Book Cover Design: Redesigning Favor of Ares series by Terrio Jenkins

Book Cover Design: Redesign concept of Favor of Ares Series by Terrio Jenkins

Updating the covers for the Favor of Ares series.  Although some of the covers were interesting, overall the symbolism was a little lost and the colors (at least for Lust) were also lost.

Here are some of my goals for the redesign.

Favor of Ares Book 1

Eye motif to reference the “third eye” which is connected to psychics.  Psychics eyes( Iris) glow when using their power. They can see ghosts, most possessions, enhance a physical or mental ability, astrally project or physically travel to the astral plane.

Color: represents the sin the murder revolves around.  The color also represents the mental disorder related to the sin.

Circles: the shape is used as a symbol for containment, in this case the containment of power.

Title: I still want to have a ghostly type font/effect similar to Gothika. This is to add the element of supernatural to the covers with glowing gradients of the title and sin.  I ‘m going to experiment with a white, gray, or silver text for name, title, and subtitle. Keeping with the theme from previous designs.

Favor of Ares Book 2

Spear: they symbol for Ares, optional at this point, but will be centered if used.

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Lust 3: Days 7-9

Okay so technically today is supposed to be day 9 of this journal, but it’s really Day 4. I wrote all of chapter 3 today and it’s hot of the heels of chapter 2. Now I know this chapter is going to be seen as the catalyst of the book for those of you who know about story structure. However this particular chapter/scene is inspired by the Ghostbusters setup which helps connects the main characters together in this world of spirits (Chapter 1) and humans (Chapters 2 and 3).

Also this is showing you what the present problems are for Manan and his friends. They now know a friend is dead, but they can see him. So now what? Before anything can happen they have to realize  they need a change, but before we get to that we need to do some more setting up because this isn’t their status death moment. Wait for chapter 4. (cue evil laugh).

Here’s the link to chapter 3

Rewriting Lust #13: The Crime and Victim’s Secret



Hope you are all doing Terrific!

Lets get into it shall we?

Word Count: Yeah, buddy, you thought I was going to take another day off since I’m really far ahead of my weekly word count? I didn’t. I wrote 500 words today and guess what? I did a whole chapter. Now for those of you just starting to read this. My word count goals changed as of August 3rd to 500 words a day minimum. My chapter word count minimum (unless it feels right to be less) is 1750 words.  My total word count a week is thus 3,500 words and the whole novel should be around 70,000 words the minimum for mystery novels according to Hallie Ephron. Sunday starts my week so for week 1 my word count stood at 7,825, more than double of what I should have. My word count today was 1,751 instead of the 500.  That basically puts me another two days ahead of schedule!

Writing Prompt/Excercise: Today exercise is creating the crime of my novel. Now I already have one, but today I’m going to work on refining it.  First there needs to be a crime scenario and secondly the victim’s secrets. This means coming up with a thumbnail sketch (written) of your victim. Include physiology, sociology, and psychological traits.  What are they hiding? that made them a victim?

Art: I sketch a piece on one of the main characters who goes by the codename Edge. I posted it on my Deviantart and Instagram. I’m trying to set up a schedule so I can do more art and write.

Marketing: Well I earned my first penny on Rage-On for a shirt that I super-liked. Looks like my Patreon viewers prefer art related post from my research. My blog here is doing well, so long as I post content that matters, like Rewriting Lust. I seem to be getting more viewers on my Rage On than my Teepublic, so hopefully that translate into sales. I’m trying to become more involved in the Deviantart, GooglePlus, and Patreon communities. Which leads me to…

I think it’s time to come up with a concrete schedule.The purpose of the blog is to show how I”m improving with writing and drawing. I don’t think I’m hitting certain goals, but I hate schedules…blah.

So, going into Monday, here are some tasks I need to take care off.

-write 500 words for Lust

-Publish Rewriting Lust 14

-Patreon: I need to post the rough drafts and second drafts.

-Rewrite premise for Return of the Avatar, Genesis(Angel Protocols 1), Blood by Blood (The Pack 1), and Knights of the Rings.

-finish up appearance, status and ambition, and background decsiions worksheets

-digital sketch of the day (fanart)

-digital sketch activity (perspective)

-digital sketch translating (I think I’m going to do a Proton/Antman piece)

-start fleshing out Favor of Ares: Scarlet Knights Poster 1

-Make a Favor of Ares typography poster

-Promote Favor of Ares Main Logo shirts

-Review 2 stories form Google Plus Communities

Hmm… definetly not going to be able to do all that tomorrow, so maybe some of those will be weekly goals? We’ll see, I won’t be able to do a schedule like that once school starts back up. Maybe one writing, art, and marketing goal a day? Let me know what you think!

At least I have a starting point!

Until next time remember to Be Terrific!

