Sketch 28/30: Gabriella Torres

Favor of Ares Lore: Gabriella Torres

A man hath no better thing under the sun, then to eat, and to drink and to be merry. The duty of a caretaker is to provide nourishment, both physically , spiritually, and mentally and Gabby takes this role for the team.  However, taking on the problems of others can drive her to drink her problems away and with her allergies she mishandles her medicine.  When the ghost of their dead from comes for help she wants


092819_gabbyto help him because she feels responsible for not protecting him and wants to help him and her friends. What will she do when it becomes too much and GLUTTONY calls her for a drink, when the allergies demand medication, or when loneliness needs food? With her psychic ability to manipulate the weather, Gabriella will storm into action for her friends. Follow Gabriella in the upcoming novel and comic Favor of Ares.

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Sketch 26/30: Samuel Delgado

Favor of Ares Lore: What is one suppose to do when logic fails?That never happens in the eyes of the team’s most observant member Sammy, as he acts as the team’s scientist. Sam can be lazy, bored,,and generally unmotivated which causes him to isolate himself from others. When the ghost of their dead friend ask for help in finding his killer, Sam joins the group out of a sense of responsibility to help his friends and to use his skills. However is that enough for him to overcome SLOTH, when all he rather do is focus on details, facts, and science? With his ability to shrink  himself, others, and objects  there is no problem too big for Sam. Follow Sam in the upcoming novel and comic Favor of Ares.

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Sketch 21/30: Leon and Sam

Sketch 21/30: Leon Chinelo and Samuel Delgado. Playing around with their design. Decided to try an afro like look for Leon inspired by Afro Samurai and Huey Freemman from Boondocks. Samuel design is inspired by Flakner  from Pokemon and Lie Ren from RWBY.  I used about four references to get this shot and a new perspective tool tip I learned form @kienan_lafferty. #characterdesign #conceptart #sketch #digital


Willow Porsche

Favor of Ares Lore: Although the matters of the world seems bleak, Willow is is the heart of her group of friends who strives to make the world a better place. She is opinionated and stubborn in her beliefs and has a hard time working with others especially if their ideals are different. When the ghost of her friend appears she joins the group to find his killer because no one deserves to be abused, except the abusers. Those who persecute the weak will feel her WRATH, but will she become like the predators she preys upon? With her psychic power to grow retractable sharp quills from her any hair follicles, Willow will cut the enemies of her ideals down for justice. Just make sure you don’t get in her way  because she will be the one to hunt you down with or without her team.  Follow Willow in the upcoming novel and comic Favor of Ares

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