Lust, Favor of Ares: Chapter 2 Revised Excerpt

“She is amazing” I said, loading my clothes into washer. “I mean, she is like my whole world.”
“David,” Rita said. “I hope you didn’t join our bible study for her.”
“No,” I paused. “Of course not. I’m trying to live my life better, Shantel being in there is a bonus. You know, she asked me to check ya’ll out last semester, but I didn’t have time.
Rita laughed, “Well David, if you feel that way about her, why don’t you ask her out?”
“I don’t know. I’m afraid she will say no.”
“David, you’re a great guy. The worse she can say is no.”
Rita was short and thick for an asian woman. She had ivory skin and jet black wavy hair that fell past her shortly past her shoulders. Her brown eyes contrasted with her skin. She was pretty, but she taken by Luis, and my heart longed for Shantel.
“You can’t be afraid, David, she’ll never know, if you don’t tell her how you feel.”
“I know, but it’s isn’t easy.” I loved that Rita was listening. For a brief movement, I felt like I could do it. Then fate walked in.
“Hey Rita, hey David.” Shantel’s voice had to be same as listening to angels sing. She had her laundry basket with her detergent resting on top. She was wearing a bright yellow short sleeve shirt that hugged her body, with blue jeans on her skinny legs. She was short, 5’1, but taller than Rita.
“Hi Shantel.” I said, which almost came out like a whisper
“Hey.” Rita said. They hugged after Shantel put down her basket.
“Did you guys like bible study tonight?” Shantel asked. Her smile was so wide and perfect. She could make me smile by smiling.
“Yeah, Curtis did a good job teaching.” Rita
“What are you doing now?” I asked.
“She’s doing her clothes.” Rita said laughing. Shantel giggled.
“I mean, I can see that.” I laughed, but inside I felt stupid. I was still trying to make small talk, even though Shantel and I were friends. In fact we met each other the first time here in the laundry room.
I looked over at Rita and she was grinning while nodding her head. She was hinting at me to tell Shantel my feelings. Of course I couldn’t do that. I’m not sure if she is even attracted to me like that.
“How’s studying going, you have a midterm coming up right?” I asked. Rita smiled and then face palmed her face.
“It’s been tough, but I’m almost done.” Can’t wait to get it over with, so Tinizi and I can try race car driving.”
“Oh,” I said, “your brother?”
“No, T is my boyfriend.”
My heart felt like someone shot me in the heart. All I knew was that she broke my heart and didn’t know. Did I wait too long, was Rita right? What do I do now?

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Revised Chapter 1: Lust, A Favor of Ares Novel

Here is a short excerpt of the revised, but not edited, chapter one.  You can see the 1st draft for free or become a subscriber to see the new revised chapter on my Patreon page.  You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. You can shop for upcoming merchandise on my Pintrest or RedBubble. You can also follow my art progress on DevianArt and ArtStation.

