Sketch 27/30: Care Bears

Sketch 27/30: The Care Bears Tenderheart, Cheer, and Grumpy.  I used an x-men cover for posing reference and a picture of Cheer Bear from the 80’s. I thought the pose was too angular, which is my style for now, so I tried to use more circular shapes before going into uploading.  The Care Bears are one of my favorite cartoons from the eighties and these were three that I liked most.

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Art Journal: 090119 Ashlan Atlan_Work in Progress

My character study from yesterday. Ashlan Atman. I used a model from instagram for the general pose and reference Ashlan from the RWBY wiki site. My portable scanner is broken so I had to take a picture of the sketch with my phone and uploaded the sketch to Deviantart and Instagram. I use my Mac to screenshot the sketch from Instagram and opened it using Photoshop. I “inked” the sketch on the linear layer above the rough layer. I separated colors in the flats layer. and eyeball the tones to use for flats. I wanted to try something new and turned the lineart layer to “overlay.” 09012019_AshlanAtlanScreen Shot 2019-09-02 at 3.41.55 PM

Favor of Ares Poster Day One

I started playing around with perspective and shapes for the poster. Right now I’m still in the process of character designing. The series was suppose to be similar to the Men in Black, but I think I want them to be more individualized.  Here is the concept

Check out my Hogwarts Student Progress

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Today was day 5 and I focus on inking the piece and adding flat colors to it. I’m not going to include the picture in the post anymore, because it automatically shares to my professional Facebook and Twitter accounts which will already have seen the picture from being shared from my Deviantart account.

HogsworthStudents 062519 Day 5

Let me know what you think.

Hogwart Students Jorge and Terrio Progress Day 1-3

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My friend Jorge and I took a Harry Potter quiz. He landed in Gryffindor and I landed in Ravenclaw. I decided to draw us as Hogwarts students. I deduced to show the whole process by day.

Day 1: thumb nailing.  I used three references for the poses. Harry and Ronald obviously so that I can get the costuming down. I also looked at artist who had characters in the poses that I wanted before changing them. I had three people pick their favorite thumbnails. The first one one, but I like the third. I decided to go with the first one though.HogsworthStudents062519 Thumbnails

Day 2: Rough sketch. I actually illustrated this in my sketchbook from the Dollar tree.  It’s my first time drawing a poster from hand so…yeah.  Challenging getting the taller Jorge to not dominate the poster. I like the pose, but thought it could be more dynamic. I like how I could show their houses with their ties.

HogsworthStudents_062519 day 2poster roughs

Day 3:  Decided to change their direction and put them in a more dynamic pose with expression.  Playing with the color for the background. I decided on purple because the house colors are red and blue for Jorge and Terrio and thus a dull purple. Green the complimentary color for red and orange the complimentary color for blue. Purple/Violet is  equally four space to orange and green, so I thought it would be a good choice to make both colors pop. HogsworthStudents_062519 Day 3 color comp poster roughs.jpgHogsworthStudents_062519 poster roughs Day 3