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Good news! I have finally iron out the plot, characters, and setting of Lust.  Which means I can now go in for a revision (taking parts out, adding parts in, etc.) I don’t think it will take long now that each chapter will have a clear “conflict” or goal.  In the rough and first drafts, some of the chapters had too many goals/conflicts. For instance chapter 1 had seven.

After revising, which hopefully takes only a week, I will finally start editing the book. Then I will publish Lust through  I’m hoping 90 days tops, so we’re looking at an October release.  I’ve decided I will be releasing it in three ways.  Hardcover on and Barnes and Noble.  E-Book through Amazon. The last way will be to become a patron of mine, which will always give access to the book and future books.

I added an merchandising page to my blog, see above.  Still a work in progress, but you can click on the images and taken to that item on my storefronts with Redbubble and Teepublic.  I created a main logo transparent tee shirt which can be customize by color and Teepublic offers different styles.  You should check it out, follow me, and buy.  The apparel and cases are the only image links that are working for now, by the time you read this the other merchandise should be up.

I will also have shoes, onesies, and other merchandise that will come through another vendor.

I also started to write a web novel base on Avatar: The Last Airbender and Avatar: Legend of Korra.  This is just a fun, side project, which I’m not expecting to make money from because, well, I don’t want to be sued.  The project is called Return of the Avatar and takes place in modern time.  Basically, benders and the cultures have become myths, but some people are starting to manifest bending abilities and are jailed.  So, if you’re interested in that, stay tuned, it will have it’s own page.

My other book series names have changed. True Victory is now called Angel Protocol. Blood by Blood is now The Pack Family. My working title for my children/young adult novel is called Ranger of the Rings.

I noticed that I had some new followers both on WordPress, Facebook, and Redbubble.  I just want to thank you for your support. To those of you still liking my posts, thank you too, it really means a lot.

I still don’t know what kind of youtube video/content I should do, so please leave me some suggestions.

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Favor of Ares, Lust: Chapter 8

The following is an excerpt of chapter 8 from Favor of Ares, Book 1: Lust.  This is the second draft and has only been revised, not edited.

A crimson scythe morphed from my back slicing the zombie holding me. Dropping it’s hold from me from my attack I faced it.  It stumble forward a step before splitting in half. Each side falling opposite from each other to the ground.  I commanded the scythe back into my skin as it liquify and flowed to my hand.    We all joined together to save the girl.

The biker holding the mysterious girl was now surrounded by each of the students. Each of their eyes were still glowing with power. David aimed at the biker’s head, Crystal still had spiked knuckles. Aakash crouched into a pouncing position. Jason stood about half his height. A dramatic wind circled around Rita making her hair dance.  Finally, Kevin, along with several squirrels perched on his shoulders and others gathered around him squeking.  

“Let her go!” Crystal commanded her voice full of confidence.  Her eyes not leaving the biker.  Everyone else appeared to have her resolve.  

“Stay back” the girl yelled at the rest of them still struggling to escape the hold of the biker had.

“Shut up” The biker punched her in the ribs.  The girl screamed in pain. “That’s better, if you must make noise, it should be that of pain.  He turned his attention to us, me specifically. “And you’re next.”

“What are we going to do?”  I heard Rita asking.

“We can’t let him go.”  Aakash responded.

“We won’t.”  Crystal said.  She turned to me. “Professor?”

“This is a hostage situation, we have to wait him out, hope he drops his guard.  If he ere going to kill her, he would of done it by now.

“Um.”  David said.  “I have a clear shot, but the bullets wouldn’t hurt it right?”  

“Actually David, it would.  You seem to be channeling some kind of energy into gun.  That energy is coming from your powers and should affect him.”  

“Can you do it David?” Crystal asked.

“For you, and for her, I’ll try.” David said, a hint of flirting and fear in his voice.  His eyes focused on the rear sight of the rifle. His heavy breathing slowed.  

The biker was slowly backing up, dragging the girl with his mouth close to her neck.  I could of made the shot, but I had spend too much energy already.  I had to trust David.  We all did.  David was calmed, but his fingers were still trembling. His eyes started glowing blue and within the array was a constellation of a gun.  For a brief moment, I could feel something changed within him.  A confidence that could almost rival my own.  He smiled and pulled the trigger.  A blue shot fired from the empty rifle.  The blue bolt of energy hit the biker somewhere in the forehead with enough force to knock him backward. In the process he release the girl.

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Chapter 6(Revised):Lust, Favor of Ares Excerpt

“Ghost aren’t real.”  Jonathan said interrupting Wyatt’s thinking process.

