Wow…The Warriors….Wow

At 8:33 PM Shams Charania reported that DeMarcus Cousins has agreed to join the Golden State Warriors.  Now, I’m not one to complain, but how is this fair to the NBA fanbase?  Remember when Chris Paul tried to head to the Lakers to join Bryant, Gasol, and Howard and the league said no? This is one sign that the Warriors are politically the NBA’s favorite.  Now, of course, that is speculative, and you can’t blame Boogey for wanting to go there.  I don’t see how anyone can defeat them now though.  Boogey (DeMarcus Cousins) is a physically dominant center, who can hit threes.  Golden State now has a starting five that are all, well, are all all-stars.

With that being said, I wasn’t surprised.  I figured he would try to get there and to his credit, he did. So unless anything changes, it’s looking like Golden State made sure that they remain a dynasty.

Return of the Avatar

My adapted fan fiction based in the universe of the Avatar series.  The series follows four protagonist who discover they are benders and that the Avatar has return.

The series takes place in a fictionalized version of our time. I’m really excited because this adaptation will be my first work based on another franchise.  I’m writing this for fun, not for profit.  I don’t own the characters, except for the ones I create.

This is going to be as challenging as writing my other novels, but I’m looking forward to it.

The tag for this if you want to search for past posts will be “returnoftheavatar” and the category will also be the same.

If you like the Avatar series and want to see a different twist, then stay tune.

Until then, remember to always be TERRIFIC!

The New Showtime!!!!

Well, it’s been almost 24 hours and if you haven’t heard, the King, is taking his talents to Los Angeles.  Now, I’m not going to tell you about anything you already know. I will say that this move seems to be purely family and business motivated. What is amazing about this move is the new teammates he has.  The Lakers have signed Lance Stephenson, Rajon Rondo, and JaVale McGee are now teammates. This is getting insane. The first two have been haters of LeBron.  

Photo courtesy of  Photo courtesy of. n.

McGee just won his second championship with the Warriors. Almost considered a bust, but resurrected his career as a solid backup and played an important piece in this year’s championship.  The Lakers, Magic and LeBron, are trying to put together a stronger team.  Rondo, who hates the “Playoff Rondo” nickname, may actually be a good fit, if he keeps the level of play from this past playoff up.  If he can return to his solid defensive play and playmaking, that will make scoring easy for Stephenson, Lopez, and Ingram.

The Lakers roster includes the following players:

Lonzo Ball (G): Will he remain a starter or is he being shipped? With Rondo there, you can assume he will be a backup or maybe shooting guard, despite his shot form.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope G/F: May end up being the backup swingman for LeBron at the SF position.

Alex Caruso G: sure he’s a goner

Luol Deng F: I didn’t even realize he was on this team.  He’s a keeper if he can produce like he did with the Bulls. 

Channing Frye F: a free agent, but he did win a ring with LeBron in Cleveland.  He will help spread the floor.

Josh Hart G: 

Andre Ingram G: a free agent. The Lakers have enough guards, I won’t be surprise if they don’t offer him a contract.

Brandon Ingram F/G: A young player who will benefit from having Ball, Rondo, and LeBron setting him up. If can get tougher, expect his scoring to go up.

Kyle Kuzma F: if LeBron stays as the traditional SF, then Kuzma will benefit in the same way Ingram will, especially in the low post.  

Brook Lopez C: I’ll be honest, I haven’t kept up with him since he left Brooklyn. However if he stays healthy, I think he would be a good keeper. He reounnds well and has a good mid range game. HE’s a free agent so he would have to take less money. Playing with LeBron? I’m sure he’s trying to  make it happen.

Svi Mykhaliliuk F:

Malik Newman G:

Gary Payton II G: Free agent

Julius Randall F/C: Free agent

Isiah Thomas G: free agent. I like Isaiah, but I don’t see how he will fit if the team keeps Ball and Rondo.  Oh, and let’s not forget he has beef with Rondo.

