Favor of Ares Update

Yes, I know I didn’t publish the second draft yet, but wanted to let you all know that I just finished the 16th chapter of the remake (third draft lol).

I started doing logo designs for two clients so it’s been taking away from writing as well as developing Genesis (Angel Protocols 1) and Blood by Blood (The Family Pack 1).


Chapter One Done

Chapter one of Lust is finished a day early. Yeah! Some of the changes I made wee story specific. I changed the crime from being a family to couples. The dialogue flows a little better.  The best part is that the minimum word count was suppose to be 1,800. I finished with a word count of 2,105.

I will be adding the chapter onto Wattpad under Lust (3rd Draft). Which you can find here.

NBA Free Agency Rumors

NBA free agency starts today and the biggest names seem like they will be moving on. Lets look at the possible directions.

Kawhi Leonard to LA? I hope not. Unless he’s going to the Clippers. ESPN’s Stephen Smith is reporting that the Lakers want Kawhi. I agree with Jay Williams in that if Kawhi goes to the Lakers it is a weak move. Another superteazm is not what the league needs.I hope Kawhi goes to the Clippers or stay in Toronto. Or…Philadelpha. However Kawhi is going to do what’s best for him. Lets hope that what is best for him is going anywhere but the Lakers.

Kyrie Irving is the Lakers second pick, again according to Stephen Smith. I don’t see him wanting to play with LeBron again. Even with a weak leadership season with the Celtics, there is no denying his skills as one of the top five point guards. I agree with everyone else and see him in Brooklyn or with the Knicks. He wouldn’t have other quality rising starts which was the case in Boston. 

Kevin Durant. I think his decision is going to be based on Kawhi. If Kawhi goes to the Lakers, you best believe Kevin is staying in Golden State. If Kawhi goes anywhere but the Lakers, then Kevin is leaving for New York or Brooklyn. I feel that helps balance the league. 

Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris: Not too much is being heard about them. It’s being reported by NBA.com that the Rockets are interested in trading players in hopes of bringing Butler, who is friends with James Harden and lives near Houston. The Sixers need another piece, a shooter, but if Jimmy leaves they will need more than that. I think you will see the Sixers resign one or the other and try to land another free agent that can score and play defense while also deepening their bench.

Kemba Walker from the Charlotte Hornets seems most likely to sign with the Celtics according to NBA.Com and I think it could work out better than Kyrie. Kemba seems to be more team oriented with his leadership style while Kyrie is more ball dominant. Time will tell.

There is nothing the league can do to stop super teams, but again hopefully Kawhi doesn’t go to the Lakers, because if he does, that is going to make the league at least for next year, the dominant team if he plays with Anthony Davis and Lebron James. Yes, the Lakers will become the villains again. Kawhi doesn’t like drama though, so he may elect to go to the Clippers. I don’t see him staying in Toronto only because he seems really interested in returning home.  One thing is for sure, his decision will impact the rest of the league’s decisions.

Lust: Chapter 3 (5th Revision)

I just want to highlight that I’m only working on revising the novel with each draft. I will edit more deeply when I feel the story has been revised enough.

In this chapter we now have Crystal Carrol who is a rebel in her own way. In past revisions I tried to get her to be tough and I think I finally nailed it this time.

Let me know what you think!

Chapter 3

Lust: Chapter 7 Excerpt

“You’re not dying, at least not yet.” a voice said. I opened my eyes and was in a room. Where did I go? Where was everyone else. The room was my dream kitchen. A large stove, pantry, refrigerator. The lights were bright but not too intense. The tiled flooring was clean. Big enough for me to cook for and feed a family of five.

“Who’s there?” I called out.

“I’m here” A small, yellow glow with wings appeared in front of me. The glow morphed into water and into a female fairy.  Her small body looked like flowing water. In a weird way her watery features looked like me, if I was made from water. Except her eyes were almond shape and dominates her face. There wasn’t any real semblance of a nose and her mouth was the next biggest feature.

“Who are you?

“I’m your gatekeeper.”

“Are you a demon?”

“No, and I’m not a guardian angel either, Professor Ford just told you that to make it easier on you to accept me. I’m your conscience.”

“My conscience?”

