Favor of Ares Update

Yes, I know I didn’t publish the second draft yet, but wanted to let you all know that I just finished the 16th chapter of the remake (third draft lol).

I started doing logo designs for two clients so it’s been taking away from writing as well as developing Genesis (Angel Protocols 1) and Blood by Blood (The Family Pack 1).


Lust 3: Days 4-6

Well I  had some serious writer’s block, but after going back and working on Manan’s background and the plot Chapter 2 is finally done three days later.  Manan who is basically the leader of this group of friends was pretty hard to write, but I think everyone will find the new revision better than his previous characterizations.  I also introduced another crime related to lust in “male rapes.” Since this is a rewrite I didn’t go into much detail, but I think it’s still works. Right now it’s about hitting my minimum word count (600 words/day, a chapter every three days.).

I will be writing chapter three tonight so stay tuned.

Here’s the link for the revised third draft of chapter 2.

Lust 3 Day 3

Well I tried to start chapter two today since chapter one was finished a day early. I’m having trouble trying to introduce the 7 other main characters within the next three chapters. I had a unifying theme, but I don’t think it works with the new direction Im taking with the plot.

I did however, get a head start of developing the point of view character. His name is Manan Shukla.  He is going to be the leader of the Scarlet Knights under Ares’ mentorship.  I would say he is similar to Luke Skywalker, but with mix of Spock. He is from India, but grew up in America. I won’t reveal his psychic ability yet, but he is going to school for Pharmacy.

These posts will be renamed “Lust 3” which stands for the current draft.

I will also be working on Ares character design tomorrow too.

That’s all for now. I have to go look at my outline and their motivations to see how to write the next three chapters which is all part of my setup if you go by Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat.

Until next time stay terrific!

Rewriting Lust #6: The First Chapter

cropped-logo_foa1.jpgEpisode 6: The First Chapter!


All right, I have the plot, characters, setting, and story setup. Time to write. Before I do I have to set some goals up for myself. I’m taking the 30 day challenge. I’m also rewriting the book from scratch. I’m just using certain plot points I liked from the previous two drafts and rewriting with the new knowledge and concepts I developed during the concept phase.  

The book in a month challenge states that I should have a goal.  I’m writing a fantasy whydunnit (mystery). According to the Science Fiction & Fantasy writers of America says a novel should be 40,000 words. Hallie Ephron in Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel says that 70,000 to 100,000 words. My minimum goal is going to be 70,000 words. That comes to 17,500 words a week and 2500 words a day. However, I’m working with 40 scenes. I’m going to be more of a sensor type and stick with a detailed structure. If I feel confined by the 40 scenes/chapters, I will free my intuitiveness/creativity.  70,000 words divided across 40 chapters comes to a total of 1,750 words per chapter. On a good day I know I’m capable of typing around 900, so this goal is achievable, especially with proper planning. This is only so that I can finish writing the whole novel in 30 days. If you’re not press to do so, then you can take longer. For instance Hallie Ephron attempts to write around 500 words a day for a 80,000 word manuscript.

Did I meet me goal for today. You bet!!! I wrote 2,825 words with a total writing time three hours and 57 minutes. One hour and thirty minutes were due to distractions…I was watching a Let’s Play God of War 4 video….So, now I know, no videos while writing (duh!) This means I’m 300 words ahead of schedule. This doesn’t mean I can cheat out the rest of chapter 2 or any of chapter 3.  

I made some character changes with the supporting cast. I will include this in a future post of my Patreon.  That will be where the first chapter will also be posted.

In keeping with the Book in a Month challenge there is another goal I’m suppose to be working on. Today goal is writing the one sentence summary


Day 1 Objective

-write a one sentence summary

I had a hard time because I was trying to convey too much in my one sentence. Then I realize I had to write what the story is really about.


A group of psychic detectives must find a rapist who targets families.

The second objective is to complete the story map.

This was done in my concept phase. The plot, setting, and characters. I will post this on a future date, once I get the worksheets.

That is all for today, thanks for reading, and remember to Be Terrific!


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Rewriting Lust #3: Character Design

Favor of Ares, Day 3: Designing Characters for Writing

For the past two days I’ve been working on redesigning the main characters.  I stated in earlier entries that the characters are now inspired by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  This gives me 8 main characters, and by using the huntsman, my total goes up to 9. However, that doesn’t really help me and the characters are still flat (one dimensional).  How can I put some punch into them?

Using Victoria Lynn Schmidt’s 45 Master Characters actually help me with coming up with their archetypes.  Archetypes are different from stereotypes. For example, one of main characters was the leader. His characterization was flat because he didn’t have much of a personality.  Stereotypes show up as “the quiet librarian” or “the hero” but there isn’t much substance. Archetypes are characters we’ve seen, but have a little more meat on their bones. Her book dwells into 16 archetypes based on greek mythology.

I’m basically taking the dwarfs and giving them more of a detailed background.  Even Snow White is pretty flat as the “princess.”

Another design element I’m using will be adaptation.  For example I’m adapting Snow White to be a man and that man or god I should say is Ares.  His archetype is going to be “Ares, the protector.” This makes him a father figure to the team.  Doc will be the basis for Edge and her archetype will be Isis(egyptian mythology) the messiah. She has this effect of changing others.  I will post a more detailed version on their archetypes on my Patreon.

