Crystal 6/13/19 Roughs

Rough sketch of Crystal Carroll from Lust, the first book of my Favor of Ares novel series. Follow my art on Deviantart or in my portfolio section. #novel #ranobe #terriojenkins


Favor of Ares Update

So, this post will officially start my journal for the fifth draft of my novel series Favor of Ares. The debut novel is called Lust.  I just wanted to explain the concept in hopes of enticing you to keep up with me and my baby.

First of all this project is over a decade old as far as being a superhero product. I didn’t get serious about writing it until 2008 and it’s been through tons of rewrites in both prose, art, and product.

So what am I making now? I decided to merge my love of drawing with writing to make what is called a Ranobe. Ranobe is the western term for light novel in Japan. These novels, usually geared at young adults, are novels that contain a few pages of manga type art.  The best examples I can think of are the Harry Potter series and Game of Thrones which are both novels, but now have illustrated editions.

Basically I will be creating illustrated edition novels with my own art style which I hope breaks open the market for original English light novels.

In Japan light novels have been adapted into anime and manga.Again for those who aren’t familiar that means the novels were adapted into a cartoon and a comic book. That is the goal of my novel series. Now for my older audience I will also publish a non-art edition (a regular prose). For those who just like the art, I will have an art book.

Now as far as why am I making it? I will list, rather than write it out

-I love drawing, but making an actual comic is out of my skillset. I’m more of a poster, splash art, kind of artist at this stage of my illustration career. Maybe one day I will have the patience to do a comic book on my own.

-I love manga/comic books and anime/cartoons both Japanese/Western versions.This medium allows me to do the art and story.

-Superheroes are my passion and I feel they are not enough superhero novels with the exceptions of comic book adaptations.

-Stan Lee is the motivation behind my passion. Nuff said.

-I always wanted to write a mystery using Greek Mythology.

That ends today’s journal for Favor of Ares. Please check out the ongoing novel by clicking here.


Rewriting Lust #5:Plot Design

logo_foaSaturday July 28, 2018: Plot Design 1

Ah, finally the last part of concept, the plot, the roadmap, the story….. This is going to a little longer than other posts, but I will try to keep it brief.

What is Plot? For me it’s both the roadmap and the story. When somebody tells you about a good movie, they usually give you a quick review of the plot. Stories can be character driven, where the characters initiate the actions of the story/plot. They can also be plot driven where characters react to the plot.  There are also different factors to consider when plotting your story. I will be covering 5 essential elements.