“Yeah, how can I explain it to you. You know how you make decisions and think to yourself? I’m who you are talking too. Only psychics have the ability to talk to their conscience. We act like white blood cells for psychic related stuff.” She sounded so bubbly, I guess this is how others saw me too. I smiled a little.

“Well, then, you are like a guardian angel.”

“If that helps, then yeah, but now that we are connected, the important thing is you can use me yourself. I’m your guide and your protector.”

“How do I do that?”

“See as your gatekeeper, I’m the real bridge between you and the spiritual.  Thanks to Ford we can now communicate on a personal level, but you can use our miracle ability.

“Miracle? Good that’s what we need right now.” I said looking out the windows. The light outside was brighter than inside the kitchen. “Why are we in a kitchen?”

“This is your idealized place, Shantel.” she flew to my right shoulder. “But let’s stay focus. Your miracle is called empathy.”

“I have that already.”

“Yes, everyone has it, but yours is supernatural. We can feel the emotions of others from far away.

“How does that help me now?”

“That’s up to you to find out. All I know is what our miracle is called.  Ford could explain the rest to you. If you want me to let him in. He could of forced his way in since he bonded with you.

“He’s here?”

“Sure is!” I’ve been keeping him at bay, but he’s powerful. Should I let him in?

I really wasn’t sure if I should let the professor into my subconscious. I felt that if we were to get out of trouble though, that I needed to trust my gatekeeper and him. The door to outside was a off white, large, and seemed to be made of wood. The knob was yellow and I notice that the accents around the kitchen were yellow.

“Let him in.” I said.

Professor Ford walked in from a door that looks like it lead outside. He must have had a surprise look on my face. “It’s about time. I thought you would be the hardest to convince since you’re so religious.

“What does that mean?” how could he be rude at a time like this. “Where is everyone else?”

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Rewriting Lust #13: The Crime and Victim’s Secret



Hope you are all doing Terrific!

Lets get into it shall we?

Word Count: Yeah, buddy, you thought I was going to take another day off since I’m really far ahead of my weekly word count? I didn’t. I wrote 500 words today and guess what? I did a whole chapter. Now for those of you just starting to read this. My word count goals changed as of August 3rd to 500 words a day minimum. My chapter word count minimum (unless it feels right to be less) is 1750 words.  My total word count a week is thus 3,500 words and the whole novel should be around 70,000 words the minimum for mystery novels according to Hallie Ephron. Sunday starts my week so for week 1 my word count stood at 7,825, more than double of what I should have. My word count today was 1,751 instead of the 500.  That basically puts me another two days ahead of schedule!

Writing Prompt/Excercise: Today exercise is creating the crime of my novel. Now I already have one, but today I’m going to work on refining it.  First there needs to be a crime scenario and secondly the victim’s secrets. This means coming up with a thumbnail sketch (written) of your victim. Include physiology, sociology, and psychological traits.  What are they hiding? that made them a victim?

Art: I sketch a piece on one of the main characters who goes by the codename Edge. I posted it on my Deviantart and Instagram. I’m trying to set up a schedule so I can do more art and write.

Marketing: Well I earned my first penny on Rage-On for a shirt that I super-liked. Looks like my Patreon viewers prefer art related post from my research. My blog here is doing well, so long as I post content that matters, like Rewriting Lust. I seem to be getting more viewers on my Rage On than my Teepublic, so hopefully that translate into sales. I’m trying to become more involved in the Deviantart, GooglePlus, and Patreon communities. Which leads me to…

I think it’s time to come up with a concrete schedule.The purpose of the blog is to show how I”m improving with writing and drawing. I don’t think I’m hitting certain goals, but I hate schedules…blah.

So, going into Monday, here are some tasks I need to take care off.

-write 500 words for Lust

-Publish Rewriting Lust 14

-Patreon: I need to post the rough drafts and second drafts.

-Rewrite premise for Return of the Avatar, Genesis(Angel Protocols 1), Blood by Blood (The Pack 1), and Knights of the Rings.

