Digital Playdate Tips


By Terrio Jenkins

         I was talking to someone yesterday, and they told me how they feel they are becoming their child’s friend and less of a parent. I told her that instead of their child socializing with their friends only when their teacher does Zoom check-ins, that they and the other parents can arrange digital play dates.

         Which brings me to my first pandemic SUGGESTIONS for playdates. Now, before I go into these, they are not proven. I’m not a parent. I was an elementary school teacher for three years and a teacher’s assistant for three years. The value of children socializing with each other is an important part of their education. During this unprecedented time, we have to remember that even if we are isolated, we have the means to stay connected than we ever had before.

Here are my suggestions:

  1. Digital Play Dates: Hey come on, you know, I know, we all know every child, who is fortunate, has some form of tablet or phone, even a computer. Set up digital play dates with Zoom or Facetime. Call the parent of your child’s friend and let them play video games on the phone while they talk through Zoom. Both parents can setup Twitch accounts that allow the children to stream their games to each other and talk to each other.
  2. Video Games can be Educational: STOP! I know you are already saying they play enough video games. I agree, but again, we are in unprecedented times. Video games would be a nice distraction for them from this pandemic. Remember, there is a host of educational games sites. Some are free and others have subscriptions, but they all offer subjects like math, language arts, science, and social studies. Check out
  3. Active Play Dates: Since they can video conference with each other, they can still play with each other. They can work out, dance, do Tik-Toks. They are plenty of physical activity programs online such as GoNoodle. I’m sure your child already knows this site from school. This would be an awesome way for you and the other parent to connect with the children as you supervised them or if you are now teaching.

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  4. Study/Work Groups: Yes, your children are receiving work from their teachers. Why not let your children work on assignments together? This will keep a social consistency that reminds them of being in school. Again, you have to coordinate with other parents, but this would do wonders for your child if they are starting to become bored with playing with themselves.
  5. Read Aloud: Book time(no pun intended) for them to read to each other using sites like Zoom. Again, this is another activity that we used in school to increase reading comprehension and fluency. Again, your children would love to do this because they are connecting with each other and it will remind them of their routines from school.

      I hope those suggestions help you and your child. Let me know in the comments.

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portfolio profileTerrio Jenkins is a multi-media writer and designer,. He has a Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts from Fairleigh Dickinson University, an Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Design & Digital Media from Rowan College at Burlington County, and is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.

My Writing Life: Issue 2

BeTerrific_Main Logo_RaidersWPAlright, I know, let me explain why this post is late.  I don’t write on the weekends, yes, I know, I should, but I spend that time with my family, girlfriend, and church.  I do some planning and write if I get inspired to do so, but typically, I won’t be writing on the weekends. The exception being any project I’m working on. Right now, most of my projects are in revision or outlining phases.

Expository Writing: On Monday I wrote a piece about Giannis Antetokounmpo and how he came from a low-income family and that’s why he helps community service programs because those programs helped his family. Tuesday’s story was about how the WWE might be blacklisting Roman Reigns and I posted the results of the Monday Night Raw. Today, I started research for piece on Left-Eye and TLC, my favorite woman’s group of all time.

Persuasive Writing: On Monday and Tuesday I slaved away on finishing my Grandia 2 review and started watching Blue Exorcist as my next anime review. I love researching.

Fictional Writing: I’m working on the script for Lust. Right now I’m still deciding on the target audience and format. I’m leaning towards making it similar to the anime Psycho-Pass and Aria: The Scarlet Bullet which is also a Ranobe (Japanese Light Novel).  I also starting thumbnailing the first pages of the first issue of the comic. In addition, I started redesigning the main cast of Favor of Ares.logo_foa

Today I started redesigning the characters from Binary, the first book of what now will be called Sword Dancer(s). If you like Arthurian mythos than prepare to love this book.

The video game project I’m working on, Head 2 Head, is still being drafted. I’m trying to decide how deep of a story I want to tell.

Personal Writing: I’m keeping with my exercise routine. On Monday and today, I worked my upper body and cardio. On Tuesday, I worked on my lower body and cardio. I’m not hurting like I was on Monday, I barely finished the cardio program, which isn’t like me. Keeping up with my medications and drinking at least 5 glasses of water and eating fruit every day.  I still haven’t made it to eating three meals, but I will get there.