Moritz Wagner F:

Travis Wear: F: free agent

Ivica Zubac C:

I think its safe to say that the Lakers want a good mix of veterans and young talent. Rondo and McGee bring championship winning experience. If they keep Thomas, Ball, Rondo, and Ingram they could be dangerous, but it all depends how they will mesh with LeBron.  

I don’t see the Lakers trading Rondo, Stephenson, or McGee, so Lopez, Thomas, Caldwell-Pope and all other free agents are most likely gone. Lonzo Ball, if his dad allows, could come off the bench and learn from Rondo.  

One thing is for sure, The Lakers will have regain their moniker “Showtime,” time will tell if it will be as exciting as the 80’s or a dud.

Merchandise Page Added

I hope you are all doing terrific today!!!

Good news! I have finally iron out the plot, characters, and setting of Lust.  Which means I can now go in for a revision (taking parts out, adding parts in, etc.) I don’t think it will take long now that each chapter will have a clear “conflict” or goal.  In the rough and first drafts, some of the chapters had too many goals/conflicts. For instance chapter 1 had seven.

After revising, which hopefully takes only a week, I will finally start editing the book. Then I will publish Lust through  I’m hoping 90 days tops, so we’re looking at an October release.  I’ve decided I will be releasing it in three ways.  Hardcover on and Barnes and Noble.  E-Book through Amazon. The last way will be to become a patron of mine, which will always give access to the book and future books.

I added an merchandising page to my blog, see above.  Still a work in progress, but you can click on the images and taken to that item on my storefronts with Redbubble and Teepublic.  I created a main logo transparent tee shirt which can be customize by color and Teepublic offers different styles.  You should check it out, follow me, and buy.  The apparel and cases are the only image links that are working for now, by the time you read this the other merchandise should be up.

I will also have shoes, onesies, and other merchandise that will come through another vendor.

I also started to write a web novel base on Avatar: The Last Airbender and Avatar: Legend of Korra.  This is just a fun, side project, which I’m not expecting to make money from because, well, I don’t want to be sued.  The project is called Return of the Avatar and takes place in modern time.  Basically, benders and the cultures have become myths, but some people are starting to manifest bending abilities and are jailed.  So, if you’re interested in that, stay tuned, it will have it’s own page.

My other book series names have changed. True Victory is now called Angel Protocol. Blood by Blood is now The Pack Family. My working title for my children/young adult novel is called Ranger of the Rings.

I noticed that I had some new followers both on WordPress, Facebook, and Redbubble.  I just want to thank you for your support. To those of you still liking my posts, thank you too, it really means a lot.

I still don’t know what kind of youtube video/content I should do, so please leave me some suggestions.

Well, I have my best friends wedding tomorrow and need to get some sleep. Until next time my friends remember to BE TERRIFIC!

Whew…Finally Updating the Site

Hi everyone!

Well, as you can see, I updated my website!

Check out the About link because I’ve shorten my introduction and you should read it. That would make me happy.  Okay, okay, you don’t have to make me happy, but you should still go read it.  Done? okay then.

The book link has been updated and now include the names of my book series.  Over the next couple of days I will be working on those subpages which will include character bios, setting info, etc.

Here is the major change I will be doing with my blog.  I will be blogging based on what I’m working on while directing you to my Patreon page.  I will be writing my books on Patreon, so if you want to read it as I go, all you have to do is subscribe for at least a $1. Otherwise feel free to wait for the published and digital releases. I will still post excerpts, but they’re going to be really short (well shorter than what I was posting before).

I will also post my art from my sketchbook in preparation of printing my first art book.

I’ve also added a social media menu at the top where you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Deviantart, and Instagram.  I will be adding the Youtube pretty soon as soon as I decide what content I will be posting.

When posting for particular book series, I will have the book series cover as the feature image, along with a special tag.

That’s it, again thank you for all your support.

Always remember to be Terrific!


Hey everyone,

I decided to take some time off from the book. During that time I began to work on some of the character designs for the illustration edition and rework the structure of the book itself. Characters were added and others deleted. I’m also trying to simplify the plot, setting, and characters in order to tell a story.  I’m also trying to reorganize this blog.  See you in February.