Robert Wyatt


“The autopsy reports revealed that ectoplasm was found in the rectum of the fathers, who also had their heads smashed from blunt force trauma from a large animal. The perp raped and poisoned the mothers with an unknown agent. The poor boys had ectoplasm in their throat and mouth suggesting asphyxiation from oral sex.” Miller said, while taking a bite of his steak.
“Disgusting,” I said. also eating my steak. “How long has this been going on?”
“The pattern has been going on for the last 2 months.” Miller rubbed his chin, took another bite, and looked up at me. “We haven’t found a match for the ectoplasmic sperm.”
“Meaning that it isn’t on file,” I clasp my hands together. “Ectoplasm is the residue of psychic phenomenon and the mental energy equivalent of DNA. In this case, the sperm, meaning whoever did this was two things; a psychic and a male.”
“How do you know it wasn’t a mortal with psychic abilities?” he asked me.
“You don’t remember what I’ve taught you? When mortals leave behind psychic residue it leaves a tinted color glow. Earlier, you told me that the sperm had a shaded color glow. Which means you’re dealing with a spirit.”
“I came to the same conclusion. I just wanted to see if you were still on top of your game, sir.”
Miller was a tall, bald, biracial man with African and Asian features. His breathing was loud, almost as if he had a stuffy nose. He was working undercover for Paranormal Affairs as a detective for the Willingboro Police.
“Why did Paranormal Affairs send you here for this type of crime? I know they want to keep paranormal events from the mortals, but isn’t this sort of beneath you and your division?”
“There is an increase of immigrants from the Astral Plane. I was sent here to oversee our counter-terrorism efforts, sir.”
“So, Paranormal Affairs thinks they are terrorists amongst the immigrants?” I asked taking another bite from my medium rare steak.
“They are…concerned, sir. With all these illegal immigrants entering this world, it’s becoming harder to track the movements of the the Seven Deadly Sins.”
“Frist of all Charlie, stop calling me sir, we’ve seen too much together, we’re more like brothers. Secondly, I’m sorry since…my family was murdered, I couldn’t handle the responsibility anymore.”

BIAM Day 1: Lust, A Favor of Ares Novel

Lust Day 1


A cynical detective trains a group of young psychics to capture an eerie rapist who targets families.


-Context: psychic detectives
-ghosts, who are a race of beings called spirits
-mortals, normal living beings includes automatons/robots
-psychics, spirits and mortals with paranormal abilities. There are 5 classes.
-magic: psychics have a signature ability.
-heaven: home of the “good” spirits
-hell: home of the “bad” spirits
-ectoplasm: spirit matter “brownish glow”
-ki: physical matter “tannish glow
-Favor: is when a spirit creates a psychic link with a mortal, which they can act through in a variety of ways.

Characters: At this point some of their personalities are strong. This part I’m just suggesting what their basic roles in the story.
-Ares: Retired Detective and God of War who will act as mentor
-Morpheus: another detective who brings back the Ares and works for DPA. A member of Homeland Security, but is a Drill Instructor for DPA.
-DPA: a paramilitary organization of psychics who police spectral activities on Earth
-Crystal the field leader, a profiler with Natural Weapons. Her sin is going to be pride.
-Aakash her extroverted foil and CSI with paranormal leaping abilities. His sin is going to be sloth.
-David The sharpshooter and martial artist. He generates vibrations when in possession of guns. His sin is going to be lust.
-Greg, another crime scene investigator who prefers lab work and can shrink to 1/2 an inch. His sin is going to be greed.
-Rita, a nursing student and coroner with weather control powers. Her sin will be gluttony.
-Kevin, a journalism student who can transfer his life-force into others. His sin is envy.
-Persephone: current captain of DPA’s Homeland Security. Married to Hades and daughter to Zeus/Demeter. Represents Diligence
-Hades: brother of Zeus, Uncle and wife of Persephone. Current Captain of DPA’s version of the Internal Revenue Service. Represents Charity.
-Pirithous: A ghost who had his memory erased as a mortal by Hades
-Adonis: A ghost who was the former lover of Persephone and Aphrodite.
-Hercules: son of Zeus, half sibling to Persephone, A member of DPA.