-finish up appearance, status and ambition, and background decsiions worksheets

-digital sketch of the day (fanart)

-digital sketch activity (perspective)

-digital sketch translating (I think I’m going to do a Proton/Antman piece)

-start fleshing out Favor of Ares: Scarlet Knights Poster 1

-Make a Favor of Ares typography poster

-Promote Favor of Ares Main Logo shirts

-Review 2 stories form Google Plus Communities

Hmm… definetly not going to be able to do all that tomorrow, so maybe some of those will be weekly goals? We’ll see, I won’t be able to do a schedule like that once school starts back up. Maybe one writing, art, and marketing goal a day? Let me know what you think!

At least I have a starting point!

Until next time remember to Be Terrific!

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Rewriting Lust#12: Characters

Hope you are all doing Terrific today.

So, this post was suppose to be published on the 4th, but I was so out of it yesterday.  I did work on writing the premises of the other book series that will take place in the “Favor of Ares” universe. I will be writing this as if it was August 4,2018.

Word Count: The word count by the end of Saturday is suppose to be 3500 words. Meaning 2 chapters should of been written. I actually have 7,825 words written, so I’m way ahead of schedule.

Goal: Developing Characters.

So, for week 1 we used The Complete Guide for Self Publishing Comics to get started on the concept. Now that I’m in the writing phase, I decided to use Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel.  Although this book is for mystery writes, other genre writes could benefit by taking out the mystery elements and replacing them with your own genre elements.

I have 8 main characters who will equally share the role of protagonist. I discusses in Rewriting Lust #3 that the characters attitudes will be based off Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs. I also used Type Talk and 45 Master Characters to give them more personalities.

Over the next couple of days I will be filling out the worksheets, but today’s focus will be explaining the roles of each team member. The character sheets are separated into the following categories:

  • Appearance
  • Status and Ambition
  • Background Decisions
  • Talents and Skills
  • Personality Traits
  • Under Duress
  • Tastes and Preferences
  • Personality Traits
  • Why they Might Lie
  • Character Name

Now it will take me some time to complete this for all of them, but I know enough about them to start the book.

Most of the works was already done by using Type Talk, 45 Master Characters, and the interviews I did with my friends. The rest of these details I can use later on in the chapters to give more depth to each character.

I’m going to a worksheet a day for each main character. Meaning, I will complete 8 appearance worksheets. That way by the time I start to do the fourth draft (or second depending on your view). I can add these details in (if it makes sense and if it helps drive the story.)

Art: I started using How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way. This book motivated as me as a child and I’m going to be using it to help me with digital drawing. Today’s subject is form and using spheres, cylinders, and cubes. I will upload my practice sheets on Deviantart and Patreon(free).

Marketing: I didn’t do any real marketing or networking today. My blog has reached 50 followers and I gain 2 new followers on Instagram. I’m starting to see more traffic from Facebook going to the blog.

Thats all folks I’ll see you next post, remember to always Be Terrific!






Rewriting Lust #10


This is the longest I’ve been dedicated to the project, even with outside distractions. I just want to start out by saying thank you for reading and taking this journey with me.  Now on to what I accomplish today.

Format: Alright, I was trying to complete this book in 30 days. With a word count of 2,334 words a day. Some days were easier than other, but I still find myself at least 2 chapters behind. The fix? No I’m not going to write 4 chapters tomorrow.   Although it helped me to finish the rough draft, I’ve never really used the book past the first week. Not to say that it isn’t a good resource for writers, especially those who are trying to publish quickly.   I think I will use the daily goals to help make sure parts of my book are tight, but I will not be writing on a strict word count daily schedule.

Genre: I stated before that I’m a big fan of the mystery genre. From television shows like CSI, Law&Order: SVU, and Criminal Minds. To books like Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Mercy Thompson, and the Dresden Files. There really are two books that really motivate me to write these days. I stated them earlier, Save the Cat by Blake Snyder which is a screenwriting book. The contents are geared towards story structure an element I keep seeking to improve on.

