Dear Kobe


I know, I may be late to reflect on the tragic passing of Kobe, his daughter Gigi, and the other passengers in this tragedy. I didn’t know what to feel, other than sadness for the families of the victims.

I can’t sit here and say I was a huge Kobe fan, but as a fan of the game, he is legendary. I will miss the competitive edge. I may not agree with his motivation tactics, but there is no denying that he was a winner, both as player and as father, husband, friend.

Thank you Kobe for the great memories, restoring the Celtics-Lakers rivalry, and most of all, being an example of pursing greatness. You affected many people and you will be missed.

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NBA Suspends Embiid and Anthony-Towns

Last night altercation between Philadelphia 76ears Joel Embiid and Minnesota Timberwolves center Karl Anthony-Towns has led to both of them being suspended for their scuffle.

Embiid and Towns have been talking trash to one another for years on Twitter. Last night Embiid and Towns were caught together after a play and Towns took offense to Embiid’s hold. The two brawled to the ground before teammates and other officials broke them up. Towns, visibly angry, was escorted back to the bench while Embiid joked with teammates.

Both players will be suspended for two games.

Breaking…Rockets to Trade Paul for Westbrook

Well that was quick. Reportedly The Houston Rockets agree with a trade with Oklahoma City Thunder. Point guards Russel Westbrook and Chris Paul will swap teams. This trade reunites Westbrook and James who were integral parts along with Kevin Durant when OKC made the NBA Finals in a loss to Lebron James and the Miami Heat.

Since the offseason rumors were floating around that Chris Paul and James Harden were not on the same page. Both have denied the rumors. Chris Paul who has had injury plagued season can’t be happy with this deal as he now finds himself alone in OKC. The Thunder fans most likely will not be happy either as this ends their playoff run.

Rumors that no one wants to play with Westbrook are also being spread because ehe averages a triple double for the past three seasons. Essentially stealing rebounds, which is ridiculous in my opinion.

Chris Paul may look to get waived and picked up by a playoff contending team that can afford him.

-Terrio Jenkins

Paul George Traded to Clippers and..

3 hours ago ESPN Paul George will be traded to the Clippers and reports that Kawhi Leonard will Reportedly sign with the Clippers.

This is great for the NBA as the Lakers will not be a superteazm. In fact looking at the teams everyone seems balance. The top teams if we go by superstar talents are

-Los Angeles Lakers: LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

-Brooklyn Nets: Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving

-Los Angeles Clippers: Kawhi Leonard and Paul George

The Golden State Warriors, Milwaukee Bucks, Boston Celtics, and Philadelphia Sixers made deals that help keep them in the picture.

Now the NBA seems even more exciting. Last year Eastern Conference play-offs were more enjoyable as most fans expected the Warriors to return for their fifth finals appearance. With Lebron gone the Eastern Conference was left open for Toronto, Boston, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee or anyone who could upset those four.

Nobody expected Lebron to not make the playoffs with his team, but with Anthony Davis they will be a playoff team this year. What seed depends on how they build around the two and Kuzma. They are reportedly acquiring Jared Dudley from the Brooklyn Nets.

Fans can rest easy now. The biggest fear was that Kawhi would sign with the Lakers with Anthony Davis and LeBron James. Even the experts and their sources expected to happen. Kawhi opted for the less popular Clippers and one can assume that he hopes to deliver a NBA Championship there. The move makes sense to as Leonard is from Southern California.

Still Waiting on Leonard

Latest reports on Kawhi Leonard is that it’s between the Los Angeles Lakers and Toronto Raptors. I stated before I would hate to see him go to the Lakers to form a super team with Anthony Davis and Lebron James. However unlike when Kevin Durant went to Golden State and Lebron going to Miami. Leonard has proven he can win twice as the superstar. The first time with the Spurs with Duncan, Ginobli, and Parker. The second time basically all by himself with the Raptors.  So, if he did decide to go to the Lakers it would be more about just winning and maybe not being “the man.”

So far, the NBA free agency has started to balance power. The Nets look like they will be a force next season. The Bucks managed to gain some power back after losing some of its  players. The Heat got better with Jimmy Butler. Detroit may be better with Derrick Rose.  It would be nice to keep Leonard in Toronto. Drake is doing his part. Only time will tell when Leonard will make his decision. Hopefully, it’s not the Lakers.


Breaking: Kevin Durant plans to sign four-year deal with Nets

by Terrio Jenkins

An article on reports that Kevin Durant will alledgely make his announcement tonight. The NBA free agency starts at 6 p.m.  eastern time. The Nets are also in the process of finalizing a deal with Kyrie Irving. They are also expected to sign veteran center DeAndre Jordan according to Adrian Wojnarowski.