Psalm 91:1-2 - Psalm of ProtectionSpiritually, I’m staying consistent with doing my devotionals every morning. Today was about God’s ultimate forgiveness for us. I know I try every day to forgive others. It’s a hard concept, but one that is needed, even if you are not religious. Dnt’ get me wrong, I’m not saying you will heal automatically, healing takes time, but holding on to the past will keep you there.

Financially, I’m blessed during this time. I now own a full share with the Walt Disney Company and I almost have a share in Apple. I’m trying to invest in some monthly dividend companies. I’m knocking off some of my debt, the advantage of living with your parents as you recover. I should be back on my feet faster than I anticipated, especially when I return to work at Hyatt…if I still have a job there.

I started my sixth class with Full Sail this week. Creative Portfolio 1. We’re learning how to brand ourselves as writers. so this blog will be seeing a redesign soon. It will be more focused on screen-writing, but I will still be posting about sports, because hey, it’s entertainment too.

Thanks for reading and remember

Be Terrific!

WWE News and Results: March 5, 2020

Roman Reigns

Wrestletalk is reporting that there is bad press (in wrestling it’s called heat) with Roman Reigns. When the pandemic started, WWE reportedly told wrestlers that there would be no consequences if they decided not to perform. Reigns, who was set to face Goldberg for the Universal title, pulled out.

Reigns is a two-time cancer survivor and is at risk for the coronavirus. Ever since he has pulled out, he hasn’t been mentioned on television. Now, he is being edited out of campaigns and videos.

Smackdown Ratings

The ratings continue to dip due to the pandemic.

WWE may be calling back some of their big names such as Becky Lynch, AJ Styles, and Randy Orton, in an effort to raise those ratings.


Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 5.21.51 PM
Image is taken from WWE.Com I do not own the rights and using this only for promotional content.

Monday Night Raw Results: May 4, 2020

MVP opens up the show with the Raw women competitors in the Money in the Bank. Asuka and Shayna attacked Nia because she attacked both of them last week.

Bobby Lashley beat Titus Oneil, Akira Towzowa, and Shelton Benjamin. He was disqualified against Humberto Carrillo. Humberto defeated Angel Garza and Austin Theory. AJ Styles entered and defeated Humberto to claim the last spot in the Money in the Bank match.

Seth Rollins confronted Drew McIntyre.

Shane Throne & Brendan Vink defeated Ricochet & Cedric Alexander.

The Viking Raiders defeated Street Profit.

Charlotte Flair defeated Liv Morgan.

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre defeated Murphy.

Giannis Promotes Community

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 5.27.32 PM
The image is taken from


Reigning MVP Giannis Antentokounmpo has a heart that matches his talents. He believes in giving back to the community as his family struggled with finding food when he was younger. He revealed this during a video recorded by the NBA as part of its #ActsofCaring during the Covid-19 pandemic.

He talked about how there were community-based programs that helped low-income families. This made it important for him and his main motivation for helping community-based programs now.

You can view the video here

Mastery Journal: Episodic & Serial Writing Reflection

Great Quotes for Kids About Writing and Storytelling - InspireMyKids

I created a Web Series and Pilot this past month. I can’t believe that I’m heading into my sixth class at Full Sail University.  I’m halfway through my creative writing journey.  I came up with the idea while in church. I wanted to write an action-comedy series based on a church. Most of us always wished we could write for TV and now I have two written webisodes and a beat sheet for the third.  The following is my experience in creating a web series.

Writing a web series and pilot webisode this month meshes well with my goals as a writer. In building a well-rounded portfolio, having a webisode overview, two scripts, and a beat sheet, helps bring diversity to my portfolio.  This displays that I know and have experience with the specific formatting guidelines of television. This opens up opportunities to work on a writing staff of television shows.

This is different from my other writing experiences. I’m used to writing prose novels and I wrote one comic book script. Coming up with the television bible or overview is similar to how I approach new novels and projects. The difference I’ve seen is the formatting. In television writing, we must have the script broken into and labeled by acts 1, 2, and 3, along with a cold opening/teaser page. You only get a limited number of pages to tell a story, so being concise is key.

