Graphic Design Journal 1: 08/26/19

Today was lost due to oil change and just being tired. Today I did start work on my own logo.  For the last three days I decided I needed a logo that communicated several ideas, but still remained simple. I want my logo to help me promote being an author, graphic designer, and illustrator. My slogan “Be Terrific” is a play on my name “Terrio” … Continue reading Graphic Design Journal 1: 08/26/19

Lust #3: Day 4 Goals

Happy Fourth of July, Today on this Independence Day I have several goals for Lust. Writing -Daily Goal is always 600. Today starts the Chapter 2 which is narrated by Manan Shukla. The goal is to introduce him and his close friend Jason and integrate them with the A-story which is the mystery. Graphic Design -Work on redesigning the book cover. Illustration/Cartooning -Add to the … Continue reading Lust #3: Day 4 Goals