Rewriting Lust #1: What am I Making and Why?

cropped-logo_foa1.jpgRewriting Lust #1

Due to writer’s block and some reviews (4 positive, 2 negative), I’ve decided to revise the concept of Favor of Ares. I had too many concepts and the characters seem flat to me. I will be splitting up the concept into four parts. I received this idea from Comfort Love and Adam Withers  “The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing Comics. The first part of the concept is “what are you making and why?”

I chose their book because they make their book easy to follow and has tips from a variety of writers and artist in the business. To me they have proven themselves as successful on the independent scene.

What am I making and Why?

Years ago, I wanted to create a comic book. Then I deployed and changed my comic book script into a novel.  Then I learned about Japanese light novels when I started watching Sword Art Online, Black Bullet, and High School DxD. Finally I wanted a product that can be adapted into a television series, movie, or animated.  The light novels are a perfect fit for me because I’m not a patient enough artist to do full on comic book work and my strength as far as comic book production is concepting and writing.  That way I can do “splash page” illustrations to include inside the book. I can then release the book as a traditional novel and a illustrated edition like Harry Potter and Game of Thrones.

The other inspiration is that I love greek mythology and crime shows.  I was a huge fan of CSI, before Grissom left. Hercules was one of my favorite shows growing up.  The idea of the seven deadly sins was also interesting to me, so I wanted to put those elements together and come up with an intriguing book.  In fact I wrote my the comic book script because I was motivated by CSI, X-men, and the animated cartoon Mighty Ducks.  If I knew now, what I didn’t know then, my core idea for the concept was characters(Mighty Ducks), setting (X-men), and plot (CSI). Then I could of started my outline, instead of writing on the fly.  Although, nowadays outlining can be more time consuming then writing.

Over the years I’ve learn from different types of writing and drawing books. I even watch television, film, and anime in a more critical analysis. My inspiriation for Favor of Ares has changed.  To keep things simple my inspiration for plot(Men in Black). This movie is about an experienced agent who recruits a new agent to help police the world from aliens.  I always saw Favor of Ares being similar. Now according to Blake Snyder in Save the Cat, Men in Black falls under his “Monster in the House” genre, with a subgenre of “Pure Monster.” The inspiration for the setting was hard.  This had to include a magic system, since this is a fantasy literature genre. Ghostbusters is perfect, because I want two races, humans and ghosts.  Now my system will be based on the proton packs and traps, but magical in some way. My inspiration for characters? Well I still want to play with the seven deadly sins and I want the characters to have clear characterizations. I decided to adapt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This gives me eight characters to share the protagonist role. I will go into research, characters, and setting next entry.

I’m already getting excited and revirgorated.  Hope this gives you some insight to my thought process.

Until next time,

Be Terrific!!!!

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Snow White and Seven Dwarfs


Men in Black




The Mighty Ducks: Animated Series

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BIAM Day 1: Lust, A Favor of Ares Novel

Lust Day 1


A cynical detective trains a group of young psychics to capture an eerie rapist who targets families.


-Context: psychic detectives
-ghosts, who are a race of beings called spirits
-mortals, normal living beings includes automatons/robots
-psychics, spirits and mortals with paranormal abilities. There are 5 classes.
-magic: psychics have a signature ability.
-heaven: home of the “good” spirits
-hell: home of the “bad” spirits
-ectoplasm: spirit matter “brownish glow”
-ki: physical matter “tannish glow
-Favor: is when a spirit creates a psychic link with a mortal, which they can act through in a variety of ways.

Characters: At this point some of their personalities are strong. This part I’m just suggesting what their basic roles in the story.
-Ares: Retired Detective and God of War who will act as mentor
-Morpheus: another detective who brings back the Ares and works for DPA. A member of Homeland Security, but is a Drill Instructor for DPA.
-DPA: a paramilitary organization of psychics who police spectral activities on Earth
-Crystal the field leader, a profiler with Natural Weapons. Her sin is going to be pride.
-Aakash her extroverted foil and CSI with paranormal leaping abilities. His sin is going to be sloth.
-David The sharpshooter and martial artist. He generates vibrations when in possession of guns. His sin is going to be lust.
-Greg, another crime scene investigator who prefers lab work and can shrink to 1/2 an inch. His sin is going to be greed.
-Rita, a nursing student and coroner with weather control powers. Her sin will be gluttony.
-Kevin, a journalism student who can transfer his life-force into others. His sin is envy.
-Persephone: current captain of DPA’s Homeland Security. Married to Hades and daughter to Zeus/Demeter. Represents Diligence
-Hades: brother of Zeus, Uncle and wife of Persephone. Current Captain of DPA’s version of the Internal Revenue Service. Represents Charity.
-Pirithous: A ghost who had his memory erased as a mortal by Hades
-Adonis: A ghost who was the former lover of Persephone and Aphrodite.
-Hercules: son of Zeus, half sibling to Persephone, A member of DPA.