I could see myself doing this for a living. I would have to write a few more spec scripts in different genres like romance, horror, etc. In addition, finding an agent will still be beneficial. Networking will also be beneficial in trying to land a staff writing position. Writing every day to get better is paramount in making my portfolio stand out.

The chance to create a new web series was a fun experience. The feedback I received made me feel I could pursue this as another career option as a screenwriter. I learned to create a series bible and the nuances of a television script. This course made me a better writer and my confidence continues to grow.

My Writing Life: Issue 1

Hey, this will be a series of journal posts to track my writing.

Expository: I wrote an article about how basketball prospects have chosen to go to minor league, G-League instead of playing one year in the NCAA to enter the NBA. This is because they are getting paid in the minor league system. Not related, is the fact that the NCAA has decided to allow players to earn licensing opportunities for their likeness, name, etc.  I think it’s interesting and may come too late as more prospects will look to join the NBA’s G-League.

I have other articles line up and I’m looking to do some interviews if I can. We’ll see what happens.

Persuasive: I finished the third part of my Grandia II video game review on the narrative component. Tomorrow, I should finish the conclusion. The final draft will be published on Sunday.

I have reviews on a book, film, and animation in the works. I’m also looking to add some copywriting in my portfolio.

What video game, film, television show, or animation should I review? Let me know in the comments.

Fictional: I finished the outline for Favor of Ares. I’m adapting the novel back into comic book and animation form. The name of the series will also be changing.

Personal: I worked on the outlines for the four heroic playable characters for Head 2 Head. Head 2 Head is a video game that I’m designing as a writer and character designer.  I also did my daily devotional which I will start publishing here and my workout for the day.

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High School Basketball Prospects Changing College Paths

NCAA sports do not pay their student-athletes. A topic that has been up to debate the last few years. The argument that NCAA profits off its players, but players can be punished for making money off their talents. Arguments include that elite players already have a free scholarship. One of the sports that comes into question is basketball. Over the years, the NBA has put rules in place that players have to go to college for at least one year, before being drafted. Now, there are ways around this. Players can go play internationally, like LaMelo Ball. However, a new opportunity is presenting itself here in America.

The NBA G-League, formerly known as the D-League, before Gatorade became an official title sponsor. The G-League is now a minor league that farms athletes for NBA teams. The concept is similar to minor league baseball. The G-League has become more prominent in the last decade, with now every NBA team being affiliated with a G-League team. Contracts are around $30,000 to $40,000.

Jalen Green is the top high school recruit and the first to sign with the G-League. The image is taken from NBA.Com. All rights reserved to

However, that is being changed. The league can now offer up to $120,000 for select prospects. The prospects in question? The top high school players. Three of the top players in high school, who would have spent next year in the NCAA, before being drafted into the NBA, have decided to sign with the G-league.  Jalen Green, Isaiah Todd, and Daishen Nix have all signed with the G-League.

Todd had committed to Michigan. Nix was signed by UCLA. Both decided to negate their commitments to sign with the G-league. Nix is highly considered to be the top point guard for the 2021 draft after his one year NCAA eligibility. Todd is a big athletic power forward. Green is the cream of the crop. He is expected to be the number one draft pick in 2021.

This changes the landscape for players in basketball to become professionals and enter the NBA. Complaints about the huge turnover due to NCAA basketball players of elite talent going to the NBA after a year is ruining college basketball. Now, with the G-League offering higher contracts, college basketball might lose the opportunity to even signed elite high school players.

Duke’s coach Mike Krzyzewski was interviewed about it on NBA.Com. ““It’s affected our game,” Krzyzewski said. “Really, anybody can win. I’m not saying that’s bad. I’m saying that’s what happened. … If you look at this as a business, the amount of guys going (to the NBA), the amount of guys testing (the NBA waters), the amount of guys transferring, whoa. Whoa. It’s a lot. It’s a lot.”

Recently, the NCAA has decided to have each division write their own rules on how to allow college athletes to make money off their names and talents.  The president citing that times are different and they [NCAA] have to change with it. The NCAA will have to wait on each state legislature before moving forward with it, but this is a win for college athletes, who bring in millions for their schools. For college basketball, this is an important change that needs to happen as the rise of the G-League continues to become a threat.

