I always wanted to make sure I give back to those that help me over the years, but also to help those that need it as well.

Now that I’m jumping into being an entrepreneur and regaining control of my finances due to Covid-19 and a failed career in teaching, I feel it’s important to find a charity I believe in.

Right now, I may have to start off with volunteering time, but I would like to donate financially.

In the past, I supported my friend, Nicole Wiegand’s Aids walk, because I believe it’s still a prevalent disease.

I dontated to various Veterans charities.

I think I would like to support an organization like the Boys and Girls club or something similar. I don’t know how it is to grow up in a real difficult situation. My mom did it and I know she didn’t share everything with us. I knew she was struggling though, which is why I didn’t ask for much, even if I was teased in high school.

My mom has Lupus now, so I want to help organizations with that cause too. Just not enough money to go around.

I know some of you may think, “oh, this is for support of his book.” I do want to use some of the money from Patreon to donate to one of those causes, but this post isn’t about that. This post is about my personal money and what I would like to donate too.

What are some of your favorite charities to donate to? Let me know in comments below or email me at:

Be Terrific,

Terrio Jenkins


Favor of Athena webcomic series: www.

My Writing Life: Issue 2

BeTerrific_Main Logo_RaidersWPAlright, I know, let me explain why this post is late.  I don’t write on the weekends, yes, I know, I should, but I spend that time with my family, girlfriend, and church.  I do some planning and write if I get inspired to do so, but typically, I won’t be writing on the weekends. The exception being any project I’m working on. Right now, most of my projects are in revision or outlining phases.

Expository Writing: On Monday I wrote a piece about Giannis Antetokounmpo and how he came from a low-income family and that’s why he helps community service programs because those programs helped his family. Tuesday’s story was about how the WWE might be blacklisting Roman Reigns and I posted the results of the Monday Night Raw. Today, I started research for piece on Left-Eye and TLC, my favorite woman’s group of all time.

Persuasive Writing: On Monday and Tuesday I slaved away on finishing my Grandia 2 review and started watching Blue Exorcist as my next anime review. I love researching.

Fictional Writing: I’m working on the script for Lust. Right now I’m still deciding on the target audience and format. I’m leaning towards making it similar to the anime Psycho-Pass and Aria: The Scarlet Bullet which is also a Ranobe (Japanese Light Novel).  I also starting thumbnailing the first pages of the first issue of the comic. In addition, I started redesigning the main cast of Favor of Ares.logo_foa

Today I started redesigning the characters from Binary, the first book of what now will be called Sword Dancer(s). If you like Arthurian mythos than prepare to love this book.

The video game project I’m working on, Head 2 Head, is still being drafted. I’m trying to decide how deep of a story I want to tell.

Personal Writing: I’m keeping with my exercise routine. On Monday and today, I worked my upper body and cardio. On Tuesday, I worked on my lower body and cardio. I’m not hurting like I was on Monday, I barely finished the cardio program, which isn’t like me. Keeping up with my medications and drinking at least 5 glasses of water and eating fruit every day.  I still haven’t made it to eating three meals, but I will get there.

Psalm 91:1-2 - Psalm of ProtectionSpiritually, I’m staying consistent with doing my devotionals every morning. Today was about God’s ultimate forgiveness for us. I know I try every day to forgive others. It’s a hard concept, but one that is needed, even if you are not religious. Dnt’ get me wrong, I’m not saying you will heal automatically, healing takes time, but holding on to the past will keep you there.

Financially, I’m blessed during this time. I now own a full share with the Walt Disney Company and I almost have a share in Apple. I’m trying to invest in some monthly dividend companies. I’m knocking off some of my debt, the advantage of living with your parents as you recover. I should be back on my feet faster than I anticipated, especially when I return to work at Hyatt…if I still have a job there.

I started my sixth class with Full Sail this week. Creative Portfolio 1. We’re learning how to brand ourselves as writers. so this blog will be seeing a redesign soon. It will be more focused on screen-writing, but I will still be posting about sports, because hey, it’s entertainment too.

Thanks for reading and remember

Be Terrific!