BIAM: Lust, A Favor of Ares Novel

About the Journey: Favor of Ares
For the last 8 years I’ve been writing a novel series.  I conceived the series back in college around 2002 and at the time it was going to be a comic book.  I would read a variety of “how to” books on making comics.  When I had time I would practice drawing and writing. Overwhelmed with the whole process I still had that nagging feeling in the back of my head.  
Like an addict, I had to write, draw, or somehow produce a comic book.   This is my dream.  Even when I interned for Marvel comics I was hoping someone would hear me talk about my story.  Most people seem interested.  Yet, life got in the way.  When that wasn’t the case, my laziness would occupy the other times.   If the two of them together weren’t enough, procrastination became another reason.
I read a book in 2006 by Peter David, How to Write for Comics.  I didn’t know it at the time, but Peter David was the writer of some of my favorite comic book series over the years.  I loved his first run on X-Factor, Young Justice, and even Captain Marvel.  His book inspired me and made me realize why the task of making a comic is akin to climbing a mountain.  I was doing way too much. 
In my head I was going to compete with Marvel and DC, but I had to learn that I can’t make a whole universe.  I needed to start small.  I needed to focus on one task.  I couldn’t afford Photoshop, so coloring was out of the picture.  I didn’t even understand the complexity of lettering design, so that was out.  I tried inking and it’s not my strong suit.  That left writing and drawing, to which the former has always been the stronger of the two.
I deployed to Iraq in 2008 and in my downtime I began writing the series.  CSI and X-men served as my inspiration. Making Favor of Ares a police procedural with superhuman detectives.  Inspiration for the characters came from the roles of The Mighty Ducks, CSI, and my friends. The tragedy Jennifer Hudson went through in 2009 served as the crime subject of the novel.  
By 2009 I had a five issue, each issue 22 pages, miniseries named Scalet Knights: Eve of Destruction.  I had written the series in full script and even paid for a copyright.  I began my search for an artist, finally putting my ego aside.  Over the next two years I couldn’t find a suitable creative team.  I decided during that time to take a friend’s advice and adapt the comic book series into a novel.  I worked on a prequel novel, Lust. Then decided to make it the first book of the series and adapted Eve of Destruction into book 2, Gluttony.   Each book will deal with a crime that revolves around the title.  
Now, here we are, four years after finishing the rough drafts. My passion, refueled by independent comics, I began working on improving my skills. I’ve taken graphic design classes.  I have Photoshop, I understand letting and inking more.  Even with procrastination, laziness, and life getting in the way I manage to stick with it.  
Join me as I go through the process of “Blogging my Book” in the next 30 days.  With the help of two my resources “How to Blog a Book” and “Book in a Month.”  For the art,  I’m focusing on publishing the novel.  What about the comic?  I’m not worried about that now. To appease the artist in me, I will be making an illustrated edition of the novel. The idea came from the Harry Potter series and Game of Thorns.  Prose with illustrations included in some chapters.  My art style that I’m going for is an infusion of anime/manga mixed with Bruce Timm’s animated style.
The best part, you get to follow me and become my sounding board.  I will posting old chapters and revised chapters, concept art on my Patreon.  I will post blogs about those updates and a “trailer” of revised chapters on my webpage.  You can support me on Patreon!  Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube!
Hope you join me as I push to publish Favor of Ares, because, it’s time!

Having Trouble

Hey guys,

Favor of Ares: So, I’m having trouble deciding how I want to blog about my book series.  Should I tell you (the audience) what I’m going to do or tell you after I’m done?  I’ve seen it both ways and tried to do both.  I don’t have a particular affinity for either.

On a positive note, I finally created a new logo for the series.  I’ve already using it on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Patreon.  I’m really liking it and can’t wait to see it on the novel covers.

I’m going back to basics.  I will redesigning the series in the month of October using all the positive and negative feedback.  I’m only going to focus on novel, but I will try to do a webcomic on my webpage.

If you like the movie Ghost, the series is essentially the same, but different in that psychics can be either human or ghost.  The motif of the series is still based on Greek Mythology.  The cast is still large with 9 main characters, but I found a way to give everyone an equal voice and tell a linear story without too much distraction.

Journalism:  I know some of you are wondering why was I covering the Board of Trustees meeting at RCBC.  I’m in a journalism class and we had to live tweet that particular event.  However, if you notice a week before,  I was live tweeting the Eagles vs Redskins game while watching it on TV.

Today I wrote a small piece about Dwayne Wade being bought out of his contract by the Chicago Bulls.

Still don’t have a clever signing off, so until I do, I will see you next Sunday or maybe tomorrow.


