he runs from the police officer trying to break the window. He runs into three other cops, who took him down. No EXCESSIVE FORCE, no GUNSHOTS, nothing. WHICH is how it’s supposed to be. If you know me, then you know, I’m not one to get into politics about race. I do think some black citizens are raised to “hate” police officers, but at the end of the day, we all have to do the right thing. Black lives matter. Police lives matter. All Lives matters, but before we can get to that, we have to understand that not everyone understands what black inequality and white privilege are. They won’t understand until they are subjected to the same treatment. This is the treatment that led America to break away from England. We are not asking for a civil war or anything like that. We just want everything to be fair. I shouldn’t have to fear going out to ride my bike. Do not blame the media. It’s in our own HISTORY books. The unfairness is getting better, but we still have a LONG road before we get there. The four officers were fired, but they need to be jailed as well. There is no excuse. I applaud the police commissioner and mayor for acting swiftly and I hope that this sad event opens more eyes to this inequality problem that WE as AMERICANS shouldn’t be having. I could segway into WOMEN INEQUALITY as well, but this is already long. I hope you take the time to digest this and not make any knee jerk reactions, because again, at the end of the day….. NO ONE DESERVES TO DIE in POLICE CUSTODY #blacklivesmatters #policelivesmatter #justice #stillmaturing #lensoflove<

Sports Stingers: 18 May 20

Sport Stingers

nfl-nhl-mlb-nba-jerseys1 - Sportige
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  • WWE and wrestler Drew Gulak parted ways. This is after Gulak lost his match to Daniel Bryan in the Intercontinental Championship tournament. 
  • Jinder Mahal is rumored to have a babyface run now that he’s back. He’s been absent due to recovering from a knee injury. While being interviewed he stated that his journey will be a hero’s journey.



  • is reporting that Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and the rest of the passengers in the crash all died instantly.  The Los Angeles County coroner reported that the victims had broken bones, dismembered body parts, and smelled of fuel. The report summarized that they all died from the blunt force trauma of the crash and not the subsequent injuries. Bryant and the others were heading to a tournament, but the helicopter flew into thick fog and they crashed, and when the pilot, Ara Zobayan, tried to clear it, the helicopter took a turn and crashed into the hills. They are reported to have crashed at 184 mph with the impact scattering the bodies and debris over the size of a football field. Bryant was found outside the wreckage, his daughter found on the ravine. For more on this sad story:
  • NBA teams started to reopen their gyms and allow players to work out. Kevin Love expressed how happy he was to return to the gym. There still isn’t any news on if the season will continue, but owners are working on a plan that may see players return, but with no fans in attendance. 


  • Eagles center Jason Kelce believes Andre Dillard can take over at left tackle. Dillard is going into his second season and was drafted in hopes of taking over from Jason Peters. Peters is exploring free agency and it appears won’t be coming back. This is the first time since Peters arrived in Philly, that the Eagles had to worry about the position. The Eagles made it into the playoffs due to the Dallas Cowboys’ poor play in the last four weeks of the season.


  • William Douglas, a writer for the NHL, hosts a blog called The Color of Hockey on the NHL site which covers people of color in the game of hockey.  In his most recent post, he talks about Reggie Millette.



  • has a feature article on the best moments in each ballpark’s history.