Sketches 6 through 8

October Sketch 4/31: Betty Boop

Sketch painting Betty Boop. I love how this is turning out. I think I captured the qualities of Betty with my own style, which is improving. I’m trying to get over my fear of drawing hands and feet. I decided to just do flat colors for now. Down the road I will render her more. I used Beyonce as the model from her Crazy in Love video, which is also the inspiration for the outfit.

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October Sketch 3/31: Jessica Rabbit

A Jessica Rabbit paint sketch. I started using the pencil tool in Photoshop for inking and Like how the lines came out. I also used a new coloring process. I started with a flat layer which helps separate the colors. I duplicated the “flats” and renamed it “gradient.” Using the gradient tool I was able to create the water, sky, skin, and hills. Her dress also gradient.  I duplicated the “gradient” layer and renamed the copy layer “tones.” I then shaded around her legs and show the light source from the right.

I really enjoyed this piece. I challenged myself both with posing during the sketch. Drawing a background, which I usually don’t do. Experimenting with creating my own painting process.

October Sketch 2/31: Mine

Started paint-sketching of Mine. Her color palette is a little challenging with the different shades and tints of pink. For now I just wanted to separate her skin, eyes, clothes, and Pumpkin (her gun. I also cropped the image, mainly because I couldn’t paint all of Pumpkin from my scan. I’m not going to be digitally inking this piece, unless I feel like it going to make the composition better.

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Sketch 1/31: Akame

The main character of Akame Ga Kill.  I love the overall pose and composition. I feel like the Total Drama Island art style is getting better. I did mess up on the sword and perspective of the hands. If I have time I will go and fix it. Until then this is still a sketch and a paint-sketching.  Hope you like it.   #akame #akamegakill #murasame #anime #fanart #manga #sketch #sketchpainting #knklfanart #daily

Sketch 27/30: Care Bears

Sketch 27/30: The Care Bears Tenderheart, Cheer, and Grumpy.  I used an x-men cover for posing reference and a picture of Cheer Bear from the 80’s. I thought the pose was too angular, which is my style for now, so I tried to use more circular shapes before going into uploading.  The Care Bears are one of my favorite cartoons from the eighties and these were three that I liked most.

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