Dwayne Wade Buys Out

Reported by Kyle Boone of CBS.  Dwayne Wade and the Chicago Bulls reach a buyout.  This makes things interesting for the landscape of the NBA.  This past weekend Carmelo Anthony ended up in Oklahoma City with Paul George and Russel Westbrook. Kyrie Irving forcing a trade to Boston, who also received Gordan Heyward.  Don’t be surprise if Wade finds a one year contract with Cleveland to reunite with Lebron James.  Wade averaged 18.3 points per game, 3 assist per game, while shooting 43 percent.  If Wade does join with Cleveland he will join a cast that features Isiah Thomas, making Cleveland a fearful scoring team.  Time will tell.

-Terrio Jenkins

Whole New Direction

Well, I know it’s been awhile, but life has been hectic.  I have a new home and finally finished moving all the essential items.    I Just received a noticed from WordPress that it’s almost time for my renewal and I don’t have any money, so and will be temporarily suspended, but I will be able to keep on posting blogs and content, until the domains are paid for the address for my site is

With that disclaimer out the way, lets talk about this whole new direction.   For those of you who follow me on here, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.  You all know that I’ve been working on the concept art and writing for Favor of Ares, True Victory, and Blood by Blood.  You also know that, try as I might, I don’t keep up with regular updates as a “blogger.”  That’s because of all the work I’ve been doing behind the scenes.

Well, I just want to say that you will be hearing from me, every other day, if not everyday.  Most the planning is done for each novel and I’m going to start using my Patreon to show the planning (background stuff).  This particular blog will be more of a “news” platform for each of the book series I’m working on.

In addition, I will have a Sports and Anime blogs on here, I’m trying to expand my writing into areas that I love.  I will still be posting art content on here as well, more general stuff.  Each book series will have their own pages on this site, if you want to keep up with them (and you know you do).

I’m also returning to doing a wellness blog.  Over a year ago I was diagnosed with General Anxiety disorder, go figure, I knew something was wrong with me.

Well, I hope you are as excited as I am.  Here’s to a new bold new direction.

It’s Been Awhile


I know, I know, I haven’t posted since I created the site. I’ve ben busy with my career and reworking the concepts in my book Favor of Ares. Starting in mid-July I will be more active on here and my Patreon. So, what’s new?

I now have a Patreon page now. This site allows others to support me on a monthly basis. I don’t ask for much, the highest tier is $20 and comes with some pretty cool prizes. The money will be used to help me fund my writing and graphic design careers.

I will be doing more graphic design work, not related to my book projects. One, so that I can gain more freelance work. Secondly, I have my portfolio class coming up this semester and I need work to “redo.” I’m also on Artstation.

Favor of Ares is coming along. I’m starting to become more active on Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter in order to market the book and upcoming book series.

I’ve also prating my digital painting and repainted to concept art pieces that were illustrated by a friend of mine, Latesha Bell. They are now available as t-shirts.

Again, my Pinterest is active and I will be pinning stuff for my classroom and my interests far as graphic design. I also have a board that has pins to merchandise from my RedBubble and Teepublic stores.

Youtube will be a video journal that acompanies this blog and will have my thoughts on various subjects such as writing, motivation, and graphic design. Plus some fun channels such as WWE livecast and my P90X journal.

I will be writing a new chapter for the novel Lust and to see the original draft and the new draft, check out my Patreon, which you can unlock for $5.

I’m also going to be active on I will be doing book cover designs and flatting pages of comic books.

I have a new book series I’m developing which will cater to children. The working name is Masters of the Lamp. Blood by Blood will become more of a Sci-Fi/Horror genre book. Both Favor of Ares and True Victory series will be influence by Christian Fiction, but FoA will be the darker of the two.

That’s it for now, I thank you all who are still following me on here, Facebook, and Twitter.

Until next time,

Terrio Jenkins