The third resource I’m using to help me understand my characters more is a system called the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.  This also has 16 different types based on two functions and four dichotomies.MyersBriggsTypesThe two functions are perceiving and judging.  Within perceiving there is two functions, sensing and intuition. Within judging, there is thinking and feeling. We all use the four functions, but have a preference for one of the judging and perceiving functions.  Then we have a preference between the two functions. This allows me to understand how my character will react in situations. For example, I will use Ares and Edge, who are the protector and messiah. Ares is ESFJ extraverted sensing feeling, and judging.  He prefers social activities, he uses his senses and process the world with details making him practical, he has his own value system and can be empathetic, and he also is very structured. Edge is ISTJ, introverted, sensing, thinking, judging. She is pretty much the same, except she prefers to activities she can do by herself and she thinks rather than feel (like Ares) so she is more logical, and believes in justice.  Again I will have a chart that displays how each main character has been developed.

The fourth resource I used, is that I interviewed several of my friends years ago and with their permission I can use their answers to add realism to each of the main characters.  This helps me build the characters physiology, sociology, and psychology. When I go into the drawing board to sketch them, I now have a pretty good idea of where to go with it.

The fifth and final resource I used to develop the character is finding characters that are similar.  The importance of this is so that I can understand what works and what doesn’t. The idea here isn’t to “steal” but to adapt, similar to how I adapted Snow White and company as the sources of inspiration. Since my overall goal is to write a novel and see it become a cartoon or movie, I try to find similar characters. Going back to Ares and looking at his archetype, personality, and other details I see him as Maka Albarn (Soul Eater), Lily Potter (Harry Potter), and Pyrrha (RWBY).  Now again, obviously he isn’t going to be exact duplicates, but he has traits that are common with the three. I usually try to find MBTI charts made by others, and see if I agree with that character’s placement.

Well that’s was longer than expected.  I will talk more about MBTI and 45 Master Characters in future YouTube videos I hope you enjoyed my walkthrough of designing characters that hopefully are dynamic and in my next entry, I will talk about their “Designing their look.”

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Be Terrific!

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Rewriting Lust #1: What am I Making and Why?

cropped-logo_foa1.jpgRewriting Lust #1

Due to writer’s block and some reviews (4 positive, 2 negative), I’ve decided to revise the concept of Favor of Ares. I had too many concepts and the characters seem flat to me. I will be splitting up the concept into four parts. I received this idea from Comfort Love and Adam Withers  “The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing Comics. The first part of the concept is “what are you making and why?”

I chose their book because they make their book easy to follow and has tips from a variety of writers and artist in the business. To me they have proven themselves as successful on the independent scene.

What am I making and Why?

Years ago, I wanted to create a comic book. Then I deployed and changed my comic book script into a novel.  Then I learned about Japanese light novels when I started watching Sword Art Online, Black Bullet, and High School DxD. Finally I wanted a product that can be adapted into a television series, movie, or animated.  The light novels are a perfect fit for me because I’m not a patient enough artist to do full on comic book work and my strength as far as comic book production is concepting and writing.  That way I can do “splash page” illustrations to include inside the book. I can then release the book as a traditional novel and a illustrated edition like Harry Potter and Game of Thrones.

The other inspiration is that I love greek mythology and crime shows.  I was a huge fan of CSI, before Grissom left. Hercules was one of my favorite shows growing up.  The idea of the seven deadly sins was also interesting to me, so I wanted to put those elements together and come up with an intriguing book.  In fact I wrote my the comic book script because I was motivated by CSI, X-men, and the animated cartoon Mighty Ducks.  If I knew now, what I didn’t know then, my core idea for the concept was characters(Mighty Ducks), setting (X-men), and plot (CSI). Then I could of started my outline, instead of writing on the fly.  Although, nowadays outlining can be more time consuming then writing.

Over the years I’ve learn from different types of writing and drawing books. I even watch television, film, and anime in a more critical analysis. My inspiriation for Favor of Ares has changed.  To keep things simple my inspiration for plot(Men in Black). This movie is about an experienced agent who recruits a new agent to help police the world from aliens.  I always saw Favor of Ares being similar. Now according to Blake Snyder in Save the Cat, Men in Black falls under his “Monster in the House” genre, with a subgenre of “Pure Monster.” The inspiration for the setting was hard.  This had to include a magic system, since this is a fantasy literature genre. Ghostbusters is perfect, because I want two races, humans and ghosts.  Now my system will be based on the proton packs and traps, but magical in some way. My inspiration for characters? Well I still want to play with the seven deadly sins and I want the characters to have clear characterizations. I decided to adapt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This gives me eight characters to share the protagonist role. I will go into research, characters, and setting next entry.

I’m already getting excited and revirgorated.  Hope this gives you some insight to my thought process.

Until next time,

Be Terrific!!!!

Artists and Authors Mentioned

Comfort Love:

Adam Withers:

Blake Snyder:


Snow White and Seven Dwarfs


Men in Black




The Mighty Ducks: Animated Series

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Return of the Avatar: Cast

AvatarrotaRyan: Born in the sign of Aries. He is reclusive and pratical. Recently “came out the closet” and is dating Tyree. His fillipino family is behind his preference. Practices Shaolin Kung Fu and is an avid gamer.  Introduce in Chapter 1.

Tyree: Born in the sign of Pisces. He is skeptical and empathic.  He is gay and unrelenting about his perference, depsite being black. He studies criminal justice and psychology.

Mysterious Woman: ???????????????