  1. Premise/Story Summary: First thing before we can plot is knowing what is your story about? Many books often stress that you should be able to pitch or tell your story with one sentence.  In that sentence you need to make it interesting. Yeah, that is the hardest part. Most often than not this sentence will drive the blurb on the back of a novel. For my book, Lust, I have a villian that raped and murdered a family.  A retired detective returns to train a group of psychic detectives to find a rapist who murdered a family. My word count is 20 and most other books will tell you to keep it around 15. In my summary I told you who the book is about (retired detective, group of psychic detectives), what they are going to do (find the rapist).  That is my story and anything I write, should always be related to that summary.
  2. Genre: Depending on your media they are several genres.  In film you have romance, thrillers, horror, fantasy, and sci-fi. In literature your crime fiction, erotica, westerns, and pretty much everything the film genres have.  You can even combine two genres together like in urban fantasies and romantic comedies. Everyone has their own definition of genre and as part of your research you should find out what genres are for your particular media.  For me, I stated earlier that I like fantasy, mystery, and action. All three can be seen in films, literatures, and television. Genre is similar to your story summary in that it gives you parameters to write, so that the audience can identify your story.  Setting and plot often decide your genre. For example if you’re writing about cowboys, you are most likely writing a western piece. Unless you’re adding another genre element like sci-fi (Cowboys and Aliens). I like fantasy because there is usually a magical system.  If I chose Sci-Fi I would have to do more research on science, technology, biology, etc. Yes, fantasy also demands that you explain the magical system which can be complex (Lord of the Rings) or simple (Avatar the Last Airbender, Fullmetal Alchemist). I’m writing fantasy/mystery so I need a magical system (psychic abilities). The mystery elements I need you can see on crime shows: the crime and the victim.
  3. Characters: The main characters can’t sit around doing nothing.  They need to drive the story or react to the story. This is the part where you come up with a villian who opposes the protagonist.  There also has to be a supporting cast. Every character should either help or hinder your protagonist. Characters aren’t just relegated to individuals.  The setting can be a character (Twister). Your character could be fighting against something internally like alcholism. The point is that characters create conflict which can be seen as man vs man, man vs nature, and man vs himself.  Man vs man and man vs nature are usually external conflicts. Man vs himself is internal. A good story to me should have both internal and external conflicts. Conflicts help characters grow and good antagonists and supporting cast members make your story more interesting.  In my book my villian is going to be ISFP, I won’t reveal her archetype or anything else. The main supporting character is a detective for the police and a friend of Ares, who is going to be ISTJ and his archetype is The Businessman. Internal conflicts in my book comes with their abilities and the psychological effect using them has. Conflict and characters, your book needs them.
  4. Every story and plot needs a beginning, middle, and end. This sequence is the order of events the story takes place.  This is where story and plot are different. To use an example lets look at Miss Muffet. Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet eating Little miss Muffet she sat on her tuffet, eating her curds eating and whey Along came a spider who sat down beside her And frightened miss Muffet away. The plot tells you what happen and in the order of events.  The story? Well you could say the story is about her being afraid of spiders, but that is flat. Dead. Not interesting. The sequence of any story can be broken down into three acts. This gives your story structure.  In each act there are scenes that help move the story along. Save the Cat references 15 beats. Book in a Month references 10 key scenes. Act 1 usually needs a setup, a catalyst that gets the story motion, and a segway into the new world the character ends up in.  Act 2 usually has some sort of triumph or success that leads to a failure. In some stories this is reversed. The triumph/failure or failure/triumph usually leads to a dark moment which also segways into the third act. The third act is where the final confrontation takes place and the resolution happens.  There are plenty of books on story structure, personally I like Book in a Month. My structure basically goes: A family is murdered, a group of friends are attacked by a ghost, Ares saves them. Act 2 Ares trains them and they investigate the murder, then they are ambushed. They confront the murderer in Act 3 and well Il’ll let you read the ending.
  5. The last part of plotting is filling the spots in between the key scenes.  Again, I use Save the Cat so I try to keep with having only 40 scenes. Each scene leading up to one of the key scenes.  This is part is called outlining and can be fluid. My outline has changed plenty of times to accommodate character changes, setting changes, etc.

Whew, I hope you find that informative.  I know it’s quick, but there are books on genre writing, story structure, and building characters.  I will have some of the ones I used listed at the end.

Thanks for reading and Be Terrific!


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Rewriting Lust #1: What am I Making and Why?

cropped-logo_foa1.jpgRewriting Lust #1

Due to writer’s block and some reviews (4 positive, 2 negative), I’ve decided to revise the concept of Favor of Ares. I had too many concepts and the characters seem flat to me. I will be splitting up the concept into four parts. I received this idea from Comfort Love and Adam Withers  “The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing Comics. The first part of the concept is “what are you making and why?”

I chose their book because they make their book easy to follow and has tips from a variety of writers and artist in the business. To me they have proven themselves as successful on the independent scene.

What am I making and Why?

Years ago, I wanted to create a comic book. Then I deployed and changed my comic book script into a novel.  Then I learned about Japanese light novels when I started watching Sword Art Online, Black Bullet, and High School DxD. Finally I wanted a product that can be adapted into a television series, movie, or animated.  The light novels are a perfect fit for me because I’m not a patient enough artist to do full on comic book work and my strength as far as comic book production is concepting and writing.  That way I can do “splash page” illustrations to include inside the book. I can then release the book as a traditional novel and a illustrated edition like Harry Potter and Game of Thrones.

The other inspiration is that I love greek mythology and crime shows.  I was a huge fan of CSI, before Grissom left. Hercules was one of my favorite shows growing up.  The idea of the seven deadly sins was also interesting to me, so I wanted to put those elements together and come up with an intriguing book.  In fact I wrote my the comic book script because I was motivated by CSI, X-men, and the animated cartoon Mighty Ducks.  If I knew now, what I didn’t know then, my core idea for the concept was characters(Mighty Ducks), setting (X-men), and plot (CSI). Then I could of started my outline, instead of writing on the fly.  Although, nowadays outlining can be more time consuming then writing.

