Lust #3: Day 4 Goals

Happy Fourth of July,

Today on this Independence Day I have several goals for Lust.


-Daily Goal is always 600. Today starts the Chapter 2 which is narrated by Manan Shukla. The goal is to introduce him and his close friend Jason and integrate them with the A-story which is the mystery.

Graphic Design

-Work on redesigning the book cover.


-Add to the Favor of Ares lore by designing Ares and making poster and t-shirt.

Chapter One Done

Chapter one of Lust is finished a day early. Yeah! Some of the changes I made wee story specific. I changed the crime from being a family to couples. The dialogue flows a little better.  The best part is that the minimum word count was suppose to be 1,800. I finished with a word count of 2,105.

I will be adding the chapter onto Wattpad under Lust (3rd Draft). Which you can find here.

Starting the Third Draft of Lust Today

Hey everyone so today starts the first official (for the third time no less) the third draft of Lust in my Favor of Ares series. The goal is to write at least 600 words a day for the next 140 days. Each 600 words will be the minimum for the beginning, middle, and end parts of a chapter. This means every chapter will be at least 1,800 words. I’m planning on having 40 chapters so I’m looking at a novel of 72,000 words. This word count qualifies each novel for industry standards.

Essentially that means it will take me three days to write a chapter. During those three days I will be working on that particular character’s bio, character design, and arc especially for act one of the book.

Obviously if I feel I can write more than the minimum then I will. The minimum is set so that Lust will be finished by November 18th.  My maximum goal is to write 1,800 words a  chapter a day which would be 40 days.  However, I have to account time for other projects like my screenplay, art, design, clients, and life. This minimum goal is great because I can also start focusing on the other novel series. I’m planning on starting graduate school for creative writing so managing time is going to be crucial.

So stay tune for part one of Chapter one of Lust (Favor of Ares 1).

Crystal 6/13/19 Roughs

Rough sketch of Crystal Carroll from Lust, the first book of my Favor of Ares novel series. Follow my art on Deviantart or in my portfolio section. #novel #ranobe #terriojenkins


Lust: Chapter 3 (5th Revision)

I just want to highlight that I’m only working on revising the novel with each draft. I will edit more deeply when I feel the story has been revised enough.

In this chapter we now have Crystal Carrol who is a rebel in her own way. In past revisions I tried to get her to be tough and I think I finally nailed it this time.

Let me know what you think!

Chapter 3

Lust: Chapter 3 Excerpt (Third Draft)

“Her family was murdered.” I said, my voice steady and low. I turned back to her and if looks could kill, she would be dead. My anger was trying to free itself, but I was keeping it back. I kept trying to remind myself that she’s been sheltered her whole life, from the few conversations we had as suite mates and meetings.

“And?” Dorothy raised her arms with an inquisitive gesture. I wanted to let it go, but my pride wouldn’t let me. Women like her made me sick. We should be empowering each other, not tearing each other down. She didn’t care at all that the poor girl could be dead or being tortured right now as we speak.

“And, it’s possible she may be getting raped or killed.”  I pointed at her. “How can you be so insensitive?”

“Did you see what she was wearing that night? Of course you didn’t you must of been fighting for some other kind of social injustice. If she gets raped it’s her own fault. You don’t see women of my stature getting raped”  Dorothy put her hands on her hip. Her friends flanking her sides. My blood was on fire. Literally, I was boiling. For a brief moment, they looked like they were glowing. I must’ve been really mad and was seeing things. I exploded.

“Are you serious, both poor and rich women get raped everyday. Some of them are so ashamed that they keep it to themselves, because of people like you and your little elitist friends over there.”  I started sweating from the heat in the room and aggravated by my own anger. Kevin flanked me from my left and for the first time in a long time, he wasn’t smiling. “You make me sick.” I spat out.

“Oh, Crystal, that’s just the alcohol talking, we’re both pretty messed up.”

“No, this. Is. me. Talking” I stressed every word. I felt my face tighten and I scowled. They look like they were glowing again and from the corner of my eye, so did Kevin. He was surrounded by a green light, but no one seemed to noticed and then the glowing stopped.

“As another woman, how could you say that? It’s women like you why rape culture continues to exist!” The boy, Mittone step in front of Dorothy. He still had a smile on his face. I wanted to punch him.  

“Now, now, I’m sure she is alright, don’t you think you’re overreacting?” He raised his hands in a defensive manner. Trying to be cute and charming. He was failing and he was about to see how much when I wiped that cocky grin off his face. I hated guys like him, the kind that think they are God’s gift to women.

“No, I’m not overreacting. Rape has gone up over 32% last year.  You and your friends are basically saying that it’s okay for her to be rape, bcause she was dressed in a certain way?”

“Look all I’m saying is that if she dresses like she wants to get fucked.”

“That doesn’t make it right, it doesn’t matter, if she doesn’t give consent, then she has the right to be left alone. Even if she was walking around naked, that isn’t consent.” I argued.

Dorothy rolled her eyes, “Here she goes on her soapbox. She dressed that way to get attention.”

“What way?” I asked.

“The slutty way.” The other girl, Danielle said from behind Mittone. Playing with her hair and staring at me. I wanted to punch her too.”

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3rd Draft of Lust: Chapter 1

cropped-logo_foa1.jpgExcerpt of the Lust: Chapter 1 (Third Revision)
“The autopsy on the Wagners came in. Travis Wagner was sodomized and we also found the presence of sperm.  His head, or what’s left of it, was eaten. The lab couldn’t identify the animal, but the bites looks like they could of been human.  The unsub also raped his wife, Sarah, but with an object. She was killed with poisoned, tox reports say it was from a flower. Their poor son Logan, he died from asphyxia and his wind pipes were crushed.  Somebody choked him to death and there was presence of semen.”

Joan sat across from me at the table eating her steak.  She wore a black suit with a matching skirt, white collared shirt, and a blue neck tab.  Her brown hair came to her chin in the front and her shoulders in the back. Her earrings were a pair of golden wings. She wasn’t bothered with the details she gave me.  After all she’s seen worse. Far worse.

“That’s disgusting.” I said, eating my steak, bloody, what was the point of having cooked meat? I like everything rare. “Did the semen samples match?”

“No, sir.” Joan sipped her tea. “The semen had a glow though. A light purple.”


“Looks that way, sir.”

“Joan, call me Brian”

“Okay, sir,” she paused, “Brian. The unsub clearly is a psychic.”

“True.  They weren’t alone though. Even though there is one sample. There is no way the unsub rapged and murdered the whole family by himself.  “No witnesses?”

“None.  We don’t have any evidence of anyone else being there. It’s possible that this mortal unsub had a telekinesis miracle.”

I looked around at the patrons eating dinner with their families. Everybody enjoying their time together. Others locked into their phones or other gadgets.  Totally unaware of the secret world that lies in the shadows. They are unaware of the evils like this unsub. Was he targeting families or just the Wagners?

“That could be true, but the pattern is different with each member.  The dad was was eaten, mom poisoned, the child choked. If they had telekinesis, the pattern would most likely be the same.  You’re dealing with multiple unsubs. Worse. Mortal unsubs with psychic abilities.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”  Joan said, “They must of knew the unsub too, because there was no sign of forced entry.”

“Unless you’re dealing with a teleporter.”

“This case isn’t going to be easy. Damn miracles.” Joan placed her forked and knife down on our table. She gave a heavy sigh and looked around the room.  “This is the fourth family in the past two months.”