Lust 3: Days 7-9

Okay so technically today is supposed to be day 9 of this journal, but it’s really Day 4. I wrote all of chapter 3 today and it’s hot of the heels of chapter 2. Now I know this chapter is going to be seen as the catalyst of the book for those of you who know about story structure. However this particular chapter/scene is inspired by the Ghostbusters setup which helps connects the main characters together in this world of spirits (Chapter 1) and humans (Chapters 2 and 3).

Also this is showing you what the present problems are for Manan and his friends. They now know a friend is dead, but they can see him. So now what? Before anything can happen they have to realize  they need a change, but before we get to that we need to do some more setting up because this isn’t their status death moment. Wait for chapter 4. (cue evil laugh).

Here’s the link to chapter 3

Lust #3: Day 4 Goals

Happy Fourth of July,

Today on this Independence Day I have several goals for Lust.


-Daily Goal is always 600. Today starts the Chapter 2 which is narrated by Manan Shukla. The goal is to introduce him and his close friend Jason and integrate them with the A-story which is the mystery.

Graphic Design

-Work on redesigning the book cover.


-Add to the Favor of Ares lore by designing Ares and making poster and t-shirt.

Lust 3 Day 3

Well I tried to start chapter two today since chapter one was finished a day early. I’m having trouble trying to introduce the 7 other main characters within the next three chapters. I had a unifying theme, but I don’t think it works with the new direction Im taking with the plot.

I did however, get a head start of developing the point of view character. His name is Manan Shukla.  He is going to be the leader of the Scarlet Knights under Ares’ mentorship.  I would say he is similar to Luke Skywalker, but with mix of Spock. He is from India, but grew up in America. I won’t reveal his psychic ability yet, but he is going to school for Pharmacy.

These posts will be renamed “Lust 3” which stands for the current draft.

I will also be working on Ares character design tomorrow too.

That’s all for now. I have to go look at my outline and their motivations to see how to write the next three chapters which is all part of my setup if you go by Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat.

Until next time stay terrific!

Starting the Third Draft of Lust Today

Hey everyone so today starts the first official (for the third time no less) the third draft of Lust in my Favor of Ares series. The goal is to write at least 600 words a day for the next 140 days. Each 600 words will be the minimum for the beginning, middle, and end parts of a chapter. This means every chapter will be at least 1,800 words. I’m planning on having 40 chapters so I’m looking at a novel of 72,000 words. This word count qualifies each novel for industry standards.

Essentially that means it will take me three days to write a chapter. During those three days I will be working on that particular character’s bio, character design, and arc especially for act one of the book.

Obviously if I feel I can write more than the minimum then I will. The minimum is set so that Lust will be finished by November 18th.  My maximum goal is to write 1,800 words a  chapter a day which would be 40 days.  However, I have to account time for other projects like my screenplay, art, design, clients, and life. This minimum goal is great because I can also start focusing on the other novel series. I’m planning on starting graduate school for creative writing so managing time is going to be crucial.

So stay tune for part one of Chapter one of Lust (Favor of Ares 1).

Lust and Binary are nominated for a Watty Award !

Both of my novels Lust (Favor of Ares 1) and Binary (Clockwork Knights 1) are eligible for the Watty Awards. Both of them will be competing in the mystery/thriller category.

“The Watty Awards are Wattpad’s annual celebration of the electrifying, visionary, diverse voices that choose to share their stories on Wattpad every year”

Both of my novels had word counts of 10,000 or more and were published on Wattpad the previous year.

I don’t expect to win only because its the second draft of Lust and the rough draft of Binary that were eligible, but it’s still exciting because I finished two novels. I wanted to take the time to thank all my readers and supporters !!!

Wish me luck!


Read the novels here

Character Design: Jasmine Gilbert

Hey !

This is the first “official” post under the new Angel Protocols logo !!!!  This thriller is about a group of friends who discover that they are actually angels, but they have lost their memories.  Now they are on the run from angels and demons alike.

The leader of this group is Jasmine Gilbert. Her halo is a egyptian style sword and she gives her command over water.

Check her out and the others on my Deviantart page.


It’s Been Awhile


I know, I know, I haven’t posted since I created the site. I’ve ben busy with my career and reworking the concepts in my book Favor of Ares. Starting in mid-July I will be more active on here and my Patreon. So, what’s new?

I now have a Patreon page now. This site allows others to support me on a monthly basis. I don’t ask for much, the highest tier is $20 and comes with some pretty cool prizes. The money will be used to help me fund my writing and graphic design careers.

I will be doing more graphic design work, not related to my book projects. One, so that I can gain more freelance work. Secondly, I have my portfolio class coming up this semester and I need work to “redo.” I’m also on Artstation.

Favor of Ares is coming along. I’m starting to become more active on Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter in order to market the book and upcoming book series.

I’ve also prating my digital painting and repainted to concept art pieces that were illustrated by a friend of mine, Latesha Bell. They are now available as t-shirts.

Again, my Pinterest is active and I will be pinning stuff for my classroom and my interests far as graphic design. I also have a board that has pins to merchandise from my RedBubble and Teepublic stores.

Youtube will be a video journal that acompanies this blog and will have my thoughts on various subjects such as writing, motivation, and graphic design. Plus some fun channels such as WWE livecast and my P90X journal.

I will be writing a new chapter for the novel Lust and to see the original draft and the new draft, check out my Patreon, which you can unlock for $5.

I’m also going to be active on I will be doing book cover designs and flatting pages of comic books.

I have a new book series I’m developing which will cater to children. The working name is Masters of the Lamp. Blood by Blood will become more of a Sci-Fi/Horror genre book. Both Favor of Ares and True Victory series will be influence by Christian Fiction, but FoA will be the darker of the two.

That’s it for now, I thank you all who are still following me on here, Facebook, and Twitter.

Until next time,

Terrio Jenkins