Wrestling Points: Smackdown Preview, AEW, Hell in the Cell

Tonight WWE starts their draft to split their talented, but under utilized roster, between the USA and Fox networks. Fox is now home to Smackdown and USA will still have Raw. It comes to no surprise that Smackdown is now the show that Vince McMahon wants to succeed the most. With AEW beating them in ratings on Wednesday against their other tv show NXT, you can bet that Smackdown’s roster will be focus on talent and star power. One of the request that was allegedly reported was that Fox wanted more latino wrestlers, some of them trained in Lucha Libre.

My predictions for Smackdown and Raw? Well we already know that both shows are going to have the following:

-Major title: Universal Championship (Raw) and WWE World Champion (Smackdown) I don’t see those changing since the Universal championship is Red. This would mean unless a title change or vacancy happens. Seth Rollins will remain of Raw and Brock Lesnar will be on Smackdown if that is the case.

-Minor title: The Intercontinental Champion (IC) which is suppose to be a Raw title and is currently held by Shinsuke Nakumura. United States Champion (US), AJ Styles, is suppose to be a Smackdown title. Over the past couple of months it was hard to tell where the titles were suppose to be. If Smackdown is the “A-show” the IC title will most likely go, meaning Nakumura will be going. The only downside to that would be that AJ Styles is the bigger draw between the two due to bad booking of Nakumura and the IC title itself. I’m betting on AJ Styles and U.S. title will go to Smackdown.

-Women’s title: Raw Womens champion Becky is arguably the most exciting thing on WWE tv (sans The Fiend). Smackdown women’s champion Charlotte Flair is the best heel (bad guy) in the women’s division. They both teased another feud with one another last Monday. Becky needs to be on Smackdown, so I would guess that she will lose the tilte tonight or vacate it once she is drafted. Charlotte is also the the golden girl of the whole division so she will remain on Smackdown.

-Tag Titles: Raw champions Bobby Roode and Dolph Zigler will be facing the Viking Warriors soon if not tonight, so I would expect that both teams will remain on Raw. The Smackdown Champions The Revival will most likely stay on Smackdown (although they were a Raw team). The Women tag team champions, the Kabuki Warriors, will be going from Smackdown to Raw.

Here are some of my predictions

Raw (sports entertainment focus):

Major: vacated championship. Kofi Kingston, Baron Corbin, Shinsuke Nakumura, Rusev, Cesaro, Alester Black, Bobby Lashley, Buddy Murphy, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton (only becasue of the lack of “star” power, he most likely will be Smackdown too.) Samoa Joe,

Minor: Shinsuke (yes he will most likely be a major player once he drops the title.), Cedric Alexander, Pete Dunne,  Bobby Roode, Sami Zayn

Women: Sasha Banks, Bayley, Ruby Riott, Natalya, Sarah Logan, Ronda Rousey (since Brock, Lesnar, Becky, and Charlotte will be on Smackdown, strong chance she could also be on Smackdown though.)

Tag: The New Day (attached to Kofi), Viking Experience, Lucha House Party (if broken up they will all be on Smackdown for Lucha Libre showcase),

Smackdown (wrestling focus): Most of the bigger superstars

  • Major: Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins (after vacating universal title or losing it tonight.),  Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns, Cain Velasquez, Bray Wyatt, Drew McIntyr, Shaemus.
  • Minor: AJ Styles, Apollo Crews, Ricochet, The Miz, Dolph Zigler, Rey Mysterio, Andrade, Elias, Shorty Gable
  • Women: Charlotte, Becky, Naomi, Natalyia, Lacey Evans, Liv Morgan, Carmella
  • Tag Team: The Revival,  The Usos, Authors of Pain, Heavy Machinery


What are your predictions? Let me know in the comments.


October Sketch 4/31: Betty Boop

Sketch painting Betty Boop. I love how this is turning out. I think I captured the qualities of Betty with my own style, which is improving. I’m trying to get over my fear of drawing hands and feet. I decided to just do flat colors for now. Down the road I will render her more. I used Beyonce as the model from her Crazy in Love video, which is also the inspiration for the outfit.

#bettyboop #fanart #instaart #knklfanart #flats #artinprogress

October Sketch 3/31: Jessica Rabbit

A Jessica Rabbit paint sketch. I started using the pencil tool in Photoshop for inking and Like how the lines came out. I also used a new coloring process. I started with a flat layer which helps separate the colors. I duplicated the “flats” and renamed it “gradient.” Using the gradient tool I was able to create the water, sky, skin, and hills. Her dress also gradient.  I duplicated the “gradient” layer and renamed the copy layer “tones.” I then shaded around her legs and dress.to show the light source from the right.