The Lakers Returns Loan

Lakers Logo Stock Photos & Lakers Logo Stock Images - Alamy
Image taken from

On April 27, the NBA reported on its website that the Los Angeles Lakers return the $4.6 million they received from the stimulus loan program. The program was meant for small businesses but was depleted by large businesses like Shake Shack.

The Lakers are worth $4.6 billion according to Forbes in a February report by

Small Businesses, often consider to be the heart of the economy, were not able to receive the loan they desperately need because of corporations like the Lakers and Shake Shack being able to draw upon the package.

To note, as of the writing, it appears the Lakers were the only NBA team to apply for the loan. The Lakers organization is one of the biggest markets in the NBA. In 2019 their operating income was $178 million dollars. They average around $54  in revenue per fan. They spend $120 million on player expenses.  Their revenue is 434 million. They are also sponsored by the likes of American Express, Delta Airlines, Nike, Staples, Toyota, and Verizon Wireless, amongst others.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting every company, especially those of the entertainment variety like the NBA. The Lakers is an organization that doesn’t need to take part in a small business loan program.

However, the Lakers issued a statement on Monday, saying that they qualified for and received the loan under the Payroll Protection Program. When they heard the funds were depleted, they felt the financial support would be directed to those most in need.

According to, the Treasury Department issued further guidance for the loan program, asking larger companies not to apply if they don’t need the money for survival.

One of the reasons the Lakers qualified is because they only have 300 employees, but are the NBA’s second most valuable franchise. No one has been fired at the time of this writing.

For more on the story, visit the NBA website.

Jameis Winston Signing

Jameis Winston has signed with the New Orleans Saints. He will be a back up to Drew Bress and possibly Taysom Hill. After a lackluster three seasons with Tampa Bay, Winston has the chance to learn from Drew Brees, one of the most accurate passers in the NFL last year.

According to his interview with Jeremy Bergman, writer of Around the NFL, he seems excited about the opportunity. Winston considers Brees to be someone he has always looked up too and admired. He views this as preparation for the next phase of his career.

Las Vegas Raiders Draft Results

The Raiders finished 4-12 two seasons ago and improved to a 7-9 last year in John Gruden’s sophomore year as head coach. They had glaring positional needs this year, chief among them being is improving the wide receivers and corner-backs.position. In the 2020 draft, the Raiders impressed with their picks and look ready to take another step towards their division rivals and reigning Super Bowl Champions, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Henry Ruggs III - Football - University of Alabama Athletics
Henry Ruggs III making a play in college. Image is taken from

In the first round, the Raiders chose with the 12th pick wide receiver Henry Ruggs III from Alabama. This reunites Ruggs with the Raiders running back and college teammate, Josh Jacobs. Ruggs dedicated the night to his dead friend who encouraged him to pursue football. Ruggs is a speedy receiver that will compliment Tyrell Williams. With Williams’s questionable durability, Ruggs could be primed to become Derek Carr’s number one choice. He stretches the field which will allow newcomer Nelson Agholor to play slot receiver and open up Williams more.

With the 19th pick of the first round, they chose Damon Arnette from Ohio. A physical cornerback that helps improve their defensive backs. He seems to have a chip on his shoulder, from the answer he gave Coach Gruden on draft night, about not being the first cornerback chosen in the draft. The Raiders made the most out of this pick that came from Chicago.

The Raiders had three third-round picks at number 80,81 and 100. They drafted versatile Lynn Bowden Jr., from Kentucky who can play wide receiver and running back, giving the Raiders more flexibility to their offense and helping Josh Jacobs who had to carry the ball most of the time. Then they drafted Bryan Edwards a wideout from South Carolina. Edwards is a big, strong target that again gives Carr more weapons on the offense. Tanner Muse, a safety from Clemson, promises to make an immediate contribution to the defensive backs and special teams.

In the fourth round with picks 109 and 139, the Raiders drafted John Simpson and Amik Robertson. Simpson is a big guard that will be groomed to take over for the aging Richie Incognito. Giving the offensive line a younger, more dynamic future. Robertson broke into tears when he received the call from Gruden. Robertson is a cornerback from Louisiana Tech and will help improve defense and has great instincts.

The Raider’s improvement last year is thanks to a highly talented rookie class led by running back Josh Jacobs and defensive end Max Crosby. The Raiders improved both their offense and defense with their picks this year as they try to win the division from the Kansas City Chiefs.