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Lust: Chapter 3 Excerpt (Third Draft)

“Her family was murdered.” I said, my voice steady and low. I turned back to her and if looks could kill, she would be dead. My anger was trying to free itself, but I was keeping it back. I kept trying to remind myself that she’s been sheltered her whole life, from the few conversations we had as suite mates and meetings.

“And?” Dorothy raised her arms with an inquisitive gesture. I wanted to let it go, but my pride wouldn’t let me. Women like her made me sick. We should be empowering each other, not tearing each other down. She didn’t care at all that the poor girl could be dead or being tortured right now as we speak.

“And, it’s possible she may be getting raped or killed.”  I pointed at her. “How can you be so insensitive?”

“Did you see what she was wearing that night? Of course you didn’t you must of been fighting for some other kind of social injustice. If she gets raped it’s her own fault. You don’t see women of my stature getting raped”  Dorothy put her hands on her hip. Her friends flanking her sides. My blood was on fire. Literally, I was boiling. For a brief moment, they looked like they were glowing. I must’ve been really mad and was seeing things. I exploded.

“Are you serious, both poor and rich women get raped everyday. Some of them are so ashamed that they keep it to themselves, because of people like you and your little elitist friends over there.”  I started sweating from the heat in the room and aggravated by my own anger. Kevin flanked me from my left and for the first time in a long time, he wasn’t smiling. “You make me sick.” I spat out.

“Oh, Crystal, that’s just the alcohol talking, we’re both pretty messed up.”

“No, this. Is. me. Talking” I stressed every word. I felt my face tighten and I scowled. They look like they were glowing again and from the corner of my eye, so did Kevin. He was surrounded by a green light, but no one seemed to noticed and then the glowing stopped.

“As another woman, how could you say that? It’s women like you why rape culture continues to exist!” The boy, Mittone step in front of Dorothy. He still had a smile on his face. I wanted to punch him.  

“Now, now, I’m sure she is alright, don’t you think you’re overreacting?” He raised his hands in a defensive manner. Trying to be cute and charming. He was failing and he was about to see how much when I wiped that cocky grin off his face. I hated guys like him, the kind that think they are God’s gift to women.

“No, I’m not overreacting. Rape has gone up over 32% last year.  You and your friends are basically saying that it’s okay for her to be rape, bcause she was dressed in a certain way?”

“Look all I’m saying is that if she dresses like she wants to get fucked.”

“That doesn’t make it right, it doesn’t matter, if she doesn’t give consent, then she has the right to be left alone. Even if she was walking around naked, that isn’t consent.” I argued.

Dorothy rolled her eyes, “Here she goes on her soapbox. She dressed that way to get attention.”

“What way?” I asked.

“The slutty way.” The other girl, Danielle said from behind Mittone. Playing with her hair and staring at me. I wanted to punch her too.”

Read the whole chapter at my Patreon.

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BIAM Day 1: Lust, A Favor of Ares Novel

Lust Day 1


A cynical detective trains a group of young psychics to capture an eerie rapist who targets families.


-Context: psychic detectives
-ghosts, who are a race of beings called spirits
-mortals, normal living beings includes automatons/robots
-psychics, spirits and mortals with paranormal abilities. There are 5 classes.
-magic: psychics have a signature ability.
-heaven: home of the “good” spirits
-hell: home of the “bad” spirits
-ectoplasm: spirit matter “brownish glow”
-ki: physical matter “tannish glow
-Favor: is when a spirit creates a psychic link with a mortal, which they can act through in a variety of ways.

Characters: At this point some of their personalities are strong. This part I’m just suggesting what their basic roles in the story.
-Ares: Retired Detective and God of War who will act as mentor
-Morpheus: another detective who brings back the Ares and works for DPA. A member of Homeland Security, but is a Drill Instructor for DPA.
-DPA: a paramilitary organization of psychics who police spectral activities on Earth
-Crystal the field leader, a profiler with Natural Weapons. Her sin is going to be pride.
-Aakash her extroverted foil and CSI with paranormal leaping abilities. His sin is going to be sloth.
-David The sharpshooter and martial artist. He generates vibrations when in possession of guns. His sin is going to be lust.
-Greg, another crime scene investigator who prefers lab work and can shrink to 1/2 an inch. His sin is going to be greed.
-Rita, a nursing student and coroner with weather control powers. Her sin will be gluttony.
-Kevin, a journalism student who can transfer his life-force into others. His sin is envy.
-Persephone: current captain of DPA’s Homeland Security. Married to Hades and daughter to Zeus/Demeter. Represents Diligence
-Hades: brother of Zeus, Uncle and wife of Persephone. Current Captain of DPA’s version of the Internal Revenue Service. Represents Charity.
-Pirithous: A ghost who had his memory erased as a mortal by Hades
-Adonis: A ghost who was the former lover of Persephone and Aphrodite.
-Hercules: son of Zeus, half sibling to Persephone, A member of DPA.