Over the years I’ve learn from different types of writing and drawing books. I even watch television, film, and anime in a more critical analysis. My inspiriation for Favor of Ares has changed.  To keep things simple my inspiration for plot(Men in Black). This movie is about an experienced agent who recruits a new agent to help police the world from aliens.  I always saw Favor of Ares being similar. Now according to Blake Snyder in Save the Cat, Men in Black falls under his “Monster in the House” genre, with a subgenre of “Pure Monster.” The inspiration for the setting was hard.  This had to include a magic system, since this is a fantasy literature genre. Ghostbusters is perfect, because I want two races, humans and ghosts.  Now my system will be based on the proton packs and traps, but magical in some way. My inspiration for characters? Well I still want to play with the seven deadly sins and I want the characters to have clear characterizations. I decided to adapt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This gives me eight characters to share the protagonist role. I will go into research, characters, and setting next entry.

I’m already getting excited and revirgorated.  Hope this gives you some insight to my thought process.

Until next time,

Be Terrific!!!!

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Blake Snyder:


Snow White and Seven Dwarfs


Men in Black




The Mighty Ducks: Animated Series

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FoA: Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 revised

Hope you are all feeling terrific today!

I just finished revising chapters one and two of Lust today. I will be uploading them unto my Patreon for anyone who wants to follow this Friday.  Chapter one is narrated by Ares and chapter two by Whisper.

I’m still working on the final longline for the book. I’m also working on the final character designs. This week I’ll be focusing on Trauma and Harmony. This will also be amiable on Friday.

As always thank you for your support on Facebook, Twitter, and Patreon.


BIAM Day 1: Lust, A Favor of Ares Novel

Lust Day 1


A cynical detective trains a group of young psychics to capture an eerie rapist who targets families.


-Context: psychic detectives
-ghosts, who are a race of beings called spirits
-mortals, normal living beings includes automatons/robots
-psychics, spirits and mortals with paranormal abilities. There are 5 classes.
-magic: psychics have a signature ability.
-heaven: home of the “good” spirits
-hell: home of the “bad” spirits
-ectoplasm: spirit matter “brownish glow”
-ki: physical matter “tannish glow
-Favor: is when a spirit creates a psychic link with a mortal, which they can act through in a variety of ways.

Characters: At this point some of their personalities are strong. This part I’m just suggesting what their basic roles in the story.
-Ares: Retired Detective and God of War who will act as mentor
-Morpheus: another detective who brings back the Ares and works for DPA. A member of Homeland Security, but is a Drill Instructor for DPA.
-DPA: a paramilitary organization of psychics who police spectral activities on Earth
-Crystal the field leader, a profiler with Natural Weapons. Her sin is going to be pride.
-Aakash her extroverted foil and CSI with paranormal leaping abilities. His sin is going to be sloth.
-David The sharpshooter and martial artist. He generates vibrations when in possession of guns. His sin is going to be lust.
-Greg, another crime scene investigator who prefers lab work and can shrink to 1/2 an inch. His sin is going to be greed.
-Rita, a nursing student and coroner with weather control powers. Her sin will be gluttony.
-Kevin, a journalism student who can transfer his life-force into others. His sin is envy.
-Persephone: current captain of DPA’s Homeland Security. Married to Hades and daughter to Zeus/Demeter. Represents Diligence
-Hades: brother of Zeus, Uncle and wife of Persephone. Current Captain of DPA’s version of the Internal Revenue Service. Represents Charity.
-Pirithous: A ghost who had his memory erased as a mortal by Hades
-Adonis: A ghost who was the former lover of Persephone and Aphrodite.
-Hercules: son of Zeus, half sibling to Persephone, A member of DPA.




Production on the way

Although my artwork isn’t where I want it to be, the light novel series of books are on their way. I’ve updated this website to include a page for each book series which also has links to their own official webpages. Updates can be found there and here.

I’m releasing each series as a novel (novella) and ranobe (Japanese light novel.). My goal is to become one of the first to have a publish a successful series English language light novels. Thank you for following and I hope you enjoy the process and journey.