Sketch 27/30: Care Bears

Sketch 27/30: The Care Bears Tenderheart, Cheer, and Grumpy.  I used an x-men cover for posing reference and a picture of Cheer Bear from the 80’s. I thought the pose was too angular, which is my style for now, so I tried to use more circular shapes before going into uploading.  The Care Bears are one of my favorite cartoons from the eighties and these were three that I liked most.

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Taje Alt Redesign

For the redesign my goal was to make the logo more visually interesting. The blurred lines in the original took away from the composition. I also used Illustrator to do the redesign. Originally the logo was created in Photoshop. I added a gradient to unify both words and bring the viewers eye to the center.Logo_TajeAlt_Redesign