Writing and Selling your Mystery Novel is really interesting as well. It’s a great book on writing the mystery genre and works well with Save the Cat. In her book, Hallie tries to write a minimum 500 words a day.  Now, for me at this stage in my career, that seems to be a more obtainable goal. Don’t get me wrong, I want to challenge myself, but after missing my word count the last two days ( I miscounted), I don’t want to fall into the pity trap. You know, when you are so behind you either try to make up for lost time and get frustrated. The other side ot the pity trap is that you fall behind and become disgrunteld and frustrated. Both options are not fun and may be the chief reason why the third draft has taken over three years to do at this point. So, yeah, I’m using those two for my writing. I’m a mystery writer, go me! A minimum of 70,000 for a novel is also obtainable. Divid that by 500 a day and that gives me 140 days. Divide that by 28 days means we’re looking at 5 months. Now that seems too long for me, but I realize that it will allow me to really work on my description, action, dialogue, and emotional sentences. I’m very structure when it comes to writing, which then brings about my creativity. I think most writes are creative first and then structure comes to them. I might even beat that time table because some chapters will flow like water.

This Blog: I will journaled what I did to complete or promote the book. In hopes of publishing my very own how to write a novel book. Now with me writing at least 500 words a day, that means I won’t be doing any excerpts, and if I do expect them to be very short. This is the part where I will use the Book in a Month system and complete the worksheets so that I can have content to tell you about other than what I did and didn’t do.

I’m still outlining the first books of Angel Protocols, The Pack, and Knights of the Ring series, as well as my adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Once I finish them, I will try to write them in addition to Favor of Ares. That’s another benefit on cutting down my word count to 500, it will allow me to write more books.

I hope you are enjoying this journey and thank you again for reading.

Remember to Be Terrific!





Lust: Chapter 4 Excerpt

Chapter 4:



“We should be going too, Chris.” Tavi said standing up and stretching. He was more reserved than Chris. I didn’t have a problem with him. Other than him being a friends with Chris.

“Yeah, I’m tired of beating up on these guys. I don’t want to leave Danielle waiting.”

“Danielle, the blonde girl” Jonathan asked.

“Yeah, did you know she was an Eagles cheerleader?” Chris still had that grin on his “Well, she’s going to be at the party. She’s waiting on me.” his smile returned. He was making this a game. Who can talk to one of the prettiest girls on campus.

“Oh, well you shouldn’t keep her waiting.”

The purple glow return and Chris noticed me looking. “You got a problem?”

“With you, never.” I said. I was holding the door.

“You are so, arrogant.” he said finally stepping outside the door. Tavi followed.

“That’s the pot calling the kettle black.” Jonathan chimed in again. I noticed he was glowing too. A very faint red, almost pinkish hue. Tavi was glowing cyan. Did they see it themselves? If so, they weren’t acting like it.  Once again the glows faded.

“I’m not arrogant, you know what they say. It’s not arrogance if you can back it up. I’m better than you two. I’m smarter, I’m taller, hell I’m bigger than both of you. It’s only a matter of time before Bob places me in your position at work. You can’t stand the fact that I’m a freshman and you’re going to be replaced.

He wasn’t wrong, I guess. I didn’t want to lose my job. But I know they love me at work. I literally can do no wrong. I don’t even have to try to make them like me. My work spoke for itself. Computers came easy to me and the job was easy. I only did it because it didnt’ take up too much of my time from studying Pharmacy.  I know I was in no danger of being replaced, especially by Chris. In fact, they were talking about transferring him to another department. I should tell him that, knock his ego down. If I were Jonathan, I would of. There is always a time and place to drop bombs. This wasn’t the time.

Chris was more frighten of me than I was of him. For whatever reason, he made me his goal. I’m sure the only reason he made friends with Tavi, was so that he could have his own Jonathan. He didn’t realize Jonathan and I really did like each other. I didn’t force or manipulate Jonathan into being my friend. We clicked, just like we all clicked with David.

“Look, Jonathan and I have to get dress to go, are you done with your superiority complex?”

“You act like you’re not scared, but I see through you.”

“Okay, Superman, I’m afraid. Happy?”

His grin was maniacal. He stepped back from the door. “You stay away from Danielle. She’s mine. I’m going to make her my wife. If you even so much come near her again.”

Was he delusional? I didn’t want her, like she didn’t want him. “You sound creepy, stop trying to be tough.”

He pretended to hit me. Throwing his fist and stopping short of my face. I don’t know why, but I could tell he wasn’t going to connect.  “Just remember who the bigger one is.”

“How can we, your stomach reminds us everytime we see you.”  Jonathan said. I started to laugh.

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