Book Cover Design: Redesigning Favor of Ares series by Terrio Jenkins

Book Cover Design: Redesign concept of Favor of Ares Series by Terrio Jenkins

Updating the covers for the Favor of Ares series.  Although some of the covers were interesting, overall the symbolism was a little lost and the colors (at least for Lust) were also lost.

Here are some of my goals for the redesign.

Favor of Ares Book 1

Eye motif to reference the “third eye” which is connected to psychics.  Psychics eyes( Iris) glow when using their power. They can see ghosts, most possessions, enhance a physical or mental ability, astrally project or physically travel to the astral plane.

Color: represents the sin the murder revolves around.  The color also represents the mental disorder related to the sin.

Circles: the shape is used as a symbol for containment, in this case the containment of power.

Title: I still want to have a ghostly type font/effect similar to Gothika. This is to add the element of supernatural to the covers with glowing gradients of the title and sin.  I ‘m going to experiment with a white, gray, or silver text for name, title, and subtitle. Keeping with the theme from previous designs.

Favor of Ares Book 2

Spear: they symbol for Ares, optional at this point, but will be centered if used.

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Willow Porsche

Favor of Ares Lore: Although the matters of the world seems bleak, Willow is is the heart of her group of friends who strives to make the world a better place. She is opinionated and stubborn in her beliefs and has a hard time working with others especially if their ideals are different. When the ghost of her friend appears she joins the group to find his killer because no one deserves to be abused, except the abusers. Those who persecute the weak will feel her WRATH, but will she become like the predators she preys upon? With her psychic power to grow retractable sharp quills from her any hair follicles, Willow will cut the enemies of her ideals down for justice. Just make sure you don’t get in her way  because she will be the one to hunt you down with or without her team.  Follow Willow in the upcoming novel and comic Favor of Ares

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Favor of Ares Poster Day One

I started playing around with perspective and shapes for the poster. Right now I’m still in the process of character designing. The series was suppose to be similar to the Men in Black, but I think I want them to be more individualized.  Here is the concept

Crystal 6/13/19 Roughs

Rough sketch of Crystal Carroll from Lust, the first book of my Favor of Ares novel series. Follow my art on Deviantart or in my portfolio section. #novel #ranobe #terriojenkins


Trauma Freehand Concept Art 1

logo_foaI wanted to put the last three weeks of training into creating a free hand concept sketch of Trauma.  Following my blog at

She is the medic of the team and basically the caretaker.  I’m basing her off of Sneezy. Her archetype is the nurturer. Her personality type is ESFP for extraverted, sensing, feeling, perceiving.  She is similar to Natsu from Fairy Tail and the Weasley Twins(Harry Potter).

Concept Art

Archetype: Hero

Trope: Agent

Spin: Weather Control, Volleyball

Specs: Heat, Flight, earrings, ball manifestation

Trauma 1             Trauma 1