Taje Alt Redesign

For the redesign my goal was to make the logo more visually interesting. The blurred lines in the original took away from the composition. I also used Illustrator to do the redesign. Originally the logo was created in Photoshop. I added a gradient to unify both words and bring the viewers eye to the center.Logo_TajeAlt_Redesign

Design Journal 2: 8/28/19

Hope you are all feeling terrific today.

Today I recorded three tutorial videos on creating an identity package in Adobe Illustrator. I have to edit the beginning and ending of all three videos. The three videos focus on the first stage of four and is on “working with gradient meshes.”

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 12.33.21 AMIn the first lesson I go into how to setup your workspace for making an identity package.The second lesson is on drawing the shape from an image. The third lesson is on creating a gradient mesh. The lessons are about 28 minutes long. I’ll post them to myYoutube in the next two days. The fictious company I’m using to help with the lesson name is Apple Organics.

I also started the actual design of my logo. I decided to use simple shapes for the pencil and instead of making it a bee I thought giving the pencil the traits of a bee would be more appealing. I went with small honeycombs for the J. I’m going to work on the fine details tomorrow. The pencil makes a stronger, unified statement for my interest as drawing art, designing compositions, and writing all start with me using a pencil.

I wasn’t feeling it all too much until I added more honeycombs to give the J more thickness.terriojenkinslolgo2_digital rough

I finished a logo for another client today and she is happy with it. So now I’m designing her YouTube banner.


Graphic Design Journal 1: 08/26/19

Today was lost due to oil change and just being tired. Today I did start work on my own logo.  For the last three days I decided I needed a logo that communicated several ideas, but still remained simple.

I want my logo to help me promote being an author, graphic designer, and illustrator. My slogan “Be Terrific” is a play on my name “Terrio” and I write “Fics” short form of fiction. I thought it would be could to have a bee as my mascot and replace the stinger with a pencil. The pencil symbolize the tool I use for all three of my interests. Logo_TerrioJenkins Roughs

Going into my research of name and initial logo types I was drawn to Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger logos. I also found two logos which use my initials TJ. For the bee I went with the Charlotte Hornets logo which to me is very dynamic and could represent the “T”. I also found another bee logo. I pulled a reference of insect like lettering.

I tried making a Hilfiger like design the other day, but wasn’t’ really happy with it. So, today I focused on simplicity.terriojenkins Log_failureo

The first sketch, inspired by Calvin Klein, is a T with a bee and a pencil stinger. The J was going to be another bee and a honeycomb was going to separate the two. During the sketch though I though it would be a neat contrast to have the “J” be honeycombs, giving the letter several hexagon shapes. I placed my slogan near the bottom and decided my name doesn’t have to appear in the logo. Again focusing on simplicity.

The second sketch was a hexagon (honeycomb). Within it a Stylized T and J. My first name on top of the honeycomb. My last name on the bottom. I also made the T and insect.  This was another design that I liked and it felt more more simplistic, but not as visually engaging as the first one.

The third sketch was of a fat pencil in which and borrowed from the Hilfiger logo, but with the pencil taking traits of a bee. I didn’t feel the concept of the bee comes as clear with this logo, but I did like how my name is included and the initials. The overall design of the elements feel and look clear to me. I’m just worried about the bee being lost.

I felt like the first sketch was the strongest visually. I could always use my name where the slogan is or use the slogan.terriojenkinslolgo2

I copied the sketch into illustrator  for my digital rough. I chose Bodin-72 as my font for the T and Courier for the J. Courier “J” had a longer tail than the fonts I have available to me. I turned the two letters into shapes and made the T larger than the J. I also created an even square to contain the two letter shapes.

Next I brought in my reference photos. I will not being using all of the Hornets logo, for legal reasons. Once I fitted the honeycomb and hornet reference photos on their own layers, I created copies. In those copied layers I added copies of the letter shapes. I wanted to see if I could use multiple honeycombs for the J to keep them even. The copied layers were used to create mask which you can see here.

I then drew my shapes on top and that’s where I stopped. Overall I like the design still. I also got two good opinions about it. Tomorrow I will work shaping the insect and deciding on bold, big honeycombs or more detailed equal honeycombs.


I would love to hear your opinions about the honeycombs. Big or small?

Today Was A Good Day


I spent 5 and half hours on writing, 2 hours on art and only 3 hours on research. Revised the prologue and 1st chapter of Genesis. Trying to get a head start before September. I also revised chapter 16 of Lust to fit better with the story and wrote chapter 17 whic is setting up a battle in 18. Writing everyday is making things flow better as well as doing the research and planning.

Here’s the plan for the novels: 22 chapters (about 25,000 words) left to complete Lust (3rd draft). Expected date to complete is September 16. Genesis (1st draft) expected completion date is October 3.


Character designs for Angel Protocols (AP), Favor of Ares (FoA), and The Pack family are going well. Each time I start over I get to focus more on the details that I think will make the character more appealing. I’m leaning towards doing my own comic series for both.

I didn’t get the chance to practice drawing today, other than character designing, so tomorrow will be the start of that.

Graphic Design:

I got paid from my first client yesterday for designing a logo for their company!!!!!! Which has now inspire me to work on my portfolio to grab more clients. I will be launching a new YouTube series “Terrio Trains” which will focus on Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign as a way to build my portfolio, but to become more proficient with the software.



Lust #3: Day 4 Goals

Happy Fourth of July,

Today on this Independence Day I have several goals for Lust.


-Daily Goal is always 600. Today starts the Chapter 2 which is narrated by Manan Shukla. The goal is to introduce him and his close friend Jason and integrate them with the A-story which is the mystery.

Graphic Design

-Work on redesigning the book cover.


-Add to the Favor of Ares lore by designing Ares and making poster and t-shirt.