I really enjoyed this piece. I challenged myself both with posing during the sketch. Drawing a background, which I usually don’t do. Experimenting with creating my own painting process.

October Sketch 2/31: Mine

Started paint-sketching of Mine. Her color palette is a little challenging with the different shades and tints of pink. For now I just wanted to separate her skin, eyes, clothes, and Pumpkin (her gun. I also cropped the image, mainly because I couldn’t paint all of Pumpkin from my scan. I’m not going to be digitally inking this piece, unless I feel like it going to make the composition better.

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Sketch 1/31: Akame

The main character of Akame Ga Kill.  I love the overall pose and composition. I feel like the Total Drama Island art style is getting better. I did mess up on the sword and perspective of the hands. If I have time I will go and fix it. Until then this is still a sketch and a paint-sketching.  Hope you like it.   #akame #akamegakill #murasame #anime #fanart #manga #sketch #sketchpainting #knklfanart #daily

30 Day Walking Challenge: Day 1

Well its the first day of the month which means new fitness goals. To make it fun I decided to find workout challenges. I may stick to P90X since I now have a decent workout area, but for this month I will be doing a 30 day walking challenge. My goal is to increase my cardio and leg muscles for a 5k race either later this year or next year.

During the summer I ran a couple 5k routes for practice and made it under 30 minutes. Pretty good considering that I’m out of shape. With winter coming and not being able to afford a gym membership, I wont’ be able to run outside. One, I hate running in the cold so training in the cold is out of the question.  I also don’t own a treadmill, but my family does have an elliptical.

From the research I conducted it seems that working on the elliptical is a better workout than walking, but not as efficient as running. Which works for me.  I’m going to be adapting the 30 day walking challenge by using my elliptical.

Today the goal was to walk for 20 minutes. My cardio was hurting after two minutes. Plus add the fact that it was hot. The only reason I got through it, other than being dedicated, was watching anime.

I didn’t place any resistance programs on the elliptical. For zero day I just wanted to accomplish that goal.

With 30 days left, I will be repeating the workout, plus tackling a Mens Health magazine workout centered around Spider-man. The goal of this workout is to gain a lean, toned physique. The workout consist of three sets of five reps, so 15 reps. The muscles the workout focuses on are the back, chest, arms, core, and legs. Although the workout is daily, each day the program is suppose to be different. Workout 1 (Monday) is plyometrics, Workout 2 is strength training, 3 is yoga, 4 is crossfit, and 5 is pilates.

With my Daily Workout app, which I saw immediate results when I was doing it seriously during my divorce, I can do pilates and yoga. However, I’m just sticking to back extensions, pushups, dips, crunches, and jumping jacks.

If I do decide to do P90X again I will be sticking to the normal routines. It will be my third official time doing so. The furthest I made it was phase two. I did see results power wise when I was doing it, but not with my physique. I don’t diet well, so that is most likely the reason why. The workouts are too long, but I did spend money on it, so I have Tony Horton in my head telling me to do so. With my new setup in my workspace, I guess I could put it on one of my monitors and watch tv on the other monitor. I would have to cut off the music from the P90X. Choices!

Hmmm. I think I talked myself into doing P90X.

Lust Chapter 27 Completed

I wrote chapter 27 earlier today. One chapter short of my goal.  Chapter 27 went pass my minimum word count of 1,250 words for a 50,000 word novel.

This chapter is narrated by Amber Clearwater. The scene is set in a church in Bordentown. The intent of the chapter is to see how Amber, Gabby, and Leon are all reacting to the events in Chapter 25. Eventually they will decide on what to do next.

This is one of four scenes that compose the “Dark Night of the Soul” from the  Save the Cat methodology.

Writing the chapter was pretty fast once I started. Amber’s chapters (formerly known as Shantel) are averaging around 1500 words. Trying to keep her personality and motivations consistent is more challenging than the other characters.

I feel I accomplished the goals of the intent and that the characters all feel genuine. I didn’t focus too much on powers with this chapter as it is a reflection. I also have the challenge of making the reflection sound different than Chapter 26.

Overall, I’m happy and can see the finishing line.  You can check out Leon’s redesign concept and lore here. For Gabriella redesign concept and lore click here. Amber redesign concept and lore will be coming soon.