“Did you not see him walk through those two girls.  What about the wall?  I asked.

“There is an explanation for it, I just can’t think of right now.” he snapped back at me as if I insulted him.  He always seemed to be a loner to me, but right now, I see he can be arrogant.

“Listen, guys, we need to calm down.” Crystal said.  “Rita are you all right?”

“Yeah, I’m okay.”

“You all need to come with me.  I can offer protection.”  Wyatt said turning his wheelchair towards the doors of the campus center.

“How can you protect us, have you seen yourself?”  Kevin told Wyatt who shot him all of us an annoyed look.  His left eyebrow raised.

“Do not underestimate me or you could end up like that biker spirit.”  He held his hand like whe was holding a beer. A red glow emanated from his closed fist, elongating on both sides into a red glowing spear.  The spear materialized into metal and the shine

“You threw that spear?”  I asked

“Are lives aren’t going to be the same, I can feel it.”  David said

“No, I’m afraid not.  That spirit has a time control ability,  Good thing I was nearby.

“EEEEEE!!!” we all snapped our heads to the direction of the scream.  No one was by the campus center doors.

“Someone’s in trouble.”  I met to kept that too myself, but it just forced it way out.  Every fiber in my being wanted to run outside and help,  This was different, this wasn’t like nursing or teaching.  We were in a middle of our own ghost story and I was too scared to go outside.  No.  I can’t let fear stop me from helping.  I need to have faith and with that I headed towards the front doors,

“Rita, wait, Professor Wyatt just told us we’re in danger.”  David yelled and grabbed my arm.

“Yeah, and right now someone else is and they may be by themselves.”

David glanced at me and nodded.  “You’re right, but we need to make sure it’s not some sort of trap.

“We shouldn’t go.  We’re not cops or soldiers.  We should stay here and wait for help.  There is strength in numbers. “Jonathan said.

“Jonathan is right, I want to help, I do, but we need a plan.”

We all looked at Crystal.  “We don’t have time, we do have the numbers, we should go. Now.”  She said and proceeded towards the door.

“Who you going to call?”  Kevin raised his arms and followed her.  I didn’t waste anytime and followed.  David let go of his shaking arm and followed me

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Lust, Favor of Ares: Chapter 4 (Revised Excerpt)

“You two having another lovers spat?” Christopher asked standing while packing up his books. He was tall and black, easily past 6 foot.  Chubby all around, not unlike myself, we both could lose a couple of pounds.  His glassese didn’t fit his face and his voice was condesdening in tone.  

“Why are you jealous?” I asked, still smiling.

“Not at all, after all, it would be you guys being jealous of me.”

I wish I could say he was joking with us, but Chris believed that he was smarter and better than us.  He always had to one up someone, just to make himself feel smarter.  He is one of those people who thinks I’m arrogant and made it his life mission to be better than me.  Again, it’s kind of flattering, but more annoying than anything.  

Jonathan had turned around and sighed loudly, “Jealous of being fat and goofy?”  

“Ah, Johnny boy…” Chris smiled and put his hands up like a prisoner awaiting a police.  He had a smug look in his eyes that communicated he was better than us.  

“I’m not your fuckin boy.” Jonathan said.

Chris laughed louder while looking at his friend Davy. A large, sly smile all over his face, like he just won a game.  “Look Davy, first he tries to hurt my feelings about my size, when he knows women would rather be with a big guy like me, than a small stick like him.  Then he’s tries to be tough.  It must be hard being a napoleon.”

Davy just shooked his head without much of a facial expression.  He usually didn’t back Chris up, unless they were talking about women, or anyone else not present in their vicinity.  

“Shut the fu..” Jonathan was about to lay into Chris, before I jumped in and held him back.  I’m not sure who would win, but Chris was right about the size difference, it would take three Jonathans to make one of Christopher.  Plus, we had a party to go to.

“Jonathan, it’s not worth it bro, let it go, we’re about to leave anyway.”  

Jonathan turned an opened the door fast and hard that it echoed off the wall.  “Fine.”  

“Oh look Davey, now that he sees he can’t beat me, he wants to run” he laughed again.  “Don’t let the kidnapper get you two on the way there.”

Now it was my turn to get upset.  “What does that mean?”

“You two fit the profile, small, weak…”

“That doesn’t make any sense, Chris.”

“We’re not girls.” Jonathan said from behind me as I kept my arm from letting him go past me to get to Chris.  

“You don’t have to be girls to get kidnapped.  The kidnapper is obviously targeting weaker people.  Like that girl Bianca, the last one, she was about your size from the looks of her picture.”


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