Intention Statement

I started my mastery journey with Full Sail University.  I’m pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing degree. After years of being afraid, I enrolled to face those fears and grow as an individual. I don’t want to succeed as a writer, I want to be a leader in the creative writing field. Over the next twelve months, I will be learning how to be a leader in a creative environment and the journey starts with Mastery.

My own personal goals are to improve as a writer. With each draft of a novel, I can see improvements. I hope to master scriptwriting for the different media genres: Television (episodic), Film & Animation, and Video Games. This way, I can adapt my novels and comic book ideas into other visual storytelling engines to entertain. The Ultimate goal is to land a career as a writer in one of the previous industries and with time create and develop a series or film.

I’m excited to pursue my passion for telling stories. I have a comic book script and four novels which I feel can be polished to be adapted.  After I completed my associate’s degree in Graphic Design & Digital Media my confidence is high. Once I master the skills to be considered a master in creative writing I plan on finally producing a comic book that will hopefully reach you my followers and new fans of the superhero and fantasy-related content.

I will be tracking my progress monthly with each new class. Each designed to assist me in achieving my goals of becoming a visual storyteller. I’m ready to learn how to put together a better writing portfolio to market myself and merchandise.  How to network and become more confident with pitching my ideas.

I’m honored to have you on this new path of my creative journey. Thank you for those of you who are following my blog and to all of you who follow me on my social media platforms.

Be Terrific!